Few years and one thing has entered my mind since I was first made as a personality droid WHO AM I????????
took part in The Fuzz's 100 day challange starting on 12/30/ 13 and went on till completeing it on 1/11/14
Started.. November 21,2012 Ended 1/11/ 2014!!!! word count: 19,749 words!!!!


7. the person in the tube

“How can I trust you?” I exclaimed, still unsure what was going on. I was first a droid now I’m a clone with a dead father figure now this man thinks I am going to befriend him because most of the people here are controlled by the facility and recorded every moment. I feel like I am going mad or this is a dream witch most certainly it can be. I scrabbled through the wires in hopes that I wouldn’t unplug anyone as the man was saying something around the words of “Find yourself!”

The words echoed in my mind as I scurried like a rat getting way from the cat but he was right on my heals then he almost snatched my ankle as I pulled away and snuck deeper into the darkness of the wires in till I saw a small girl I recognized.

The short cropped hair was swirling in the tube of air and a mask was over her head her eyes were closed and the monitor fizzed as I looked at it. I started to stand and came to the girl that was frozen in time was my age as I never age and so doesn’t anyone else.

“She’s me.” I huffed as I felt a hand on top of me and I knew who it was and I let him do so.

“This is everyone some people don’t remember this or know that their minds had been tampered by someone else.”

“Like Miss Lewigness, her mind is to please now like everyone else.” I murmured piecing the man’s reasons together as they are finally making sense to me.

“Exactly, everyone is now set to please the owner and everyone else and so scared to make their own disunions. “ He explained some more but there was one last thing I wanted to do wake up.

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