Falling in love with Niall James Horan

I'm Amanda I've had a bad past, my ex boyfriend john used to abuse me and the night i broke-up with him I was walking home and he... well he raped me, and that was the day everything changed before that happend i used to be a goodie goodie now i go out every night, drink, sleep with guys and I cut. its not smething I'm proud of but it helps the pain. I went from and angel to an emo.
When Amanda meets a certain Brittish/Irish boy band will they change her view on life and most importantly them?

forgive me for any bad spelling im a lazy kind of fangirl


2. You can't judge what you dont understand



" FUCKING HELL MUM IM 19 I CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT!" I shouted at my mum but then immediatly regretting it because I was extremely hung-over.


" WHAT YOU WANT ME TO BE THE WEAK GOODIE GOODIE WHO LET EVERYONE WALK ALL OVER HER WHO GETS RAPED AND DOESNT TELL ANYONE FOR FIVE MONTHS I DONT FUCKING THINK SO MUM!" that shut her up so I went upstairs t bed since it was 4:30 AM.  There was a loud knock coming from the front door.  I knew I had to get it because my mum and dad left for work already and wouldnt be back untill 11:30 PM I walked down to the front door and i opend the large wooden double doors the light practically blinded me "fucking hell" I cursed under my breath I looked

up and saw five fucking sex gods infront of me and since I'm quite small I had to look up at them.

"Hello love, sorry to wake you?" said the one with the stripy top.  I blinked afew times before ansering

"yeah, so who are you five any way and why the hell are you at my house?" I asked in a ' I dont give a fuck im trying to sleep '  tone.  I could see them getting a tiny bit scared, me and my friends have that effect on some people its quite funny actually.

" we umm just moved in next door and erm well we wanted to say hi " said the curly haired boy

" let us introduce ourselfs" said an Irish voice I looked up and saw a blonde quiffed boy he was by far the sexiest of them all they all introduced themselfs, they seemed nice.  I dont like nice people, unless their hot and sexy like these five.

" I'm Amanda, want to come in? " I said with a slight smile on my face I dont smile that much unless im with my friends or signing they all nodded i led them to my room I dont know why probably because my mum would be raging if we messed up my living room I opend my bedroom door it was massive I must say but it was messy as shit! not like dirty just like my thousands of bras and pants lying everywhere... lovely way to introduce my neighbours eh?. 

" sit on my bed while i clean up " I practically demanded them its funny because they obeyed I think I scare them a wee bit. I couldn't help but notice they were all looking around at my bras and pants and that so I bent over and started picking the underwear up, so as I was bent over collecting my stuff in my arms I felt eyes looking at my bum

"shit!" I jumped down onto the floor and hurt my ass they all started laughing at me i stood up and started rubbing my ass with my hand they all laughed again.

" that was fucking agony" i said in pain

"want me to kiss it better?" said the tanned one whats his name again, oh aye Zayn ( for those of you who aren't familiar with the Scottish slang Aye means yes and Naw means no that will come up alot).

"thanks but im good and I forgot i sleep in nothing but a top and pants so yous are practically classed as peados I suppose but its cool I forgive yous" I told them they all smiled and nodded, I got fed up of cleaning after three seconds so I sat down with them.

" so why did yous move to Scotland?" I asked them whilst brushing my hair

"you dont know who we are do you?" Liam asked me

"well I know your names" I replied with a hint of sarcasm

"were One Direction you must have head of us,world famous boy band?" said Louis in a sassy tone

"nope I dont listen to 'boy bands' I only listen to rock music and deep shit yenno?" I asked them

they nodded and then Harry looked at me as if he wanted to ask me a question.  So as a human being I asked him what it was, he was kind of taken back then spoke in a questioning tone,

"will you show us about Scotland we have no idea what the hell or where the hell we are and how to get to things"

I really hate helping people but I suppose I need friends that aren't all emos so after afew minutes of thinking i decided i would take them around Glasgow and that I nodded which made them smile and cheer these boys are like children they're just like me I think I quite like them...

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