Falling in love with Niall James Horan

I'm Amanda I've had a bad past, my ex boyfriend john used to abuse me and the night i broke-up with him I was walking home and he... well he raped me, and that was the day everything changed before that happend i used to be a goodie goodie now i go out every night, drink, sleep with guys and I cut. its not smething I'm proud of but it helps the pain. I went from and angel to an emo.
When Amanda meets a certain Brittish/Irish boy band will they change her view on life and most importantly them?

forgive me for any bad spelling im a lazy kind of fangirl


1. I'm Amanda


my names Amanda and I'm nothing but trouble;)

I wasnt always trouble i used to be a goodie goodie ( god, just thinking about my past makes me cringe at how fucking pathetic I was aha) but 6 months ago that changed.  I broke-up with my boyfriend because of what he done he would constantly abuse me.  He would hit, kick and punch me ect. he would call me things like "fat, ugly, disgusting, a whore" things like that I dont see why he made me starve myself so im kinda skinny yenno?.  So after I broke-up with him i was walking home and it was dark i decided to take a short cut down the alley (yes, i know i know girl just broke up with her boyfriend who abused her is walking down an alley way.  alone.  anyway.) I got to the end and then I got pulled into the alley I started to scream but a large filthy hand coverd my mouth, so I done what any normal person would do.  I licked it.  It didn't react i looked up and saw him, john. he grinned at me, shoved me up against the wall and started to undress me.  As much as I refused and kicked he carried on  he then took his dick and well insterted it into me he started thrusting he then started to properly LICK my face he is a freak then told me to stop being so tense  I COULDN'T FUCKING HELP IT HE WAS FUCKING RAPING ME!.  After he had 'finished' with me he left me there in that cold alley way in nothig but a bra I cried and cried and lay there until the next day when I realised I had to go home.  When I got home I went for a shower and cried for what felt for a year.  Good thing my parents weren't home yes I'm eighteen and live with my parents so after I had my bath I decided I needed to change I took a razor blade and cut deeply into my skin letting the blood ooze out from my wrist it was sore but it also made the pain better somehow.  I cut three more times before putting on some sweats and a jumper and i drove to the shops.  I bought two boxes of black hair dye I got new make-up new clothes, everything to change who I was and incase your wondering how i had money for all this my mum and dad have good jobs and shit so we're rich.  I went home dyed ,y hair changed clothes and make-up.


I still remember that day like it was yesterday, it wasn't it was last year though.



hey little oreos how are you liking it so far? sorry if it sucks its my first fan fic like ever and my names Amanda btw and i have a best friend Shannon who will also be coming into the story and im from Scotland so the characters are Scottish except like One Direction and that but yeah thanks keep reading :)

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