Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



7. Chapter 5


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  Harry's P.O.V

  Few Days Later (Avalon's Birthday)


          I hate my life. It's official. Some might accuse me of being selfish. “You're living the dream, why would you possibly hate your life?” They would wonder. They don't know anything.


         Ava, that girl that kept me up all night making me question the reason I fell for her so fast. Sure, she's beautiful. Everyone is beautiful, what's so god damn special about her?


         Oh, I know. She's Ava.


         After a lot of thinking, that was the only reason I came up with. She's simply Ava.


         I hate her.


         She ruined my life.


         I shifted around in my bed to check the clock on my bedside table. 7:25 AM. Brilliant. Great way to start a Saturday. Another thought popped in my head. It's Ava's birthday.


         She's 18, an adult. She's a real woman now. She's...


         Just that thought made the tears return into my eyes. That bastard Nathan took her away from me.


         I hate him, too.


         What a lovely way to start a morning, a morning full of hatred.


         A strangled breath escaped my throat and I got out of the comfort of my bed for the first time in a couple of days. I looked down at my outfit, boxers. Good enough. I probably looked like shit and smelled even worse, but I don't give a fuck about that anymore. I will care about that when we return on tour, we have a week or so of break right now.


         “Good morning.” My quiet voice spoke. It felt as if I would cry if I spoke another word. I probably would.


         “Harry.” Louis smiled and hugged me. I bet Ava would love to see this Larry moment. Ava.


         The waterworks restarted and Louis sighed.


         “Let it out, Love.” He offered. I didn't even hesitate and the tears poured out of my eyes in just a few seconds. I couldn't help it and the sobs seemed to escape my mouth by themselves. “Harry.”


         I pulled away and sat at the table where my band mates were also seated. I looked at my surroundings and silently cursed myself. I have the perfect life. Yeah, right. I just want to strangle whoever dares to say that. I want Ava. I would curse the day I was born until she's mine.


         “Harry, I know you're not in the mood, but can you possibly make us breakfast?” Niall asked. I nodded and went ahead to prepare some pancakes. That's probably the only thing I'm good at.


         I'm a failure.


         I frowned and continued making the pancakes. Once done, I placed the plate with about 20 pancakes on the table and went to the living room.


         “I'll be right back.” I called.


         Spotting my laptop on the couch, I took it and returned to the kitchen. I opened the program so I can view Ava. It should be 6:40 PM over there.


         As I expected, she wasn't there. She's probably celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend and her best friends.


         Not with me.


         “It's Ava's birthday, right?” Asked Liam. I nodded. “I bet she would enjoy a 'Happy Birthday' tweet.”


         Seeing him smirk gave me an idea. I practically sprinted up to my room, bumping into a just awoken Zayn. I apologized and went to my room.


         “Where the fuck is it?” I yelled exasperated. I've been searching for my phone, but I can't find it anywhere.


         “Mate, relax.” Louis tried calming me down. “Use the laptop.”


         I mentally face-palmed myself for being an idiot. I sheepishly smiled at Louis who just rolled his eyes.


         Noticing he already logged onto my Twitter account, I quickly went into her account. Nothing. She didn't tweet any of us today.


         “She didn't tweet us today.” I frowned. For the past two years, she tweeted us every single day. Now's her birthday, she should be begging us to tweet her.


         Management never let us follow her on Twitter, saying it would make it obvious we're stalking her. Bullshit.


         “That's odd.” Louis said. I nodded.


         “That whore's probably too busy fucking her boyfriend. Or she's getting wasted. Maybe, she's in the club grinding on multiple strangers. How could we know what this slut is up to?” I laughed. I don't need her.


         “You know that's unnecessary to say.” He warned.


         I shrugged, “Maybe, but do you know what's also unnecessary? Match. I fucking hate that program. Lou, it ruined my life.”


         The sound of his footsteps neared me and he plopped himself next to me on the bed.


         “Love, it's a fucked up thing. I've never seen you act like this towards a girl. You must really love her.”


         I shook my head, “No. I hate her.”


         “That's not true. You just hate loving her.”


         He was right.


         “You hate how everything she does seems so perfect to you.” He continued;


         “You hate the fact she's taken.”


         “You hate the fact she could lose her virginity to another guy.”


         “You hate the fact she doesn't know you know her and love her.”


         “You hate the fact she's not yours and you hate how you think she's never going to be yours. Which is untrue. She could be yours. Someday.”


         More tears escaped every time he finished a sentence. Speaking just the truth. He knew me so well.


         “I do. I fucking hate all of these things. I just want to hold her in my arms, protect her, kiss her, cuddle her, make love to her, love her.” I confessed.


         He patted my back. “That's what love does to us. Go get her, Man. What the fuck are you waiting for?”


         “She's taken.”


         “So? Since when did that stop you, Harry?” He smirked. I chuckled and nodded.


         “Time to get my girl I guess.” I sighed.


         “Good luck on the 20 hour flight.” He stuck his tongue out. What happened to the romantic and understanding Louis now? I shook my head at his immaturity and remember how we'll be touring in Australia in two weeks.


         “Two weeks, Lou.”



         “We're going to Australia in two weeks.”

         “Lazy Harry, postponing everything.” He scolded. I chuckled, resting back on my bed watching him exit my room.


         “Louis.” I called out.


         “Yeah?” He responded.


         “Thanks.” He winked in response.


         I decided to check my computer. I went on Twitter first.


         “Good morning, pals. xx” I tweeted.


         Many people replied with very weird things;


         “@Harry_Styles I just stabbed my vajayjay with a fork.”


         “@Harry_Styles That's not gonna help me on my bloody period. HAHAHAHA I USED BRITISH SLANG AND NOW IT SOUNDS FUCKING WRONG.”


         And probably my favorite:

         “I want to rape you, 'pal'. :)”


         Those are Directioners for you.


         I smiled, our fans are amazing.


         I replied to a few fans. After all, tweeting them all back would literally take forever. I checked the time; 8:00 AM. Which means it's 7:00 PM over there in Melbourne.


         Checking my program once more, I shrieked in happiness once I saw Ava and Samantha in her Ava's room.


         “She's on?” Zayn asked as he walked in my room along with the rest of the boys. I nodded and they all found a seat next to me on the bed. We all stared at the screen, listening to every word they say.


         “Sexy, but not too showy.” Ava nodded.


         “Mkay.” Samantha agreed.


         The two girls started searching in the contents of Ava's walk-in closet and they walked out with a few dresses. Setting them down on the bed, they stared at them for a while.


         “Strip for me, Baby.” Samantha ordered, earning a giggle from Ava. Oh, how I love her giggle. “What? I bet you strip for Styles everyday.”


         I noticed Ava's cheeks turn a shade of red and she said, “Well, can you blame me? Look at this sexiness!”

         I felt my cheeks heat up as well as she approached this poster and set a sweet kiss on 'my' lips, which are actually the poster's lips.


         “I love you.” She muttered. I felt a wet substance on my cheeks and I noticed I was crying again. Great.


         “I can't be the only one who heard that!” Niall exclaimed.


         “She loves you, man.” Liam smiled


         I shook my head, “She loves Harry from One Direction.”


         I heard them sigh in defeat, I am right after all.


         Samantha held back a laugh.“Babe, you have Nate now you can't do that to him,” she teased, “He'll be devastated.”


         “But he ain't got no curls, Nigga!” Ava's ghetto accent replied. Samantha's face turned red from all the laughter that escaped her lips.


         “Just get dressed, Ava.”


         I watched Ava as she undressed and I smiled once I saw her in just underwear and a bra. She's so beautiful. She stepped into a black dress with blue lace on the top. Perfection in front of my eyes. The dress fit her curves perfectly and it reached mid-thigh. Just perfect.


         “Mother of bananas. That's the dress, blue's your color. You look flawless.” Samantha complimented.


         “You make me cry.” Ava exaggerated and started 'sobbing'. She attacked Samantha who kept telling her the dress could rip. They hugged tightly and started touching each other inappropriately. As a joke of course.


         “Stop groping me.” Ava shrieked, which made Samantha, along with us, laugh.


         They reminded me of how I acted with Louis.


         “Sava.” I spoke. The boys gave me confused looks. “Their ship name, like mine and Louis', it's Larry.”


         The boys chuckled and we once again returned our focus to the screen.


         “I love you so much, Samuel.” Ava joked.


         “I love you more, Evan.” Samantha played along.


         “I love you most.” Ava insisted.


         “Liar! You love Harry most.” Samantha pointed at me.


         “True.” Ava agreed. I felt a burst of happiness inside me. She loves me. I let out an unnecessary girly giggle making the boys mock me.


         “Hurtful.” Samantha said. Ava rolled her eyes and suggested they continue getting dressed.


         They seriously took so long. They fixed each others' hair and makeup. They wore their dresses and heels. Though I don't understand why Ava needed heels, her height is perfect.


         “Done.” They exclaimed. Their eyes traveled around, staring at each other. They smiled, feeling proud at how their appearance ended up. “Perfect.”


         The door was opened and two boys entered. Who else would it be beside Luke and Nathan? Leave them to rudely enter the fucking house without permission, let alone Ava's room.


         “Ever heard of a fucking door bell?” I growled. Niall patted my back.


         “Ava, you look wonderful.” Luke hugged Ava. Wrong girl, Luke.


         “Sam, you look.” Luke took a while to compliment her and let her appearance sink in his head. “Perfect.”


         “Thanks, you look great.” Samantha shyly replied.


         “Looking sexy, Ava.” Nathan slurred. Was he drunk?


         “Please don't tell me you're drunk, Babe?” Ava begged. Nathan shrugged.


         “Sorry, Love. He drank 5 bottles of beer in the car and he's off his face.” Luke apologized.


         “Off his face?” I wondered out loud.


         “Aussie slang for drunk.” Niall replied. I nodded.


         “Worst boyfriend ever.” I muttered.


         “Fine, let's go.” Ava frowned.


         “Clubbing!” Nathan cheered.


         “Yeah, remember I'm new to this so take it slow tonight, for me.” She begged, all he did was nod.


         “Go to the car, we'll follow soon.” He told Luke and Samantha who walked out of the room. “Kiss me.”


         I watched as he leaned into Ava. She pecked him on the lips but he wanted more. Pushing her on the bed, he shoved his tongue down her throat. She tugged on his hair and let out a soft moan.


         “Yeah, moan for me. C'mon, Baby.” He urged.


         “Nate.” She gasped as soon a his lips became in contact with the skin on her neck. He bit, sucked, and finally licked on the bruise he made. He got her in such a vulnerable state.


         “There.” He smiled. “Now everybody at the club would know you're mine. Let's go, Love.”


         She took hold his hand and he entwined their fingers together. That should be me. Grabbing her small purse, she turned off the lights as they both walked out of the room.


         I closed the laptop and released a shaky breath.


         “What a dick.” Louis mumbled.


         “I know.” I agreed. “I would treat her so much better than he does.”


         “Would he say he's in L-O-V-E, 'cause if it was me, I would, I would.” Zayn quoted.


         “I really would.” I sighed.


         “There, there, Harry.” Liam said. “If it makes you feel any better, I ship Sava much more than I ship Nava.”

         I chuckled at his attempt to make me feel better, yet I truly appreciated it.


         “We'll come check on her in a few hours, let's go play some video games to get your mind off her.” Niall suggested.


         I agreed, but I knew it wouldn't get my mind off Ava. Nothing could.


         I love her so much it hurts.


         “Now you'll never know, oh. Baby, I loved you first.” I sang quietly.


         “We know you loved her first.” Louis smiled. I smiled back, it's the least I could do. After all, he did help me with all this shit.


         “Who's ready to get their asses whipped at Fifa?” Liam cheered. I raised my hand. I'm shit at this game.


         I think I'm shit at everything. I'm shit at falling in love with the right girls.


         God damn you Ava and your beautiful face.


         Beautiful body.


         Beautiful accent.


         Beautiful hair.


         Beautiful personality.


         I love you.



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