Falling in love with Niall James Horan

I'm Amanda I've had a bad past, my ex boyfriend john used to abuse me and the night i broke-up with him I was walking home and he... well he raped me, and that was the day everything changed before that happend i used to be a goodie goodie now i go out every night, drink, sleep with guys and I cut. its not smething I'm proud of but it helps the pain. I went from and angel to an emo.
When Amanda meets a certain Brittish/Irish boy band will they change her view on life and most importantly them?

forgive me for any bad spelling im a lazy kind of fangirl


5. The Perks Of Being A Wall Flower

Nialls POV

Yes I'm deffinetaly in love with Amanda I'm crazy about her its just everything about her she makes my heart race I would do anything to see her smile I would walk through the desert I would walk down the aisle I would swim all the oceans. We have been all over town now were on the way back to ours to watch a movie but first were off to ASDA to get some food.  My favorite things Food, Movies and most importantly now Amanda I'm deffinetly going to try kiss her tonight I hope it all works out.  Amanda grabbed my hand and we ran into ASDA  we walked down the asiles and grabbed food we had arm fulls and Amanda and I were talking and she was smiling her smile as almost as beautiful as she is we walked around the corner and found the rest of the boys, we got some more stuff and went back to ours,

"welcome tou casa de um, I forget the rest" muumbled Harry to Amanda I opend the door to the house and Amanda practically leaped/dived onto the couch we emptied a the food out onto the livingroom table and me and Louis sat on Amanda's back because she was all spread out and facing down on the couch

"OUCHHHH GET OF ME YA SHOWER OF CUNTS!" she screamed so me and Louis politely stood up and she swung her legs around I sat next to her as we watched the movie.


We started to watch the movie it was a scary I hate scary movies so I was cuddled up next to Niall turning my head away from the screen,( yes I'm a cuddler woop de doo! ) I looked up at Niall who was already looking at me, he smiled down at me and we both leaned in oh my god we're about to kiss, I start to get butterflies and my hands get all sweaty  our lips crash together and it's automatic sparks its the best kiss I've ever had, or that I'm having he was soft and tender at first then fast and powerful our lips moved in sync as I put my hands up to his face and my let my hands run through his perfectly styled hair and as our lips parted I took his hand as we watched the rest of the movie, after the movie had finished I decided to go home

"see you later guys!"

"bye Amanda" they all shouted at different times

I went home and put on my pajama shorts and my big brothers top its the only thing he let me have when he left from college well that and a pair of vans but I kinda stole them from him aha, I got into bed and turned all the lights off my mum and dad were gone for a week so I had to go around the whole house before getting into bed.


Niall's POV


That was the best kiss I have ever had, I need to tell Liam  I'm closest to him out of all the boys.  I ran out of my room and into his and sat down on the bed beside him and started smiling like a mad man,

"man, whats got you all smiley?!" asked Liam whilst punching me on the arm

"well during the movie Amanda and I kissed it was amazing I love her man I love her smile, her eyes, her hair , her just wow she's amazing I looked at Liam and he was looking at the door I turned around and saw Harry Louis and Zayn smiling, everyone jumped on me and started playfully punching me,

"ok ok ok  get off me!" I pleaded, they all climbed off me and they all were smiling at me except from Louis he was fake crying and shouting

"oh my little Nialler is growing up Harry your going to have to have the talk with him" Harry nodded at Louis and then turned and raised and eyebrow and mouthed "tomorow.


we all went back into our rooms I took off all my clothes and just slept in my boxers,  I got into bed and started to fall asleep, I woke up to our door bell ringing I looked over at my clock 3 am who could it be at fucking 3 am, I walked sleepily to the front door and opend it to Amanda clenching a pillow tight to her chestand she was in nothing but shorts

"come in, come in you must be freezing!" I said whilst closing the door behind her

"its 3am are you ok?" I went to look at her but she had already wrapped me in a hug, I put my arms around her and returned her hug we stayed like that for a good few minutes, I picked her up and carried her to my room 'bridal style' we got into my room and I lay her down on my bed and I got in beside her,

"so tell me whats wrong Amanda" I said and playing with her hair at the same time

"I couldn't get to sleep I was too scared thats the one thing I'm scared of scary movies"

"what your not even scared of death?" I asked confused

"well not really its just like life but with all the crap taken out like Taylor Swift or The wanted"

"ugh I hate Taylor Swift!"

"ano right she's always writing songs pretending shes the one thats been hurt

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