Few years and one thing has entered my mind since I was first made as a personality droid WHO AM I????????
took part in The Fuzz's 100 day challange starting on 12/30/ 13 and went on till completeing it on 1/11/14
Started.. November 21,2012 Ended 1/11/ 2014!!!! word count: 19,749 words!!!!


26. the waking of a world

I looked around the corner with John at my heals thankfully or else I would have chickened out again about keeping my mind strait about saving the world from the bleak state it has fallen into.

The tubes glowed with vivid lights of blues purples and greens, swirling along the ceilings that left me in awe. The colors were going in there little dance and it seemed like it would be a joy to be them in till I looked down from the ceiling and realized the true reason that I was here.

The dark figures were left in the cool liquid that was labeled some sort of name that I couldn’t pronounce on some of the lines that stuck out to great me while the bodies floated in the liquid beds that were plastic and glass tubes that I knew that I came out of while one was open and I came right up to it.  I touched the side and thought I had come a long way to do this and all these people were asleep and practically dreaming of a perfect world to where everything was almost the same but the dark was still around them.

The white lining of what was my cage looked up and tried to scare me saying to come lay down and sleep the rest of your years and I was surprised that that was me right there before I had awaken. I started to wonder what everyone would feel and think once they see where they came from and hopefully they would be as scared as me and want to stay awake but if we destroy it they would be miserable to nonexistent.

I was frozen there even though John was whispering something in my ear to where I was thinking that I knew he was saying something but I just can’t tell what it was as I went from tube to tube and bed to bed to see some bigger while others were smaller but every size was possibly over then what they were and I was saddened to see how many possibly not survive the transfer to even passed long ago as I let the seed of despair grow inside me grow like I had the last few hours.

John watched me for a while I was in my trance. “Got the number of possibilities in your head.”  He joked and I felt like slapping him right then and there but I was bot in the mood to do so. I just turned to him with a sad look on my face.

“Too many John. I am not sure on what to do I want to wake the world but at the same time I don’t want to kill.” I sighed went back and looked at the tubes. “You don’t know what I am feeling and I am trying to ask for advice.”

“I might not exactly but I was a droid for a short while.”  John said as he kindly was moved right behind me.  I didn’t care that he was right behind me or what he did to me I looked around and wanted comfort that I wasn’t supposed to be here but just to be completely alone to where I am not the only one that don’t want the world to possibly cease to exist.

“You are worried about the future Caristi?”  John’s voice echoed in my ears and once again I wanted to quit and forget that this had happened but I know I never could do anything that l think is wrong but as well as it being so right.

“I am but I am torn between two worlds that I think is right.” I said as I go to another and this one was a small girl whose life was taken from her as her monitor is blank saying that she is either asleep or her circuits had died. I wondered if she is gone why hasn’t her body awaken like some others have.

“Look at her closely Caristy, She has been gone yet she lives nobody grows but even droids must die as well as humans we had messed with and played as an ultimate person and now we must pay for it as one of our own makes up the difference.” He Explained and I knew he was right while the child’s color was gone but she was still living, sort of, the monitor said that her heart was still beating.

“How can she live when her body said she is dead beyond return?” I asked and John was Gentle with me like we were a married couple looking at our own child that is supposed to be in the grave with the others that have had the same fate as I looked around there were others that were the same way that said I had not killed a lot of these people, time had.

“The machines had intertwined to their souls to where the person became a droid permeate to where the machine is now the human and the human is now a machine.” John explained and I was stunned that he knows so much without being one.

“So everyone now had become a personality droid permanently?” I asked in wonder while I faced my love and then back to another one that had the monitor on and going to a peace of a dream job that they might had and it made me wonder why this one hasn’t turned their TV off.

The man’s long black hair fell into his eyes and he removed them thinking that he was just there for a short time. He was one of the strong and would be easily able to come back to earth to realize the darkness that had swept the nation in want to become a nation of no more difference but at the same time wants difference to where we all survive into this new world.

“Not everyone as you might have fond. This one is still holding onto life while he is in the job of possibly his dreams.” John said and I knew what I wanted to do and I looked to the computer and saw the different buttons that were now glowing in the same mist as the death that might just be able to bright light once again. “What are you doing?” John asked as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled a bright smile that he would love to see.

The burn of his kisses on my neck told me that the wanted one last moment in this hell full world that we were in and I just turned around and looked at him with serious eyes that made him jump but as I spoke I make them soften at every word.

“Trying to rekindle something that I had lost.” I said and the passion between us grew as our last kiss in this type of world was full of bliss to where I sprouted bumps all along my arm and body.  I knew that he was supposed to be my friend and he is. I can feel the passion here in this moment and I was happy but I knew I had to keep focused on what wad in front of me.

“You have successfully done that my one and only personality that I can never contain.” John breathed and I broke apart and I looked around to think that these people are missing out on the world that John and I are sharing which might be rough in a moment but I know both of us are perfect for the job.

“I know but there is one thing that I want to do.” I said as I looked over the computer that was at the end of the tubs across of the entrance of the new world that is at my fingertips right now and I don’t know what to press and I am scared to press the wrong ones. John tried to get into my space and I let him move me out of the way and I was happy that he knew what he was doing. I had no idea what I was going to do by the last time I tried to release someone from there holds I almost killed them but I was glad I didn’t as John worked his magic on the board in fiery ways to where all I heard was the clicking of his fingers on the buttons that was in front of me. While I looked around and knew that I was doing the right thing while he turned right to me.  His eyes were glossy and full of determination that I felt as well and I was happy that the both of us can press this button together.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked the silliest question that I had heard as I knew that I had been questioning this moment since Miss Luingous passed on to the new world where everything is perfect and I knew that that was where most people were going. I thought about the words that had to be perfect as I looked at the ground for some reason but then I had the words pop suddenly into my head as I looked up from the ground with determination in my eyes.

The clouds lifted in my mind and I like the fact that we were waking the world up for the first time since the whole personality droid craze took over the place by storm. I placed my hand on one thing that I thought was the one button that would destroy all this and make everyone equal in their own ways.

“John,” I said as he moved my hand to the real button that I was supposed to press that was under a plastic dome that glowed all colors of the rainbow which I thought was beautiful and I steered my eyes from the button to my love. “Let’s wake the world together.” I said right to his face and he put his hand on top of mine knowing that our version of apocalypse is now over.

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