Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



8. Chapter 6


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  Avalon's P.O.V


          First night I go clubbing. Sweaty people surrounded me, some drunk some sober. The smell of alcohol filled the area as we entered the lit up place. We all sat on some stools next to the bar, getting ready to order something.


         "Beer." Nathan wanted. To be honest, I was very mad when I found out he was drunk. On my own fucking birthday.


         I tugged on Luke's shirt, he leaned in. "I don't know what to order." I shyly informed him. He chuckled before speaking a weird name and the bartender nodded. After ordering for himself and Samantha, Luke handed me my drink.


         It was good. Really good.


         Time seemed to fly, I spent most of my moments in the bar next to Nathan who was chugging down his forth beer since we came here. As for me, this is my fifth drink. My vision blurred, figures barely seen. I immediately recognized Samantha in her green dress and her backside pressed against Luke's crotch. He looked happy and vulnerable. I wanted to make Nathan feel that way.


         "Nate." I slurred. "Let's dance."


         "I thought you'd never ask." He winked.


         Hand in hand, feet headed towards the dance floor. Feeling his arms wrap around my waist from behind got me at unease, soon relaxing after concluding Nathan would never hurt me. I tangled my arms around his neck as he smirked down at me. Succeeding in seducing him, he let out a low groan. I turned around to notice his eyes looking straight into mine. His eyes seemed dark, almost scary. He let out a small groan before yanking my arm to the bathroom.


         Following behind him, his grip tightened around my wrist. He didn't seem to care. Slamming me on the wall in one of the bathroom stalls, his lips grazed my neck. Shivering and surprised, I gasped. He'd locked the door from earlier, yet I was frightened we'd get caught. Lips pressed to my neck, slowly pulling away. Looking him in the eyes, the eyes I loved so much. I'm falling for his eyes.


         "Kiss me." I barely whispered. His eyes glimmered for a second, a smirk growing on his face. He probably got reminded of our first kiss on the beach, where I'd told him to do the same thing.


         He leaned in, finally closing the space between us and pressing his lips against mine. I tugged on the hair at the back of his neck as his breathing grew heavy. I wanted more of this kiss.


         Lips pushing harder, the kissing getting sloppier. His tongue grazed my bottom lip. I gasped in surprise, he took this as a chance to insert his tongue to become in contact with mine. His tongue felt so warm and inviting. His hands gripped my thighs, giving them a gentle squeeze. I jumped, wrapping my legs around his toned torso. Short breaths elicited from both our lips as he pressed me against the wall. It was getting heated.


         "Yeah, Baby." Nathan urged.


         The pleasure was almost unbearable. Not sexual pleasure, just emotional pleasure. He's the first guy who wants me like this. Whispering sweet nothings in my ear reminded me of how much he did care. My nails dug into his back as he applied more pressure on my core. One of my hands moved to loosen his grip. I wasn't able to. He already took hold of my hand, lifting me up by the thighs. 


         "I love how I can make you want me, Babe." Nathan gasped. "So innocent, yet you want me so fucking much."


         I whimpered at the loss of contact of his lips, bucking my face forward. He chuckled, amused by my helpless behavior.


         "No, no. Ava, not here." He warned. I nodded, climbing down his back.


         "My place." I told him. Not bothering to wait for him to reply, I dragged him towards the exit.


         "Oi." Nathan called towards our friends who were all over each other. Literally. He pointed at the exit and they nodded.


         "We're not supposed to be driving. We're not sober." I admitted.


         "It's okay." He shrugged. We hopped into the car.


         I let all the information sink in me as Nathan drove. I was touched like that for the first time ever. No one ever touched me like that.


         I felt Nathan become impatient as the street lights turned red. The bulge in his pants looked so uncomfortable.


         "Can I touch it?" I asked in awe. Truthfully, if I wasn't drunk, none of this would've happened. I can't control it now. I need him.


         "Please." He begged as he captured his bottom lip between his teeth.


         I don't even want to remember what I did. I feel ashamed, none the less.


         "Ava, please stop. The light's green." 


         I didn't stop my movements until we reached my house. I practically skipped out of the car and dashed to my room with him following behind. As soon as we entered my room, I spotted my bed. Something inside me switched. My bed sheets were cat related, the pillow was a cat head, and small little cushions shaped like paws were on the sides of the bed. The bed reminded me of my childhood, I'm not a child any more, am I?


         Tears welled up in my eyes. I'm not Daddy's little girl anymore. I'm not his Cupcake anymore. It's funny how you're always looking forward to growing up and when you do, you regret not living your childhood to the fullest. Wanting to get married, wanting to get a job, and wanting to finish school. All these are the basic wishes of most children. That's only because we didn't realize that time flies. Not even noticing it, I'm 18. I'm bloody 18. I'm an adult.


         I'm a fucking adult.


         "C'mon, Babe." Nathan teased as he left sweet kisses on my jaw until he reached my lips.


         Once more, he entwined his fingers after wrapping his arms around my waist. I was confused. Going with the flow, I tugged on his lush hair. His hand took hold of my jaw as he pulled it slightly open for him to enter his tongue. I gasped as his wet tongue became in contact with mine. Chest to chest, nose to nose, forehead to forehead.


         He walked backwards, leading me with him. At last, the back of his knees collided with the side of the bed causing him to fall down. Surprisingly, he was able to do that without breaking our lip-lock. His hand tugged on the collar of my dress. That's when I realized something.


         I'm not ready.


  Harry's P.O.V


         "No!" I yelled. My voice cracking at the end as the tears continued to pour down my cheeks.


         "Harry, we need you to calm down." Liam held me back.


         "Fuck you." I growled. He shook his head in annoyance.


         "You don't have to watch it, Love." Louis reassured. I shook my head, I need to see this.


         There she was. The girl that keeps me up all night crying and thinking about her, unable to sleep. She was going to lose her virginity, and for some reason I needed to make myself watch this.


         The boys settled down next to me, glaring at the scene.


         The couple were making out on Ava's bed, that's until I noticed him tug on her dress. No.


         "Get your filthy hands off her." I warned. Almost attacking the screen until I was held back again.


         She flinched under his touch, and I smirked. She's coming back to her senses.


         "I- I can't." She frowned.


         "What?" He snapped.


         "I'm," she whimpered, "I'm sorry, Nate."


         With that, his eyebrows furrowed, his nostrils flaring, and his eyes glaring into her own that were filled with tears, he left. Leaving her alone.


         "Come back and pick up your girlfriend, Asshole." I rolled my eyes, earning a slap on the head from Niall. I deserved that, I guess.


         Sobs escaped her beautiful lips, she pulled her knees up to her chest. Digging her head in her lap and wrapping her arms around her legs, she started shaking violently.


         "Don't cry, Baby." My voice shook. "Please don't."


         With that, she stopped.


         "Harry." The boys had frightened looks on their faces, so did I. Had she heard me?


         Her head popped up, eyes staring deep into 'mine'. She knelt in, I felt myself smile. Her nose nuzzled the poster's as she left a small peck on its lips.


         "You're the one, Harreh." She smirked.


         My heart fluttered with her words. It amazed me how every little thing she does doesn't go unnoticed by me. The way her dimple buries in her skin is always being watched by me whenever she smiles. Her dimple is not as deep as mine, and she only has one dimple. Making her even more special. It's weird how much I know about her.


         Her favorite colors are orange, purple, and turquoise since she can't choose. She's obsessed with the number 5, claiming it's her lucky number. She has her Mum's eyes. Born on the 9th of October, 1994. 1:43 PM. She plays basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, and she enjoys going to the harbor where she can ride her bright blue bicycle with purple hearts on the seat.


         She loves chocolate more than anything. Justin Bieber is one of her idols besides us. She wants to become like Demi Lovato when she grows up. She's the biggest fan of arguing, yet I admire that about her. She learned how to play the clarinet in year 6, and the keyboard in year 7. She plays other instruments as well, and she's got such a terrible voice to be honest. It's not that horrible, but it's not something you'd like to hear in a song. Somehow, I find her voice cute and intriguing. However, she's a wonderful dancer.


         She promises herself to become a song-writer or an author once she grows up. If that doesn't work, she'll start her own talk show. Another back-up plan of hers is to become a lawyer. She wrote her first song when she was 7.


         On her bucket list; she wants to get a tattoo, go to London, meet her idols, hug/kiss a 1D member, meet PewDiePie because 'he's boss', have a meaningful chat with Taylor Swift (cross my fingers that doesn't happen), go bungee-jumping, learn how to swim, reunite with Cara, go to Hawaii, go to Paris with a special someone, have those cliche and cheesy kisses in the rain, dip-dye her hair, assist in organizing a huge charity event, go to Ghana, cry tears of joy, she wants big artists to sing her songs and last, she wants to stop cutting.


         I cringed at the last one. Why does she even do that?


         Anyways, no one will know how to treat her like I do. I would know exactly what to do and when to do it. I would take all the pain and put a smile on her face. I would find a better way for her to see a better day. I really would.


         My train of thoughts was interrupted when Zayn nudged me. I looked up at the screen. She's on Twitter.


         Almost instantly, I grabbed my phone from the coffee table, entering the Twitter application.


         I need to tweet something so she knows we're online.” I exclaimed.


         Um,” Louis stuttered, “a song lyric?”


         A thought popped in my head.


         Immediately typing it in, I received a lot of mentions.


         I've seen fire and I've seen rain?” Liam's eyebrows furrowed as he read my tweet out loud.


         I grinned and stared at Ava. Her phone rang, her eyes brightened. Fingers moving across her laptop keyboard with a toothy grin plastered on her face. Moments later, I checked her Twitter profile.


         @Harry_Styles Sure, sure. But you haven't seen the smile on my face. Wanna see it? Wish me a happy birthday? ;)” She tweeted.


         A smile crept to my face at her humor. “Can I follow her? Or, or will Modest! be mad?”


         Follow her. Screw Modest!” Zayn encouraged. I nodded in appreciation and pressed that small button that said 'follow'.


         Next, I tweeted her back, “@wetforlarry Happy birthday, Beautiful! Have a wonderful time, live while you're young! Hehe, now where's the pic? :D”


         Cheeky.” Louis nodded his head in approval. “Yet I hate her Twitter user name.”


         I chuckled at that, 'wetforlarry' is one of the basic things you'd expect from a Larry shipper.


         Oh my god.” I breathed out. She replied.


         Here it is! Thank you for the birthday wish and the follow. It made my day! :) Have a nice day, Harry. Love you. xx” She tweeted.


         My heart beat faster as the adrenaline rushed through me. 'Love you. xx' Two words and two x's make my heart skip a beat. The picture she sent made it even better. It was a picture of her smiling brightly and giving a thumbs up. It was obviously at an amusement park not long ago. Her brown waves were all over the place yet she looked flawless. Her blue eyes had a tint of gold in them and her dimple popped in her cheek. A green tank top perfectly fit her upper body,which is the only body part I could see in this picture.


         She looked angelic. So... perfect.


         I checked her profile again, and she tweeted a lot.




         idek why he did tHAT AM JUST SO HAPPY”






         Woah,” I breathed out, “I, I made her happy.”


         The boys nodded in agreement. Glancing towards my screen, we saw her hugging a pillow tight and tears streamed down her face as she typed in yet another tweet. I checked her account.


         I can now check 'crying happy tears' off my bucket-list. Thank you @Harry_Styles.”


         So, I smiled. A real smile. Not the ones I usually do at forced photo shoots and red carpets, even though I do enjoy those. I smiled a smile like I do at our concerts. Looking out at the crowd, nodding in appreciation as you see all these people gathered to watch you and your best mates perform. It's overwhelming, really. Never have I ever thought I'd come this far, we'd come this far.


         Ava started pacing around the room, mumbling profanities and whispers. Her face lightened up as she started giggling.


         She's drunk.


         I couldn't help but chuckle at her behavior. Acting and giggling like a 10 year old girl after receiving a candy cane and what not. Jumping up and down, pinching her sides every once in a while just to check if she was awake. Laughing at her silliness, then crying in realization.


         Those simple things she does that make me smile like an idiot. Those stuff.


         She's in love with you and all your little things, Babe.” Louis grinned before hitting me in the groin.


         Whimpers were escaping from my lips as I watched him send me another cheeky look before exiting my room.


         You and I both know they're not little, Tomlinson.” I choked out. Louis' soft laughter that echoed in the hallways signaled that he had heard me.


         After recovering, I took one glance at the screen to see that she was already asleep. Looking as peaceful as ever, light breaths escaping her nose, pink lips parted ever so slightly, and her hair tousled on the pillow. She was still wearing the dress, which has been pulled up because of the current position she's in. Just from the view of her laced panties covered her great arse, I let out a moan.


         My breath caught in my throat as I harshly bit my lip. Vulnerability showing,.


         Ava.” I whimpered. “Why do you have to do this to me?”




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