Falling in love with Niall James Horan

I'm Amanda I've had a bad past, my ex boyfriend john used to abuse me and the night i broke-up with him I was walking home and he... well he raped me, and that was the day everything changed before that happend i used to be a goodie goodie now i go out every night, drink, sleep with guys and I cut. its not smething I'm proud of but it helps the pain. I went from and angel to an emo.
When Amanda meets a certain Brittish/Irish boy band will they change her view on life and most importantly them?

forgive me for any bad spelling im a lazy kind of fangirl


3. "sightseeing"


Amanda is really good looking and seems quite nice, shes kind of scary though but I think all five of us willl become close friends with her but I think I want to be more than friends I really want to kiss her shes so beautifull and perfect and amazing and her Scottish accent OH MY GOD I just wnat her to be mine I ant her to my princess. she makes me drool on my own chinny chin chin( see what I did there?).



I walked over to my walk in wardrobe while the boys where chatting away i chose my black short shorts with a black top that came just under my boobs that was like ripped and it was netted kind of and i just kept the pink bra on yes i know im a slut get over it i put on my many bracelets to cover up the scars there were so many I still haven't stopped cutting i went to the bathroom with out having to leave the wardrobe cause theres a door to the bathroom I started straightening my pitch black hair then i back combed it to the extremes put on my pale make up the way i like it with my heavy black eyeliner and yes black lipstick because im that hard core I was about to open the door and walk into my room when I over heard them talking about me,

" fucking hell shes sexy as fuck" i recognised that Irish voice, Niall

"yeah and her tits" said Harry I felt a bit well not abused but i felt un certain?

"and her ass" said Louis

" better than yours Louis" laughed Zayn ok i need to get out of here soo they can stop talking about me although I did feel quite happy they thought I was good looking and my bums still sore...

"ready to go?" I asked them aha they got a fright ahhh I love scaring people.

"yeah you take ages to get ready by the way!" said Harry I growled at him and he put his arms up in defense i walked down stairs and once again felt them looking at my ass so to make them feel uncomfetable if you know what i mean. I started to like move my hips more to make my bum move more i went to the front door bent down and put on my shoes little did I know I bent down and my arse was fucking moving around on Harry's dick... well thats not awkward at all. i stood up and seen them all looking at me  I turned around and saw Harry's face haha he looked as if he had a boner, the other boys started laughing I looked aroundwondering why and what d'ya know he had a boner I laughed inside. I grabbed my keys and walked out the front door.

"kay guys coming?" they all got into my car

"ok so we live int he posh part of cumbernauld we live in Balloch as you must know" I told them

" we know where we live Amanda we're not idiots" said Zayn I shot him a death glare just to scare him, it worked. he backed into his seat i have a range rover with seven seats so everyone fitted in.

" I know where we're going first, we're going to Condorrat where my old high school is I used to live here before my mum and dad became rich ahh the good old days, I had the best times here " I started to smile remembering my younger years here, all the laughs all the trouble me and my friends got into.

" Amanda where are we?" asked Niall in an uncertain voice I laughed at their confused faces,

"guess you guys have never properly been to Scotland have yous?" I asked them

" nope not at all" replied Harry Liam and Zayn

"well Im going to show yous this is the ' Village' I suppose as i drove throught the front road with the newsagents the chippy the hairdressers the pub the bakers and butchers I  pulled over beside the chippy.

"right get out I'm going to feed yous the best food you'll ever have in life they all got out of the car except Niall he sprinted out, Louis walked over to me and put his arm around my shoulder,

"Niall loves food by the way like he has 7 square meals a day with LOTS of snacks inbetween" laughed Louis

"I love food aswell like if i were to chose between internet and food I would chose food." I told Louis as we walked into the chippy I walked upto the counter and asked the woman

"can I have six fried mars bars please?" she laughed at me "its for my friends they've never been to Scotland" I said cheekily she nodded and rushed off to get them ready I walked over to the boys who were deep in conersation about shoes

" having fun yet boys?" I asked them curiously

"well kind of" said Liam

"what do you mean 'kind of' Liam its fucking amazing here" shouted Niall I smiled at the fact he was enjoying Scotland,

"Scotland kind of scares me..." said Liam in a low voice Zayn nodded and I just laughed

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