Few years and one thing has entered my mind since I was first made as a personality droid WHO AM I????????
took part in The Fuzz's 100 day challange starting on 12/30/ 13 and went on till completeing it on 1/11/14
Started.. November 21,2012 Ended 1/11/ 2014!!!! word count: 19,749 words!!!!


5. Memories

I looked outside my car window to see the tinny land bellow. People and droids wondering aminously about going on their own busyness while I sit here and wonder how many of them are truly real as I have learned not to believe everything that I see. I know at  almost everything around in this world day and age is fake. As I look forward from the back seat I see the blue sky that changes like a clock going into a circular pattern with the moon. Like the rest of us it tries to be perfect but we tried to command the weather once and failed so the scientist decide that since we can't perfect the world how about humanity, but that worked. So know here we are in the world of where perfection is advertised as a need. Like the sign that the car just passed with a fat person with an imperfect image and then the sign starts talking to us like we are watching the Instrod-Hallowdisk that places you in that perfect movie to where you are there in the movie and watching it from a distance to where you can watch the scene and surroundings  transition slowly to direct imagery.

The signtells everyone how many problems can be washed away and the body would be disposed of humanly. Yeah right. As if humanity could do that. Dispose themselves nicely like I can see them doing for themselves. All they want is the latest items, fame and perfection or that is the way the droid sees it or at least I do.

Another sign whizzes by me and I don't feel like looking at signs and look at the clear sky through the sunroof and see that it to is imperfect and slightly darkened itself.

the car ride was mostly silent and one sided as my father rants on and on about how I can get disengaged for this. "Good." I thought as he went on and almost missed a breaker light saying that someone was about to fly into us but instead he stopped and cussed under his breath.  (the sign mentioned bad habits as well.)

we flew into a saucer like platform that was like a old New York on the ground skyscraper but was on the ground mostly with floating steps so if it needed to it can shoot off somewhere where I would like to be which is away. we engaged our car to fold up to where we just sheaved it into our pocket and then entered onto a platform that acts like a tube but isn't really one but I am not quite sure what it is other than a tellepad.

We entered the line as the person at the front desk sounded "Next!" and I scooted forward with a helping hand behind me. The lady's shiny mettle skin was black as night and her eyes a dark midnight blue as she frowned when she saw me (for once a droid that was made to be stern is in the worst spot for me.) "hello number 909-0343-847-83 what are you in for this time?" she asked in a monotone and annoyed tone. her robotic eyes stared at me and I glanced around the white sternal room with white chairs and white tables and white everything! The only color that was in the room were other droids and  the once an while magazines that were possibly cleaned every five seconds or shorter but it is ironic since practically everyone is fake and a droid. I see the white droids and dark since the makers preserved the shear of skin with metal hue so perfectly that it is amazing.

"I need to look into her memory tape, I have suspicion of a broken bot or close of being a dud." he said and I looked at him in disapproval. I am not a dud if I was I wouldn't be standing right here in front of him and wishing I was one!

"Poor Personality droid number 909-0343-847-83 she doesn't realize it I shall send for you in a minute. Please feel free to have a seat and..."  the droid showed pity with her soft robotic tone that was piercing my ear cercus.

"the name is Caristi" I whispered and she must have caught my mouthing off.

"We will see about her behavioral circuits as well." She said and I just rolled my eyes. I just decided to not do anything else since that might bring more suspicion.

we waited in silence till one of the med droids said that I could come back to one of the exam rooms. which are dark rooms with a computer monitor for walls and a projector for visual aid for cases like me I guess. I stand on the white square as the doctor says to and a wall props up behind me instantly strapping me in. I could feel my lower neck give into routine as it props open to show a hole where the diagnostic cord goes into. The docs say  that it should not be painless but it hurts like someone cutting deeper and deeper into your neck till a connection is made to the computer. I wench a little knowing I can't escape the pain as the cord reaches my spine and the connection is made and a picture is propped up of my entire body on the wall. nothing lights up witch is a sigh of relief for me.

i can see displesure in my father's eyes that i had passed the dicnostic test but the celibration didn't last long as something lit up next to me and then i felt queasy. then i blacked.

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