Few years and one thing has entered my mind since I was first made as a personality droid WHO AM I????????
took part in The Fuzz's 100 day challange starting on 12/30/ 13 and went on till completeing it on 1/11/14
Started.. November 21,2012 Ended 1/11/ 2014!!!! word count: 19,749 words!!!!


16. The destruction of all wills

I felt concerned that he might kill John right off the bat but first he stopped and the soft sound of the gun getting coughed just made me fearful of losing John again. “I thought we got rid of you. Nosy teen.” Mr. Luingous snickered and John smiled as I could see him let the virtual hammer engage itself. John swiftly hit Mr. Luingous and got extremely lucky that he didn’t pull the trigger.

Mr. Luingous fell with a giant thud and I glanced in between John and the now knocked out Mr. Luingous. “It is either that or I kill him. I had no choice.” John said and stood over the man.

“Agreed. But can you make sure he isn’t dead.” Was all I can say and he handed me the handle of the hammer and knelt by Mr. Luingous and after a few moments he stood quietly with a stunned look on his face that made me know exactly what had happened.

“I didn’t mean to swing that hard at all! I must have accidently hit him with the blunt start of the handle not the felling of something going through him and then the numbing effect kicking in.” he groaned. I felt like a horrible person to come up with this improvised plan even though I wasn’t the one that did the fatal blow I knew enough to maybe convince Miss. Luingous to wake up and then join us but having to tell her twice that her that her husband is dead is something that I don’t want to be that person the first time let alone the second.

John went passed me and went up a few steps and then tossed Mr. Luingous’s body over the section where the levels split. “What are you doing?” I asked quickly. I wasn’t so sure what to say or think of since we just killed someone’s husband let alone what we are going to do next.

“Hiding the body that way we can get at least a little bit of time to figure out what to do.” He said and I was just too rattled to say anything else. After we stuffed the body we went upstairs and looked around to see that the place is completely silent.

"So what now?" I asked and I hoped he would say forget all this but he somewhat answered my thought but he not the way I had hoped.

"Tell Mrs. Luingous that her husband is dead." he muffled and my heart fell since I wanted to see her just not under these events.

"I looked around for a clock but there wan't one where you normaly would see like on the walls or even on the screen of something was nothing that would tell me other than it was dusk outside from looking out of the screen door.

"Do you have the time?" I asked and a robot like voice echoed from the house ceiling.

"It is 8, 3, 0. It sounded and it shocked me that there was another voice in the ceiling. I glanced up words and went back to John's strong arms.

"Never been in a basic smart house before?" John asked and I can feel my face turn red from embarrassment.

“No I don’t remember having a house that talked.” I sighed trying to find a speaker. But John grasped my hand and pulled me over.

“You had your life taken away and that is what we are fixing.” He said and those bright calming Grassy eyes were working its magic on me. We grasped each other and moved to where we were truly stuck to where there couldn’t put a piece of paper together.

“I know I had been gone for too long.”  I breathed and we started to kiss. The heat arose starting at my mouth and running through my body. His hands went up and down my back in a massaging way.  Our breathing became even more rapid as time seemed to have stopped just by them kissing.

“Too long Caristi.” John huffed and then we returned to the activity that we were doing. Then John broke apart from me and then started to run around the house. I smiled at first wondering where he was going then fallowing him through the kitchen.

I was remembering moments where I was little where my dad and I used to run around every room and end in mine. I saw John run up the steps and I am just fallowing in hope that he goes into my father’s own room instead of mine. Soon he entered my room the moment just went for me and the flash backs started to come where Mr. Luingous banging down the door and then yanking my mouth open and putting that horrible drink down my very own throat. I was frozen at the door as my screams tore me down and I knelt right in my doorway.

“Too soon?” he asked as he came to my aid and rubbed on my shoulder’s as I came out of my mental break into the normal world. My tears went from rivers that had flood gates brake to mini streams that barley had some water flow.

 I can’t remember in both lives any men that I felt safest with other than him. My other half, the half that was taken from me before I became a droid.

“Y…Yes it is too soon.” I calmed myself and we stood and just went to the kitchen. I kept looking at the basement and the door to the backyard wondering what is Mirs. Luingous is doing right now since her husband isn’t at home. I sat down in the chair while John looked for a glass of water for me. I saw him press a button and a saucer moved from the counter and a full glass of water appeared from the saucer. I grasped the drink and took a sip as the cooling liquid went down my gullet. Some of the water missed my lips and went down my neck.  I slammed the glass on the counter and I once again glanced at the door. I wanted to run over to her and I made my mind to go over there and do exactly that, just chat.

“Go you want to chat I get it.” John said and I thanked him before I raced out as fast as I went. The only bad part of saying something quickly to someone that you have a not exact picture of the layout and going as quick as you can is that you tend to find or trip over something that you could swear was two feet to the right. My something was the couch that I flipped over the arm rest and landed in the middle of the first and second seat. I realized what had happened and popped up with laughter from my latest mishap.

I got up and slowly backed up with embarrassment from the fall plus John saw the whole thing unfold right in front. I turned after John waved me off to say that it was ok and that I am normal.

The grass felt good and so alive than what I ever remembered as a happier flashback where I first went across this yard without permission. I felt relieved that I was not going to die or that I can go anywhere that I please. I wanted to run away and never return to this house.

I quickly got to the house and stalled a little before I got to the door. I remembered that she might be in distress that her husband might not be home yet.

“Miss Luingous?” I called hoping that she would want to talk to her.

“Come in sweetie.” She welcomed me in and I found her sitting in one of the stools in her kitchen drinking a cup of hot oil-tea. I was happy that I had gotten this far into what I needed to do. I took a deep breath before my next sentence and I chose the gist version.

"Miss Luingous." I started. "Your husband is dead."

"How? Why?" She shuddered but there were no tears.

"He fell down my basement steps and hit his head." I explained and her face brightened.

"That's a relief."    She stated and I was shocked that she would say a thing.

"What?" I shouted and a smile brightened on Miss Luingous's face, one that I haven't seen in a long time.

"I wanted that man dead for a long time Ceristi." she started as she brought her cup to her lips and took a drink.

"How can you say such a thing?" I asked and her smile widened as her eyes lit up with anticipation.

"I am just like you sweaty. Hate this world that the droids are put on, always serving, always being positive because the world should be dashing and with light. "She stated joyfully and then I understood she was hiding her feelings all along but I had to be sure that she wasn't playing a trick on me.

"Do you have a clunky computer somewhere, not one of those virtual screens but an actual computer?" I asked thinking it was a shot in the dark.

“I don’t know honey, you can look around while I get this rinsed out and then I will join the search.” Miss Luingous suggested and I didn’t wait for any more instruction. I raced through the plain house looking for something smaller than what I found in my basement and sure enough I found what I was looking for in her husband’s office. I quickly shut the door after I glanced in since I knew that Miss Luingous had the same thing happen to her that happened to me and I question how many more had their lives stolen and wills to become themselves destroyed.

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