Few years and one thing has entered my mind since I was first made as a personality droid WHO AM I????????
took part in The Fuzz's 100 day challange starting on 12/30/ 13 and went on till completeing it on 1/11/14
Started.. November 21,2012 Ended 1/11/ 2014!!!! word count: 19,749 words!!!!


22. the time of someone gone.

I can feel my body fall with a hard crash at the end. I slowly got out of the hold that I had gotten into. I glanced around and saw my father lying on the ground as well as Miss luingous. I rushed over to her realizing that she was still on the floor.

She turned over and looked at me with sorrowful eyes like she was finished with life right this minute.  Her face was serenely calf while her breathing was slow and steady as if she knew that this moment was coming to an end.

“You won?” She asked and I knew that she was thinking that I might had fallen and we are both somewhere else or that she wanted to confirm that I had done what I did.

“He is gone Miss Luingous. The same hood is falling fast to where the world can finely wake up.” I said and she nodded slowly while her life started to fade and I finally could see why as a small pool of red sticky blood was hidden by her long hair. I started to worry that I would be partly alone forgetting that John was still waiting for me somewhere but I am not sure were.

“Excellent.” She breathed as she brought me out of my daydream. I can see her eyes get cloudy as I start to feel panicked I knew that people could die even if they were gone but I never thought that I would be taking one life but not two, or three, or thousands that are in those tubes I could never live with myself knowing that I might take so many that needed the droid’s body. I started to look away and I felt ashamed that I did so. “Child what is wrong child?” she whispered.

“I killed so many.” I squeaked out thinking that it was true that many will die for difference. “ And now I must kill again to save many more bit still I can’t think that I am going to let go so many to the other side.” I started to feel tears strain down my cheeks.

“You will know what to do when the moment is right.” Were Miss Luingous’s last words while her eyes finally closed and then she was gone forever.

I stood up slowly thinking that I might be able to cope but I was kidding myself but as I thought I started to stand I became overburdened with a feeling that I should stay at her body and I  knelt by Miss Luingous’s body as we had already destroyed her droid counterpart.

I stayed there in the darkness where the beams of light above me showed very little now that I had been a statue in till I heard footsteps that made the lights flicker brightly once again. I can hear the footsteps come closer and closer.  I didn’t feel scared since I already knew who would be hinting me down. Either an enemy thinking that I shouldn’t wake up the world or John to save me before I give up on saving the same world.

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