Curls you had me

An abused 18 year old is kidnapped at the age of eleven and tortured everyday until she is saved by a curly brunette. You know who!


3. Rescued

Okay sooo, this is what happened. To me ya know. When I was, ya know, rescued. I was sitting there with tears falling down my face as I was silently crying. They were cutting me. Not for the first time so I was used to it. My face was bruised and my left eye was swollen shut. My thighs were bruised and you could tell that they rapped me! A scar from the corner of my left eye ending at my left foot. Yeah it's a BIG scar. They done that to me what like...... A year, a year and a 1/2 ago. It's healed but will never EVER go away. So back to the story, I was silently crying and then I got kicked. In the stomach. And the head. And the legs. And where no girl should be kicked. The lower region. I had no change of clothes so I was naked. I was laying on a cold damp floor when someone walked in. Not someone I had ever seen before. "Hey what the hell do you think you are doing!" The man shouted. His voice was sexy and deep. I whimpered thinking I was going to be hurt again by this man. "None of your business twat," Gerry spat. Then I was kicked in the head again and everything went black. But not before I heard that sexy voice again. "That's it, you're dead!!

Harry's pov.

They kicked her in the head and she passed out. I shouted at them and went to fighting them. I punched the smallest dude and then went towards the largest. I punched every one else on my way there. I fought with the biggest dude and then I kicked his balls and he fell down holding his crotch. I picked up the naked girl and put my jacket on her. I saw her cuts and a scar going down from her left eye to left foot. I put her in the back of my car and drove off to the hotel. 

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