Falling in love with Niall James Horan

I'm Amanda I've had a bad past, my ex boyfriend john used to abuse me and the night i broke-up with him I was walking home and he... well he raped me, and that was the day everything changed before that happend i used to be a goodie goodie now i go out every night, drink, sleep with guys and I cut. its not smething I'm proud of but it helps the pain. I went from and angel to an emo.
When Amanda meets a certain Brittish/Irish boy band will they change her view on life and most importantly them?

forgive me for any bad spelling im a lazy kind of fangirl


4. Orgasmic Smoothies


I walked the boys out to the bench me and my friends use to sit on, when I sat down all the memories came flooding back getting chased by boys with eggs, bitching about bitches we hated, gossiping and when I told my friends I my horrible secret.  I handed the boys their snacks and watched their reactions Harry,Liam and Zayn seemend to enjoy it Louis spat it straight back out I'm guessing he didn't like it and well Niall had already devoured it he seemed like he wanted more so I handed him mine

"thanks love"

"nae bother" I replied and with that retuned the confused faces honestly they moved to Scotland knowing  NO Scottish words whatsoever? I can tell its going to be a long and intresting day.

"Explain the word 'nae' please" asked Liam

"ughh kay right the word 'nae' means no also 'naw' means no and 'aye' means yes if you hear any other confusing words ask me" I told them in confidence.

"so where are we heading to next?" asked Zayn while texting someone,

"well let me think........ AHHH I KNOW WERE GOING TO GET SOME MILKSHAKES! I yelled at the top of my lungs scaring everyone I love doing that.

"well thank you for that Amanda and what kind of milkshakes?" asked the sass master

"we are going to get some orgasmic smoothies!" they all looked at eachother and looked back at me

"well then into the car!" shouted Niall in his sexy Irish mofo accent hes so good looking his hair perfectly styled quiff his blue eyes I got lost in them every time I looked into them his adorable laugh thats cotagious and his whole body its just perfect. suddenly I get this feeling inside of me butterflies in my stomach my palms are getting sweaty and my heart starts to race, SHIT, I think I'm falling in love with Niall James Horan...

Nialls POV

I got into the passengers seat beside Amanda, I love the way her hair sits and how its colour is bold even though its dark its still beautiful her bright blue eyes that I get lost in everytime I look into them her smile is so amazing even though she vary rarely smiles it just makes it even more amazing and her ass, I'd tap that aha but sh is Beautiful  suddenly I get this feeling inside of me butterflies in my stomach my palms are getting sweaty and my heart starts to race, I think I'm falling in love with Amanda Kinnear...


we got into town and since it was Sunday it was practically empty so I ran straight to the Milshake shop and ran right in the door three seconds later Niall runs in and then followed by the rest they all stood together and had a look at what they could get I walked up to the counter and saw my best friend Kyle.

"hey Kyle"

"oh hey Amanda haven't seen you in like what two days? aha"

"Yes well"

"you want the usual babe?"

"you know me so well Kyle"

"you know it!"

 Kyle then walked away and started milking up my milkshake

"so what are you boys getting?" they all turned around and shouted their orders at me in pure amazment because of what they can get

"WELL DON'T SHOUT YOUR ORDERS TO ME YA SHOWER OF CUNTS GO TO THE COUNTER AND ASK!" I shouted at them Niall just smiled at me and walked to the counter and orderd the other boys were just taken back then got over it and orderd I walked up and got my milkshake

"Thanks Kyle" then I pulled out my purse

"its on the house babe"

"thanks Kyle Love ye!"

"love you too Amanda"

and with that we left we walked outside into the Glawegian sun and started slurping away

"oh my god this is so good!" exclaimed Harry

"'int it?!" I squealed and I don't squeal.

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