Few years and one thing has entered my mind since I was first made as a personality droid WHO AM I????????
took part in The Fuzz's 100 day challange starting on 12/30/ 13 and went on till completeing it on 1/11/14
Started.. November 21,2012 Ended 1/11/ 2014!!!! word count: 19,749 words!!!!


24. My turn to watch a transfer

“John!” I called out hoping that I can find him in these halls. The place was quiet to where I could possibly hear the breeze go in and out of the halls. I started to get worried that I had lost him for good this time and I wanted to find him badly. I had found myself in a white blur of walls and rooms of people awaiting the dark mettle to encase them forever but there was one face that would make this easier for me to find if I could and that would be spotting John in a room with his hands tied and me being the rescuer again like I am supposed to. I glanced into every single room with hope fading till I finally find him in another room like the one I was in the white chair had him tied down and I was surprised that there were other personality droids that were going to kill him since I do not know if there are different ones now but I am not too sure. But there is one thing that I am sure about is that time was running out for the both of us as I spot the worst two personality droids lurking around the corner holding someone that looks unconscious in their arms.

I immediately stopped myself and plastered myself to the wall hoping that it might be him but at the same time I wish it couldn’t. I steadied myself to the truth whatever that it may be and I got ready to pear around the corner as I did slowly creeping my eyes around the corner to where if the robots detect me I can quickly spin back to where nothing happens but I don’t know if these two had advancements like my father had when John said he fought him or that he ran away from him which I didn’t mind if he did since I would understand with those eight mettle tentacles  whirling about with soul collector type of nettles at your face was scary.

I finally started to look around the corner as I can hear myself try to get as quiet as I could but the thump of my heart speeding up a bit didn’t help my confidence at all. I started to look around and they started to act like they felt me looking at them as the two personality droids looked my direction after I flipped my head back to front position thinking that was way to close.

I waited a few minutes to make sure that the eyes weren’t looking at me. I made sure that the coast was clear and then I looked again. The droids were going down the walkway and I can tell that I wasn’t being watched but I couldn’t help but feel that eyes were still on me but as I looked around the corner I can see the outline of the two robots and a man in their arms his shoulder length dark hair was the only thing that I could barely see other than his white skin and I was stunned that he would do such a thing. I started to quietly and cautiously fallow them and taking note on every hiding aria when I spot tem and it came in handy when once again one of them turned its head towards me winch made me duck into one of the hiding spots which was a cart that was full of parts and tools.

I knew this wouldn’t be the best one that I had chosen to hide behind but it would have to do as the robot came closer and closer. “Trespasser detected.” I heard the robotic voice and I was surprised that I did as I felt the cart move away and I fell backwards because I was using it as a backrest.

I saw the mettle of the personality droid’s face right at me and I wondered if that would be the last face that I would see. I jumped up and started running as I heard and saw lasers shoot right past me. I hoped that the lasers were set on stun and I found out quickly while one managed to hit me in the back and I felt myself fall forward as I knew this was it that I was going to be captured and then killed. I can feel my whole body tense as my body began to shut down in the most painful way as possible as my mussels decided not to move and became stiff to numb very quickly I could see all that was going on as they picked me up and moved me way.

I could see the lights move around me while my mind tried to comprehend the fact that I was just became a limp rag doll while I was in the personality droids hands I thought I should move and squirm to lose the numbness that had been created but my body wouldn’t respond to my brain and I hung my head as I tried to say something but even my mouth wouldn’t word while the wound smoldered my back and I could tell because the sense of smell had always been a torching device for ages. I can smell the frightening and degusting smell or burnt flesh to where I was wondering if I would have that the rest of my life and if I did I wouldn’t mind.

I saw the same room and the same chair that I was in but this time John was the transfer chair and I felt fear take me captive as well as the droids as they brought me to a different room that overlooked the aria that John was at the chair like I was and I started to lose the numbness in my body and I just let it slide till the time was right but I did slightly wiggle my fingers and toes while I watched.

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