Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



9. Chapter 7



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"If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner."

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  Avalon's P.O.V


          Waking up with a huge headache is a terrible way to start the day. So this is what a hangover feels like. Trying to recall the events of last night, the tears gathered in my eyes. No, not because I refused to sleep with Nathan, not because I'm not a little girl anymore- but because Harry had followed me.


         As Directioners, we all have those moments in life were we go like, "What? Why the fuck would he follow me? I'm nothing." I always had these thoughts. I always thought of myself as, well, nothing.


         That was until he noticed me. Not only did he follow me, he tweeted me. Which means he read my tweet, he fucking noticed me.


         A loud scream escaped my throat in realization. Panicked steps were heard running up the stair, and suddenly, I'm frightened.


         Grabbing my hair straightener and standing in a defensive position besides my door, I hit whomever, or whatever, came in my way. I ended up injuring my best friend.


         "Sammy!" I exclaimed, immediately regretting it as pain shot towards my head.


         "The hit on my head doesn't help with my hangover." She whimpered. Mumbling a few 'sorry's, I was able to carry her to my bed.


         "Morning." I croaked.


         "It's 2 in the afternoon, Ava." She giggled. Sticking my tongue out at her, she flipped me off.


         "What's wrong?" I worriedly asked. Samantha can be very 'sassy', but not like this.


         She touched her forehead and winced in pain. She's bleeding. Eyes widening, I rushed downstairs and returned to clean her injury.


         "Stop, it burns." She pleaded. I kept on going despite the urgent orders she sent me.


         "Done." I breathed out. "What about we go to the kitchen, have breakfast and orange juice. It's good with hangovers."

         "You're pretty good at fixing an issue in a situation you've never been in before." She smiled. "What's your secret?"


         "Fanfictions." I simply replied. Rolling her eyes, she stepped out of bed and followed me downstairs.


         As I was grabbing a pan, my instinct was to drop it again. Samantha covered her ears at the loud sound it made and sent me a disturbed look.


         "You won't fucking believe what fucking happened yesterday." I swore.


         "You, you and Nathan did't sleep together. Did you?" She asked.


         "No, of course not. But, we'll get to that later." I took a deep breath. "Harry followed me."


         She stood there, her mouth agape, "No way."


         I just nodded, she threw herself at me.


         "I'm so happy for you, Ava. You've been wishing for this for years."


         "Yeah, look I'll show you."


         After showing her the tweets between Harry and I, the picture I sent, and the little sign next to his username that says 'follows you', I continued making breakfast.


         I was frying the pancakes when Samantha's voice boomed, "Ava, I gotta tell you something."


         "What is it, Sam?"


         "Luke and I kind of, you know, last night."


         My eyes widened, a smirk settling on my lips.


         "Really?" She hummed in response. "Oh, Sam. You always getting wild with the boys."


         "Ava." She gasped. "I'm really happy, though. He's the best I ever had."


         "At least one of us is good with the guys." I muttered.


         "Why, what happened?"


         "Nathan wanted to have sex yesterday, I said I'm not ready." I sighed. "He left."


         "Baby, he's not worth it." She engulfed me in a tight embrace. "I'll be cutting his balls off next time I see him."


         "Who cares? Let's just eat."


         After breakfast, she decided a walk would be healthy and refreshing  We walked up to my room, dressing in some comfortable clothing and starting our walk.


         I suggested going to the harbor, since it is my favorite place here in Williamstown.


         "So, what are you going to do about the Nathan situation?" She asked, then laughed when she realized she had just rhymed.


         "I don't even know. What about you and Luke?"


         She shrugged in response. We walked in silence, looking towards the see every once in a while. We waltzed in our favorite cafe by the harbor.


         "What would you like today, Bitches?" Trisha asked.




         Samantha was cut off by some asshole who ordered for her instead, "69 muffins, what about you, Love."


         Noticing who it was, we gasped. Never have I ever expected to meet the Janoskians.


         "What's wrong?" Daniel asked. "You want our dicks?"

         Without realizing it, I had nodded. It's true after all. "Oh my god. You're the Janoskians."


         "Yes we are, Babe." Jai nodded.


         "Indeed." Luke winked.


         "Is this, like, another public disturbance video?" Samantha grinned.


         "Yes, Babe." Beau winked. The blush on Samantha's cheeks was evident.


         We talked. A lot. It was nice, really. Discussing every day issues as friends, not like we are talking to the Janoskians.


         "It was so lovely meeting you, but we gotta run." I apologized.


         "It's okay, Babe." James reassured. I sent him a smile, we hugged, took a picture, and walked away.


         "Did that really just happen?" Samantha questioned.


         "I-- Oh my fucking god! Yes!" I cheered.


         Returning home was hard since we spent most of the times acting like die-hard fangirls. I almost didn't notice who I bumped into until I looked up. Almost.


         "Baby." Nathan grinned. The smirk on my face was instantly disappearing at the sound of his voice.


         "Don't call me that."




         "I think I'll leave you--" Samantha was interrupted by me.


         "No. Stay. We're going shopping today. Fuck off." I growled at Nathan who seemed taken back. Probably wondering what the fuck is going on.


         With that, we walked away.


         "Good job, Tommo." Samantha winked and I couldn't help but laugh.


         Life is good.

         That is if being in a fight with your boyfriend who is also your best friend because he was pressuring you into sex and you secretly wanted to kick him in the balls and run off with Harry Styles to the land of Marshmallows is good.


         If it is, then yup, life is good.


         "Are we really going shopping?" Samantha hopefully asked.


         "Yes, Ma'am." I winked.


         We ran to my room as soon as we arrived to my place. Dressing up in something comfortable, leggings and a t-shirt, stepping into our converse, and heading to my car.


         My car.


         "I'm driving, non-licensed person!" She called out.


         I pouted, but agreed. Knowing she was fully right.


         On our way there, we belted out to some songs on the radio. Until a One Direction song came one and I let out an unnecessary squeal, being slapped on the arm by Samantha afterwards.


         "Oh, I just wanna take you anywhere that you would like, we could go out any day or any night. Baby, I'll take you there, take you there. Baby, I'll take you there, yeah."


         Unfortunately, I wasn't able to continue singing due to the fact that we've reached our destination.


         "Forever 21, L'eggo!" Samantha smiled.


         After a few hours, our feet went numb with all the searching we've done. Exiting a store, we heard loud squeels.


         "Oh my gosh. What if this is a fanfic moment and One Direction are here right now in the mall that's why a lot of girls are fangirling and screaming. Oh my--" I was stopped from rambling on since she covered her hand on my mouth.


         "Chill, Ava." She smirked, "What are the chances of you meeting them anyways?"


         "You'll see." I glared at her and began marching to where the noise was coming from, with Samantha following behind me.


         "For the first time, we are giving away 1D tickets to one of you very lucky ladies. Sign up over there, Loves." A man chanted.


         "Holy fuck." I turned to Samantha with a smug look on my face, "Fuck you."


         She chuckled, "Go sign up, Bitch"


         She didn't have to tell me twice. I sprinted towards the registering place and signed my name.


         "Good luck, Lovely." A woman smiled.


         "Thank you." I replied.


         "What's your number?" Samantha questioned.


         "569." I chuckled. What could be better? It's mixture of my lucky number and a sexual number.


         "Oh, you're winning for sure."


         I stuck my tongue out at her.


         "Okay, everybody come back here in 15 minutes, that's when the registration closes and the draw begins." The same man cheered.


         I rolled my eyes at him, he was way too enthusiastic.


         "There's no way in hell I'm winning." I chuckled. "Did you see how many people are here?"


         "Don't be such a pessimist." She scolded.


         We spent the next 15 minutes walking around, doing... nothing, really. We returned to the nearby place where the competition is being held.


         "We've got the results right here!" The hyped-up dude exclaimed. "And the winning number is..."

         This is it. I could finally meet the boys. This is my chance.





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