Few years and one thing has entered my mind since I was first made as a personality droid WHO AM I????????
took part in The Fuzz's 100 day challange starting on 12/30/ 13 and went on till completeing it on 1/11/14
Started.. November 21,2012 Ended 1/11/ 2014!!!! word count: 19,749 words!!!!


25. trying to find a way out of doubt

I can the whiteness as I pictured how I was when I first became human again and then I see my opportunity but I am having a flashback at the worst moment possible while I saw a tunnel of all sorts of colors pop into my mind while I tried to get out of these holds but I just could swing my arms and hopefully hit something as I could see myself in the tunnel flying in all the colors that swirled and made sense to me that I was going to become something that was meant to be. Like I am supposed to be now as the flashback reunited me to the real world and I looked around to see two droids ripped to sheds and an empty control panel ready for me to hack or destroy. I looked through the glass panel and saw John smirk to where I knew that he was telling me that I was a powerhouse and did a good job. I noticed that there was no other droids around him like they were preparing for a transfer and the personality droids had changed to just plain evil ones that were controlled by my dad but killing most still hunted me but a little less while I pushed it way back into my mind as I looked at the control panel and focused on what I was doing.

Now my mind scurried on what to do and I pressed a button that was flashing yellow and orange I hoped that would release John from the clutches of what we dwelled in but it hurt him as I herd his screams go deeper into my soul then anything before as I can feel my heart be ashamed that I had done that as I tried to ignore it but it is hard to ignore someone you care for yelp in pain and want it to stop because you know it was your fault.

The only thing was to press the button again. And I did and his screams stopped to where now they were painful heaves of thanks and then I found the button that said release that was in big bold letters and I felt like a complete nut to not see that since it was almost twice the size of the one that I just pressed.

I pressed it and I was glad that it did what it said and I wanted to transport myself to him. I tried to do just that but I found the wreckage that I had done earlier and I was devastated. I could see the dead around me and I wondered what happened to them and I hope that they are back to the bodies that they were transferred into droids from or else there are at least three that have found at least ultimate freedom and I need to get this out of my head but I just couldn’t as I tried my hardest to not step on the pieces.

I quietly looked behind me at the pile once I got through the mess and I thought that it was for the best that they were dead because they were free from the cage that they had around them. I tried to convince myself that as I went through the halls and tried to find John but it was more like I was looking through a haze because of trying to fight the flashbacks of me being rushed to the chair and having my life taken.

I could only think in a whorl of other wants between reality and what I think will happen. I could only wish that my trance could brake while I dragged my foot along the tile but a lip between two of them caught my foot and I fell forward to where I thought that might be my downfall as I hit the cold tile thinking that I should stay put and stay in my own spot as I just laid there ready to die.

  I was laying there for I don’t know how long but then John put a hand on my shoulder and it seems like every time that he finds me he takes away my questions and fears to some degree. I looked up and his face was burnt a little like I shocked him with electricity and I can feel dread wash over me as I rolled over to where my whole body is facing me.

I wanted to push up or he comes down for a kiss but that was just a fantasy that I would love to have. “Are you ok? I feel bad about pressing the button.” I said and John cut me off by actually kissing me making me think that fantasies are not that too far off. The warmth between us was rushing though my body while I let the sounds of our breathing does the talking. The deep breaths that we breathed in and then heaved out the exhaled of what we wanted to hear that we were both ok and in this together. I acted like I was flying to my own clouds and I knew that was with him.

We broke apart to soon and I stared at those lovely green eyes that were now glossed over in wonder that we were meant to be together forever and I say yes but that is my own thoughts while we just stood for the moment as close as we could and I felt the heat make me blush.

“It’s ok Caristy.” He said “These wounds will heal.” He looked at me while I was captured in his spell as he was in my own. I still felt bad about pressing the button as I looked away for a moment and then he put a hand under my chin and I let John’s hand guide me to his face again as he brushed my hair out of my eyes that must had fallen to there. “What’s wrong something is eating you?” he asked and I tried my hardest to hold back the tears that were welling up in my eyes.

“I killed so many and I can’t face any more others that might not wake up.” I said and John hugged me and made me happy and once again he made my fears go away as I felt happy to be never alone while I am on this final stage of the journey.

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