Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



11. Chapter 9


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 "Life is a song- sing it. Life is a game- play it. Life is a challenge- meet it. Life is a dream- realize it. Life is a sacrifice- offer it. Life is love-  enjoy it."

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Niall's P.O.V


I honestly didn't know what I was doing. It was the alcohol acting honestly. As soon as I parked my car here, I headed to our tree house, drank a few beers- they seemed like a few- and burnt the house down. I started crying afterward. I truly loved that tree house, but I built it with the assistance of Harry, and I hate Harry. He was tricking me all along, he only cares about himself. As long as he has Ava, everything's fine with him. He doesn't think about me, no one does.


“Niall,” Harry's voice weakened, “put the knife down.”


I scoffed, “Why should I? You never listened to me, and I'm older than you. Don't tell me what to do.”


“Ni-Niall, stop,” He softly spoke, “please.”


“Harry, you stop! Stop doing this! It's not fair you get the girl you want and I get nothing. Please stop being so,” I gasped, “selfish. That's what you are! Selfish. A selfish asshole. I hate you, I fucking hate you, Harry Styles. I wish I never met you. I wish--”


“You wish what?”


“I wish you die, right now.” A smirk settles upon my lips as my gaze shifts from Harry to the weapon I posses. “I can do that, you know. I can kill you now, Harry.”


“Please. Don't.” He begged.


I took a step forward as he took one back. He nervously glanced behind him and sprinted away.


“Come back here, Cunt.” I warned, my grip on the knife getting tighter.


“Niall.” He breathed out, “No.”


“Fuck you.”


My feet were moving at a high speed that surprised me. I was more surprised when Harry stopped running and fell to his knees. His eyes glared at the event happening in front of him.


The fire was still burning the tree house and the rest of the tears surrounding it. I guess I didn't think about the rest of the forest burning.


“You dumbass. The entire forest's gonna burn down.” He screeched.


I glared at him and shoved him back, so he was lying on his back.


“Niall. Stop this nuisance, we need to call a fire truck.”


“Shut up.”




“I said shut up!” I growled as my foot collided with his side.


He whimpered as I repeated the actions and finally knelt down to his level, pressing the knife on his throat.


“I can kill you right now, Styles. Nothing's stopping me.”


He didn't reply, which made me punch his chest. He coughed, though I wasn't sure if it was the fire or the punch that made him react like that.


“Answer, Harry.” I spat.


Only whimpers were let out, the smell of burnt trees surrounding the area. I removed the knife from its position, chucking it behind me.


I grabbed Harry's injured body, walking towards he fire. Not so gently, I laid him down on a log. His head hit the side of the broken tree. Blood seeped from his forehead. I didn't care. I repeatedly threw punches at his shoulders, making sure to leave bruises. I noticed a tree about to fall down, so I walked away.


“Niall.” Harry whispered.


I simply shook my head one last time as the tree fell, blocking my view from his weak body. I heard a loud scream ignite from the forest, I knew it was Harry. I didn't care.


“Niall!” A different voice yelled. I turned around, scared to face my band mates.


They had looks of pure disbelief on their faces. Louis ran in the forest, soon being followed by the others. Zayn remarkably bumped shoulders with mine before running in the place where Harry's hopefully dead body lays.


Due to my curiosity, my feet led me to the direction they were heading at.


I felt disgusted of myself as I noticed Harry's lifeless body being pulled out from under the large log that recently fell on his thigh. Zayn and Liam were trying to push the log off his body, while Louis was whispering sweet nothings into Harry's ear, tying to make him feel better.


“He can't hear you, Louis.” I spoke.


“Go away.” He spat.


I ignored his order, kneeling down next to Liam and trying to help in pushing the log off. Finally succeeding, Louis picked up Harry's much larger figure in his arms.


Zayn was on the phone, possibly calling 911. Liam was attempting to assist Louis in placing Harry in the back of his car. Standing silently, I was surprised when Zayn gestured for me to come towards him.


“Listen, I'm so--”


I was interrupted by Zayn's fist colliding with face.

“What the fuck, Man?” I exclaimed, astonished by the amount of blood escaping from my nose.


He just glared at me. A firetruck, and ambulance, and multiple police cars parked near.


“What happened here, Lads?” Simon asked once he got out of the police car along with the cops.


“Um--” I started.


“Why are you bleeding, Niall?” He questioned.


“You shouldn't worry about that. Harry's lying half dead in Louis' back seat right now.” Zayn growled.


“We're gonna talk about this soon, Boys. Get Harry in the ambulance, I'll follow you to the hospital in a bit.”


We all nodded, heading towards our cars. I decided that it's a better decision if I went alone in my car.


“We're going with you, Horan.” Liam said. “Louis' going with Harry, and both of us can't drive.” He explained while pointing toward himself and Zayn.


I accepted. Hopping in the driver's seat, the two other lads placed themselves in the back of the car.


I gripped the wheel tighter once paparazzi swarmed around my car. Can't they leave us alone?


I pressed on the pedal hard, going as fast as I can. I didn't care about having a car accident now. I was drunk, so driving like this isn't the healthiest choice. I have nothing to lose anymore, though. I'm already fucked and in a big mess.


I parked in the hospital parking lot, and we stepped out of the car.


“What room is, um, Harry Styles in?” Liam politely asked.


To our luck, the receptionist was an old woman who didn't seem very interested at the fact that 3/5 of the most famous boy band in the world is in front of her, so she immediately told us the room after making sure we knew him.


Waiting in the elevator was mildly awkward. Walking toward a frustrated Louis was more awkward. And sitting next to a pissed Zayn was most awkward.


“He's in a coma.” Louis sobbed. “We don't know when he's going to wake up, and if he does, he might not remember anything or anyone. That's, that's if he wakes up.


Simultaneously, we gasped.


“This is all your fault, Niall.” Zayn stated, “Why did you have to do this shit?”


“I was tipsy, Man. Don't blame me.” I defended myself.


“You're the only one to blame.” Louis croaked, and for the first time in a long time, he cried.


“Louis, I'm--”


“Save it.” He shook his head.


A few moments of silence passed, and the doctor came.


“How is he, Sir?” Liam urged.


The doctor sighed, “We don't know yet. We know he has a few broken ribs, a very big injury in his thigh, he can't walk until it recovers, a concussion, his lungs aren't in a good state either. Apparently, he breathed in too much of the smoke that surrounded him, and his lungs are weak now. It's unnecessary to perform a surgery of any sort, as his lungs can get better with a few medications. He will get crutches as soon as he wakes up--”

“That's if he wakes up.” Louis interrupted.


“No need to be such a pessimist, Mr. Tomlinson. Luckily, you got to Harry in time or who knows what would've happened to him.”


Louis gulped, fear evident in his eyes.


“However,” the doctor continued, “the police are coming in a few to interrogate with you, Lads.”


That was my turn to gulp, they will be talking to me. And they will find out that it was all my fault.


The doctor ushered some nurses to get me some ice and clean up my face. He grabbed my chin, turning my face side to side while intently observing it, “It's broken.”


He led me to a room where he placed a bandage on my nose and explained what medications I should take. We then returned to the hallway where everyone was seated.


Suddenly, a beeping noise alerted from Harry's room. Many nurses rushed inside as the doctor excused himself and followed them. Louis jumped, going after the doctor.


“Mr. Tomlinson, I'm afraid you have to get out.” A nurse ordered.


“Not until I know what's going on. What's happening?” Louis argued.


She sighed, “He has a small condition of bradycardia. Don't worry, though. We are working on it and he'll be back on track. This will only last for a few minutes.”

She then rushed back in the room.


“What the fuck is bradycardia?” Louis groaned.


“I think--” I started.


“Nobody asked for your opinion.” He rolled his puffed up eyes.


I just scoffed at his immaturity.


“Did you just scoff in my face?” He rhetorically asked.


“No, I didn't scoff in your face as that is practically physically impossible.” I smirked.


He wasn't amused, I can tell. Before his palm had the chance to slap the side of my face, Liam pushed him back in his seat, “We don't need more injuries, Louis.”


“Hello, Boys.” A feminine voice greeted.


Our heads snapped in that direction, Anne and Gemma stood there along with Harry's step dad.


My hands became sweaty and my mind fuzzed up. How am I going to possibly tell her that I almost killed her son?



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