Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



6. Chapter 4


Hello! I hope everybody's having a good day. So, many of you are going to be pretty upset at what happens in this chapter. Sorry.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

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  Nathaniel's P.O.V


          My baby girl. She doesn't deserve this. It's all my fault. Again. If I hadn't destroyed the sandcastle, she wouldn't have went running off. If she hadn't run off, we would still be having a good time.


          Rushing towards the incident's location, I scooped Avalon's lifeless body out of the water and gently laid her on the sand.


           “Nathan, you know CPR, right?” Samantha urged. I nodded, “What are you waiting for then?”


          I knelt down, attaching her soft lips to mine. My lips slightly parted hers as I blew some air into her body. I backed away, pushing on her chest lightly as we were taught. I repeated those actions. Secretly, I lingered on her lips for longer. I don't know why. Not liking her in that way or anything, it's just that the taste her lips allow was so addictive. Moments later, she was scoffing water out of her mouth. Tears streamed down her face, and I carefully wrapped my arms around her frame. She's not short, she's pretty tall actually. She's perfect.


          “Ava, I'm sorry.” She didn't reply, she just continued sobbing into my chest.


          Even as we were walking towards our spot, she didn't say a word. Even when she stopped crying, she simply removed herself from my hold and placed herself on the sand staring ahead.


          “Ava, are you okay?” Samantha wondered. Avalon just nodded.


          Samantha shot me a worried look and I just shrugged because, well, I honestly don't know what's going on.


          “Do you want water, Vee?” Luke handed her a water bottle and and she quietly sipped .


          I frustratedly sighed, running a hand through my hair. I heard a laugh that I recognized as Avalon's, but as soon as I turned to face her, she returned to her previous position. Was she enjoying my frustration?


          It seemed like hours while in reality it was just a few minutes. I heard a familiar voice. Smirking, I turned around to discover my guess was right. It was her. May.


          “May? Is that you, Love?” I smiled. She turned around, flashing me a bright grin.


          “Oh my god, Nate? Babe, how are you doing?” I stood up, wiping some sand off my bum in the process, and enveloped her in a hug.


          May is my ex-girlfriend. Not feeling passion between us anymore, we decided to break up. Samantha, Luke, and Avalon despised her. I say despised because hate is an understatement.


          “I'm doing wonderful, how about you?”


          “Fabulous.” She giggled.


          “Wanna join us?” I suggested. She gave her friends in the background a questioning look and they nodded.


          “I can hang out for a bit.” She smiled.


          Grabbing her hand in mine, ecstasy flooded through me when I saw my friends glaring at me. This should be amusing.


          “You know May. Right, guys?” I smirked. Earning a similar smirk from Avalon.


          “How could we forget about Maylor?” Avalon giggled. I shot her an annoyed look which she shrugged off and continued, “I mean Maylor is unforgettable.”


          She emphasized 'Maylor' again. She's doing this again.


          “At least she's talking.” I heard Luke whisper to Samantha.


          “Maylor?” May asked. I was about to answer, but Avalon decided to rudely talk again.


          “Yup, Maylor. Basically, it's because you're a different version of Taylor. As in Taylor Swift. You date everything that walks and breakup with them. After the breakup, you do something to humiliate them.” Avalon smirked. As if that wasn't enough, she added, “Maywhore is sometimes used as well.”


          May gasped, slapping me on my cheek and walking away.


          “Avalon Jade fucking Wright!” I warned. I realized she go the clue when she started sprinting away. Not again. “Please stop running.”


          “Why? I think you enjoyed making out with me to save my life, Nate!” She yelled. I felt my cheeks burn red as she giggled.


          “Please be careful.” I ran after her, which only made her pick up her pace. I don't want her hurt again.


          As if on cue, she toppled over on the sand, destroying a sandcastle whose owners have left behind. Laughter escaped my mouth as she shrieked in surprise. I gasped for air and finally settled down, going to help her.


          “It's not funny!” She complained. Truth be told, with her lip pouted and her arms crossed on her chest, she looked like a 5 year old. “Please help.”


          Now, she looks like a vulnerable and hopeless kid. I nodded my head and pulled her up on her feet. After a few minutes of arguing about how we're going to hose the sand off her, we agreed to take her to the showers. When she was all cleaned up, I took this chance to admire her appearance. Her soft wet brown hair reached till her waist and it had a slight curl to it today. Her blue eyes seemed brighter and bigger today. Her body was fucking sexy. She had a flat tan stomach and long tan legs. The bikini only made her more attractive. The one dimple she possessed appeared on her cheek as she smiled at me.


          “Staring much, Nate?” She mocked.


          “You hurt my feelings. I'm going to drown myself now.” I smirked. She poked her tongue out at me and I chuckled at her immaturity. “Can we walk?”


          She nodded and took hold of my hand. Her hand seemed so small compared to mine. It's weird how just now, I'm noticing all these little things about her. I've never been like this before. All I viewed her as was a younger sister whom I'm supposed to take care of. You don't walk around thinking about how lovely her lips taste, or how she's so sexy, you certainly don't flirt with her. Maybe she's not noticing this, and correct me if I'm wrong, but we are being awfully flirtatious.


          “What's wrong, Nate?” She wondered. Her eyebrows knitted together and a frown settled upon her face.


          “You look much prettier when you smile, Love.” I squeezed her hand. Noticing a pink color appear on her cheeks, I smiled proudly to myself.


          “Better?” She rhetorically asked. I nodded once seeing that toothy grin on her face.


          I have to do this.


          I stopped walking and looked straight in her blue eyes while holding her soft hands in my own. As cliché as it might sound, her blue eyes are quite magical. They change from a sea blue, to a sky blue, to a somehow darkish blue depending on her mood. Sometimes they change the slightest bit to gray.


          I didn't notice myself leaning in until she was coming closer as well. Our faces inches apart. My forehead finally became in contact with hers and I shut my eyes after seeing her eyes flutter close as well. Our noses rubbed together and our lips inches apart. All I desired was to have her lips on mine, to see how sweet she tastes.


          “Kiss me.” She whispered.


          That's all it took. I closed the distance between us and pressed my lips to hers. She reacted immediately, kissing back. It started as a soft kiss that lingered. That was until something in me switched. I want more.


          I wrapped my arms around her petite waist and her hands found there way to the the back of my neck, slightly tugging on my hair. My emotions were all over the place right now.


          This is wrong, she's my best friend.


          No, this is perfect. This is how it's supposed to be.


          I placed my hands on her lower back and pulled her closer. I never wanted this to end.


          I felt her lips part and her teeth tug on my bottom lip. Understanding her needs, I slipped my tongue in her mouth. It seemed as if she was letting me roam around in her mouth, then she put her tongue into use and I felt her tongue attach to mine. The kiss was intimate and lustful yet passionate and desperate. We both wanted this.


          We slowly pulled away, catching our breath before I lay my forehead on hers again. My eyes opened and I was surprised to see her eyes glimmering in a way I've never seen before.


           “Ava.” I gasped still taken back by the event that just occurred.


          I was even more taken back when she leaned in and pecked my lips sweetly for just a second. She untangled her hands from their previous position and wrapped them around my torso, hugging me. She wasn't mad. She wasn't upset.


          She was hugging me.


          With no doubt, I snuggled my face into her neck and admired that wonderful scent of her. I wonder how she was able to keep this smell after this day at the beach.


          “Be mine.” I whispered.


           She pulled back and the way her dimple appeared on her face and how she bobbed her head up and down were the only actions I needed to confirm that she was mine. My girl. My girlfriend. Mine.


          My Ava.


          No one can really understand how happy I was feeling unless they've been in this situation before. The situation in which you suddenly feel happy. Not because you're having Macca's for lunch or because your older brother is going to college and moving out. Happy because you found her. That one girl who drives you insane. That one girl who you can tell everything to. That one girl who you're proud to call yours.


          For me, this girl is Ava. One thing for sure is that I never thought I'd end up dating my best friend. I didn't even know I had feelings for her until the past few minutes. But I loved every single second we've been through together. It gives me more to hold on to. Knowing she was always there makes me always want to be there. With her. Forever and always.


          Truthfully, I could be making a big deal out of this. Maybe we won't end up in a relationship for the rest of our lives. Hopefully, we do. If that doesn't work out, to hell with it. I've got my Ava. She'll always be my best friend no matter what.


          By the end of the day, I may regret falling for my best friend. Maybe she regrets it already. I'm just living for the moment and appreciating what I've got.


          She's mine, that's all that matters.






All you Hava shippers, don't kill me! Actually, I'm not sure if Hava's a good ship name, though. Thanks for reading, comment, I love you all! xx -Jessica





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