Hello, my name is Mallory Horan. Thats's right... My brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. Right now I live with him and his bandmate and my bestfriend, Liam. Niall asked me to go on tour with him and the boys and I am beyond excited! A whole year with my brother, my best friend and the other boys. This should be fun. Only one problem... I'm pretty sure Harry has a thing for me.


1. Excitement


I'm so happy that Niall asked me to come on tour with him! Yes, Niall Horan. He is my big brother actually.


I guess I should introduce myself. Hello, My name is Mallory Horan. I am 18 years old and I live with my brother Niall and his bandmate Liam in London. Liam is my best friend. He acts like another brother to me.


Did I mention how excited I am?


I mean, a whole year with my brother, my best friend and their bandmates. The only part I'm not looking forward to is Harry. I know he has a crush on me and so does everyone else. He is so annoying! He relentlessly flirts with me and once he tried to kiss me. Ew. Niall punched after that so I don't think he'll try that again.


So anyway, I should probably start packing my bag. We leave tomorrow.


I pulled by big blue suitcase from my closet. How much stuff will I need for a year? I started with jeans and shorts and moved to shirts and dresses. I hate packing. It takes forever.


A couple hours later I finished packing everything. 'Thank God.' I say under my breath.


A ran into the hallway bathroom and jumped into the shower. I washed my hair and all that jazz and stepped out. I looked at myself in the mirror. My shoulder length blonde hair clung to my face. I grabbed a brush and pulled all back into a ponytail. Now you could see my eyes. Blue. Just like Niall's.


There was a knock on the door. "Mal!!" That was Niall's nickname for me. "Hurry up! I need a shower!" he yelled.


"Two seconds!" I yelled back.


I dried off and pulled on my underwear followed by a pair of fuzzy sleep shorts and a Beatles t-shirt.


I opened the door and the cold air hit me.


"Finally." Niall muttered.


I rolled my eyes and walked downstairs. Liam was in the living room watching a movie.


"Goodnight, Liam!" I called.


"Goodnight, Mallory!" He yelled back.


There is a lot of yelling in this house.


I ran back upstairs and crawled into my bed. I sighed. This is my last day in England for a while. Tomorrow I will be in America.







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