Few years and one thing has entered my mind since I was first made as a personality droid WHO AM I????????
took part in The Fuzz's 100 day challange starting on 12/30/ 13 and went on till completeing it on 1/11/14
Started.. November 21,2012 Ended 1/11/ 2014!!!! word count: 19,749 words!!!!


20. finding a lost parent

“Let me go!” I shouted as I was kicking my feet and trying to have them let go of me but it didn’t work so the masked men tied me up in the white chair that I recognized. I started to have flashbacks and I could see the needles that put me into the droid body while the windows had a shadow figure that I knew so well. I was pushed into the chair thinking this was not happening again while the men tied me up and I wanted to know what is happening to John and Miss Luingous.

I can taste the blood once again heading into my mouth as I glanced around then I spot them in the shadows. The shadows of Miss Luinggous and John were both looking for a way out but they suddenly stopped and I thought this would be the end of both of us. I wanted to think that he knew what I wanted to get out as I heard a door slide across to show someone walk in his tall and slender man was slowly walking towards me and I thought that I was going into the droid again and when he removed his doctors mask that he was wearing. I knew whom it was immediately, my father.

“I thought you were dead!” I exclaimed and I can hear pounding on the windows like someone was trying to warn me of something but as soon as it started it subsided. I looked up and noticed that both of my friends were gone. 

“My daughter your little friend might have thought he got rid of me but I was just getting ready to transfer into a droid but not just any droid.” He snickered as he showed is four mechanical arms that were filled with transfer tools to make me go into another droid and get rid of what I was supposed to be.

“But I know we will stop your scheme. You are taking lives!” I yelled as in truth I was terrified with my droid father as I tried to find a way to get out of my holds. I looked around and noticed that my wrists and hands were not much smaller than my holds and I felt dumb of not noticing that before but I need to distract him first.

I was glad that Miss Luingous came out from behind the door. “Just like mine. And many others like me that wasn’t sick.” She said and then started to attack him by jumping onto of what was my dad. The robot started to swing around and she was quick to distract him. I started to get worried that it was going to get dangerous.

 I slipped my hands out of the holds and was ready to brawl. My heart was racing in hopes that I could find something to shut him down then I spot a computer in the corner that I think can help me out since it looked like the same one that was in the basement and the one that was in my basement and that I saw just before I woke up as I can see myself in a flashback of me pressing some sort of button after John set the computer for me but then I remembered that John might be still in trouble I dodged the idea of choosing between saving Miss Luingous and John to where it was my gut to say that Miss luingous was too far gone in her fight and I smashed my hand on the computer in rage as I hit it to where I hope I gave her an advantage. I turned around and can see my father get slower like I must had damaged it I can see Miss Luingous lying in a corner and appears to be hurt to where she is slow to get up. I thought as quick as I can as I can see that My father had spotted me and turned to attack I can see that his arms were full of  sort of transfer nestles that I couldn’t have them touch me since I had already destroyed my droid I have nowhere else to go other than to the unknown.

I barely dodged a nettle as I can feel the wind and the coldness that was quickly surrounded me. I landed on my feet as if I was a cat. I looked around to find another one coming right at me as I found myself wrapped in the mettle tentacles of my father as I can see my face.

“Ah my daughter I am glad that your friend reclaimed my soul and let It free for a few minutes unfortunately he almost sent me to my grave here in this very room.” He snickered as he lifted me higher as If to slam me into the dark concrete ground. I can see my fate on the floor as the white started to turn red shades. I felt the arm go down to where I think that my life has ended unless I come up with something and I did.

“What are you going to do to me?” I called as I tried my hardest to reach his kinder side. I can see that I got his attention while he looked at me dead in the eyes as I knew where I was going with this theory.

“What do you mean what am I going to do with you Caristi?” he used his robot voice to negotiate with me and I saw it pathetic. I started to build confidence as I knew how to retaliate while my father brought me closer to his face.

“I mean that I would die in your hands and as soon as I would be thrown to the grave as set to become a concrete slab like you had set it. And then what? You have stolen so many lives in just your version of darkness itself after that you have a world the same. No flaws except they will die as well either by running out of supplies in the tanks or the mechanicals can were out and become obsolete to where they will die then. But also with the world becoming robots we can’t recoup to have children unless you make them. But whom am I to kid robots can’t DIE anyway.” I can see that I have an opportunity to take one of his tentacles as I can see gears. “And that is why I am not just fighting for to wake up the people I am fighting to wake up LIFE!!! “ Screamed to where I kicked the outside of his armor. The gears grounded to sparks to see a lifeless limb.  I start to land each of the arms as my father started to swing at me each and every way that I ducked climbed and dodged.

“That’s right fallow the little human.” I said as I was smiling from ear to ear at the sight that I was winning. Soon I stopped and turned around to see a tangled mess of tentacles and wires that were all like snakes that were lost in vines. I laughed historically at the look. “Pitiful I thought that droids had to have perfect mind and not be human besides is that was the world of the same supposed to be. Look around your empire is falling. The people that you have collected do not want to become droids and you are the last thing that I need to take down.” I snickered as I was meaning every word that I said to him. I noticed a flap on the chair that I could easily break because of years of rebels and people realizing that their lives were about gone. I flipped the chair in my hands and glanced at my father’s black face and bright red eyes that both showed in the light and I knew one thing since he was the only true human he could only had his death be sidetracked into a droid that could only be partly be human as in the feelings and the soul couldn’t be contained which means my dad is no more if I kill him!

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