Hello, my name is Mallory Horan. Thats's right... My brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. Right now I live with him and his bandmate and my bestfriend, Liam. Niall asked me to go on tour with him and the boys and I am beyond excited! A whole year with my brother, my best friend and the other boys. This should be fun. Only one problem... I'm pretty sure Harry has a thing for me.


5. Plane Part 1

Now boarding flight N8567 to Los Angeles, California. 


"Come on guys!" Liam called being the responsible lad he is. 


We got on their jet and sat down. I immediately closed my eyes. 


Wow, I'm really tired. I'm really surprised there weren't any fans that noticed the boys yet. Probably because it was 3 in the morning. There were only adults that gave Louis dirty looks whenever he yelled something. I don't blame them. He was really noisy this morning.


I heard a noise in the chair next to me and opened my left eye. 




Who would have guessed? 


"Oh sorry, did I wake you?" he asked.


"I wasn't sleeping. What are you doing?" 


"Oh, I'm trying to play a game on my laptop but the case got stuck." 


I nodded and continued watching him struggle with his case. After a few minutes he was just getting annoying. 


"Oh my goodness just give it to me." 


I took the case and opened it in a single swipe. 


I looked at Harry and he scratched the back of his neck and blushed. 


"I loosened it up for you." 


I rolled my eyes and sat back in my seat.


I soon drifted off to sleep. 


I had a long, long time until the plane landed. 


Thank God. 

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