Few years and one thing has entered my mind since I was first made as a personality droid WHO AM I????????
took part in The Fuzz's 100 day challange starting on 12/30/ 13 and went on till completeing it on 1/11/14
Started.. November 21,2012 Ended 1/11/ 2014!!!! word count: 19,749 words!!!!


9. the new me

I could feel myself get lighter for the moment as something lifted off of my chest and gravitated into the mechanical device that I know is surrounding me  I could feel an mysterious liquid drain from my body and into the drain underneath me as I could hear my heartbeat thump out of my chest and into my throat. I knew I had successfully awakened myself as my past randomly came back to me. When I was born, the fight, my boyfriend… wait boyfriend?

I remember his dark hair and striking Green eyes just like the man that was, trying to wake me but his name? Oh, I wish for a name. My name first comes to me and I was astonished that it sounded so distant like from a different life, but I feel like I just awoken from a long nap and then the memory hits me. My dad was the last person I saw and he must have done something to me to put me under the register list to do such a thing but I can’t remember why.

Then a siren went off explaining that awaking possess was complete.  I felt wonderful to be free from my nap as I opened my eyes for the first time of what felt like forever and looked at the many pods in front of me horrified of how many people were here and in the same position that I was in while there bots are living their lives for them.

 The smoke cleared and I was glad to see a welcoming party in front of me but I was glad to see my boyfriend in front of me and It hit me like a ton of bricks that his name had returned to me as I saw him in front of me with a man next to him with a rifle but he was lying down on the floor in what looked like a scuffle.

“Hello John.” I said as my first words and stepped to him as he wrapped me in a warm hug and it felt nice to me to feel welcome since it felt like ages since I was shown love.

“It is so nice to have you back Caristi.” John said as I could feel how strong he had gotten as time had passed plus time had made him older, at least ten years older. But I didn’t care, I could have time stand still forever for my sake right now.

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