Hello, my name is Mallory Horan. Thats's right... My brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. Right now I live with him and his bandmate and my bestfriend, Liam. Niall asked me to go on tour with him and the boys and I am beyond excited! A whole year with my brother, my best friend and the other boys. This should be fun. Only one problem... I'm pretty sure Harry has a thing for me.


3. Nervous

After about 15 minutes in the taxi, we got to Heathrow Airport. I was sort of nervous. I have been on a plane before but I'm really afraid of heights and the whole experience is kind of scary. I mean, the plane could crash! I'm to young to die. 


Liam and Niall got our bags from the trunk and we made our way into the airport. 


"You okay?" Niall asked.


He knows how I feel about planes or anything high up really. 


"Yeah, I'll be fine." 


He gave me a reassuring smile and went to get our tickets. 


"Where are the others?" I asked Liam. 


"They're running a bit late but Harry said they would be here in a few minutes." 


Ugh. Harry. If he tries anything on me I swear... I am NOT in the mood. 


Liam must have seen my face grimace because he laughed. 


"Oh come on. He can't be that bad." 


"Oh I assure you he is." 


Liam just smiles at me. 


"He doesn't mean it. He likes you a lot..." 


This was starting to get awkward. 


Luckily, I spotted Louis and Eleanor walking in. Not far behind them came the rest of the boys. 


Harry saw me and his face lit up. 




I know what you're thinking. 'Come on Mallory, just give him a chance.' 


I gave him a chance a while ago and he blew it. I don't like him like that and he needs to move on. 


"Good morning Mallory!" He said with a smile. 


Liam nudged my arm and winked. 


I rolled my eyes. 


"Good Morning Harold. How are you on this fine Saturday morning?" I said. My voice was dripping with sarcasm. 


"I brought you a chocolate bar. I know it's your favorite." His cheeks turned a light shade of pink. 


I smiled at his shyness and accepted the chocolate with a 'Thank You.' He was right. It is my favorite. 


I could tell there was something different about Harry today. He wasn't being his usual flirty self. 


He was being...









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