Curls you had me

An abused 18 year old is kidnapped at the age of eleven and tortured everyday until she is saved by a curly brunette. You know who!


2. Drunk dad!

Okay so it all started when I was eleven. Oh wait I need to introduce my self! Hiya my name is Sylvia and I am Scottish!! God I love Scotland but...... I am 18 but have spent the last 7 years being.... well tortured! I have approx 500 cuts, on my left arm! Deep and painful. It hurts like hell! I like linkin park( American band! ) and little eye( Scottish band!) and this is my story.

i had just turned eleven and have had my period for about 2 months. My mum had died when I was born and my dad was an alcoholic. One night he came home drunk and had stumbled in not locking the door. I crept downstairs to lock it when I saw another man. Standing in the doorway downstairs. Oh yeah my dad is a lawyer to celebs. I tried to creep back up the stairs but the man had seen me. I tried to run but he( formally known as Gerry (said in English accent) I hate his guts!) so I tried to run but Gerry (sorry it's his nickname) grabbed my ankles and I fell down the hard wood floors. He shoved me in a car and drove away. I have been held prisoner ever since. All thanks to my drunk dad!

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