Hello, my name is Mallory Horan. Thats's right... My brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. Right now I live with him and his bandmate and my bestfriend, Liam. Niall asked me to go on tour with him and the boys and I am beyond excited! A whole year with my brother, my best friend and the other boys. This should be fun. Only one problem... I'm pretty sure Harry has a thing for me.


6. Plane Part 2

I woke up to a scream and my body was sent into panic mode. 

'Oh no, we're all going to die.' 

'I have hardly lived.'

'I haven't told my mum that I loved her.' 


I opened my eyes and saw that nothing was wrong. I tried to find the source of the screaming and all it took was a look to my left. 


Harry freaking Styles. 


He had his hand clenched onto his shirt right over his heart. 


"Harry! What the heck!" I whispered/yelled. 


"I'm so sorry! I was playing Slender and I turned around and he was right there."

(A/N for those of you who don't know what Slender is, it's a scary game where you have to wander around in the woods looking for little pieces of paper until you collect them all and try to avoid the tall, slender, faceless man following you in the woods.) 


"Okay Harry.

1.) NEVER turn around while playing Slender and 2.) Don't scream on a plane especially while you are sitting next to a person with a severe fear of heights and dying in plane crashes!" I snapped at him. I was beyond mad. 


I don't really know why I was so mad. I almost felt bad. Almost. 


"I really am sorry." he said while shutting his laptop. 


I sighed and sat back into my seat once again. 


'Attention passengers, we will be arriving in Los Angeles in 10 minutes.'  


We had been on the plane for hours and I think that's what was getting to me. 


Harry had a sad look on his face. 


Now i feel bad. 


I sighed. "Listen Harry. I'm sorry I snapped at you. You were just scared and I am overly tired and highly annoyed. Just don't be sad. It's making me sad." 


He smiled a little and responded with "It's okay." 


I pulled my chocolate bar from my carry on bag and opened up. Harry looked at me with pleading eyes. I snapped off a piece and handed it to him. He smiled and accepted the chocolate just as the plane was landing.


'Hello passengers. Welcome to Los Angeles, California.'  


We all cheered a little bit and I looked out the window. 


We were in America. 

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