Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



4. Chapter 3



Second and last chapter for today...maybe :) I would like to thank you all for the support I've been getting from you Cupcakes. 'Cause remember how Ava's dad called her that. Yeah....

"You still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you're perfect to me."  

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 Avalon's P.O.V


          I absolutely love this weather. Fall. Of course, not as much as I love summer. Fall, however, is amazing. It's not too cold or too warm, similarly to spring. My birthday is actually in a few days. I will finally be turning 18. Time passes fast. I will be able to legally drive a car, my father should buy me a car. Actually, he should teach me how to drive. Then again, he is my father. He wouldn't do that. He should be going to Paris tomorrow at night. Not returning until the twelfth of October, two weeks from now. This means my birthday shall be celebrated in less than a week. Missing my birthday which is on October 9. Not a surprise, though. He missed many of my previous birthdays because of his job. I despise the fact that he is always caring about his job instead of caring about me, his own daughter. At least he's supplying all my necessities.


         On the bright side, the NRJ Music Awards were fantastic. The boys won both of the awards they were nominated for. They were all dressed in the most brilliant way, orange was their main color at the event last night. In almost 5 hours, it would be midnight. Now, I am casually scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard. Until, of course, something happened. I saw something. In that laptop screen of mine, I saw him.




         Not only Harry, it was Harry with this girl. Wearing a tight dress. I scrunched my nose in disgust. Why are men attracted to these women? Harry was holding her hand, dragging her to what I think is his house. Another picture appeared, this time it was the woman leaving his house with her dress wrinkled. I slowly closed my laptop, letting all the information sink in my head. Harry slept with that woman. My head began hurting and I pushed my laptop off my lap and jumped off my bed, facing the many posters in my room. One of my favorites was one on the wall right next to my bed. It was of Harry. I looked at the poster for a few seconds and realized that I want him to understand this. Of course, he can't see me. He can't hear me. He doesn't know me. Even though I knew all these things, I had no second thoughts about flipping him off. I hate his guts right now. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt the wet substance on my cheeks. I groaned loudly. My mother would've warned me about this. If only she was here, she isn't. Nobody would understand me right now, except for Cara. She's not here. Samantha wouldn't understand, she's not a Directioner. Neither are Luke and Nathan.


         I was actually ecstatic when I heard about the Haylor breakup last week. Never believing they were truly a couple anyways, Larry is. Now, this happens. A fling. Those are the moments when I start wondering why I worship Harry so much. I should worship Louis most. Maybe Niall, Liam, or Zayn. Harry, why am I a Harry girl? Why do I love him most? I don't know. But I do love him. And these are the consequences. I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me. Harry doesn't fucking know me. But do I actually love him? Is it just a fangirl thing? I don't know. I don't want to know.


         I opened my laptop again, letting out a giggle as I saw the amount of dirty one-shots the fandom posts. I'm not too surprised, though. I always think of the boys being there. Touching me, kissing me, fucking me. I'm a virgin, but this desire is always occurring. The desire to be touched, to be loved. The desire to be wanted.


         Reading through an imagine, my eyes widened at how intimate and graphic it was.


         “Harry.” I whimpered. The description of his toned body in the imagine made my thoughts trail into a forbidden place. 


         In the shower, I was still thinking about Harry. This isn't healthy. I stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my frame. I stepped into my room and dropped the towel. I raised my hair in a messy bun, it should be partially curly by tomorrow morning. I put on all clothing needed and decided it was time to rest. I gently laid my head on my pillow and snuggled deeper into my duvet. I wish I could have a guy to cuddle with. Maybe Nathan's right. Maybe I need a guy. A boyfriend. A real one. Not Harry. I felt myself drift into sleep after approximately 10 minutes of thinking about this dreadful topic.



          I heard the familiar voice of Harry beam from my alarm.

         'Baby you got me sick, I dunno what I did. Need to take a break and figure it out, yeah. Got your voice in my head saying let's just be friends. Can't believe the words came out of your mouth, yeah'


         I waited until Niall's 'ow' and jumped out of bed. It's 8 pm now, on a Saturday. Usually getting much more sleep, but today Samantha, Nathan, Luke, and I have decided to go to the beach. Just like old times. We would go and appreciate the lovely scenery of the waves crashing on the shore. Although it is fall, I don't think Melbourne cares. It's almost always sunny in Melbourne. A smile appeared on my face when I noticed that the cuts on my arms have faded and are slightly showing. I consider myself a professional at cutting. I am not proud of that. I learned that I shouldn't cut hard or else that would leave a scar. Grabbing a beach bag from one of the closets, I placed everything I needed inside. A towel, extra clothes, sunscreen, and other necessities for a healthy and enjoyable day at the beach. I headed towards my bathroom and brushed my teeth, washed my face, and released my hair from its bun. I was right, it is curly. I don't wear makeup, especially not to the beach. I wore a white bikini designed with orange, purple, and green circles. A light blue summer dress accompanied it and I stepped into my flip flops. I smiled, pleased with my appearance. Feeling awkwardly happy today.


         I heard my phone vibrate on my dresser signaling that my friends are downstairs, considering they're noobs who don't know about the creation of the door bell. Quickly jogging towards the front door, I hopped onto my front yard to be greeted by sunshine. Wonderful.


         “Ava!” Nathan exclaimed. I smiled at him in appreciation and hugged him, also doing the same with the in-love ones. My eyes widened at the sight of a white Range Rover parked in front of my house. I gaped at it while giving the guys a questioning look.


         “Well, your dad had to leave earlier than expected. He remembered that he won't be here on your birthday and he felt bad for not bidding you a farewell, so he bought you this Bad Boy.” Samantha smirked.


         I felt myself chuckle, “Yeah, my father did this. What else did he do? Get mom back?”


         “He actually did buy you this. He asked us last night what kind of car you'd like, we answered him by saying that this is your favorite car. And, voila!” Luke smiled. I scoffed but after noticing the honest looks on their faces, I immediately grinned.


         I shrieked in happiness and they all laughed at me. Attacking the car and turning it on, hearing the brand new engine softly purr. Pure bliss.


         “Hop in.” I told them. Luke and Samantha went to the back of the car while Nathan headed towards my side of the car.


         “Ava, you don't know how to drive, you're not even legal yet, and I really don't want to be dead by the end of the day.” I pouted.


         Sighing, he pulled me out of the car by my waist. I started nagging, until I realized what he's doing. He took his place in the driver's seat and set me on his lap.


         “This is illegal, Nate.” I giggled.


         “The beach isn't far away from your place.” He shrugged. I agreed with him. Live while we're young, right?


         He controlled the pedals while letting me steer for like a minute. Finally arriving, I got out of the car.


         “C'mon guys!” I smiled. We grabbed our things and went to find the perfect spot.


         After laying all our stuff in our spot, we proceeded to stripping down to our bathing suits.


         “Sam, you're drooling.” I smirked. This earned me a slap on my arm. I turned my gaze towards Nathan and I think I fainted. Fit can be an understatement in these cases. I looked at Luke and frowned, god damn you Samantha! She just had to call dibs.


         “Staring much, Babe?” Nathan smirked. I glared at him and started chasing him down the beach. I loved the sensation of the sand between my toes, it's so relaxing. We were soon stopped when we heard a wolf whistle.


         “Woah, Babe. You look gorgeous. Are you all dressed up for me?” An obnoxious voice called. Oh, hell no.


         “Stephen.” I growled. I felt Nathan's hand on mine, giving me a light squeeze to calm me down.


         “Miss me?” I felt the anger boil inside me and if it's possible, I think his head grew bigger than usual.


         “You wish.” I scoffed. I'm not forced to put up with his ego; not today.


         “Oh c'mon! You know you want this, Babe.”


         “Go away.” I warned.


         “And what if I don't?” He took a step forward and I took a step back. “Would the faggot here do anything?”


         Seeing him point his finger at Nathan made me disgusted. How dare he call him a faggot?


         “You little...” I slapped him across the face and he backed away in shock.


         “You slut.” The next thing I feel is the contact of his hand and my cheek. He'd slapped me.


         “What kind of man hits a woman?” Nathan growled before attacking him. I just stood there in shock. He'd slapped me.


         I felt the tears well up in my eyes, but I'm not going to get defeated. I saw Samantha and Luke come towards me from the distance.


         “Ava, are you okay?” She questioned. Not being able to trust my voice, I nodded walking towards the guys fighting. Nathan was currently throwing punches at Stephen. I rushed towards him, grabbing his hand and waking away. He better not come near us again.


         “Baby, I'm so sorry.” Nathan apologized for an unknown reason. I was swept in his arms as he buried his face in my neck. He slowly pulled away and deposited his hand on my cheek, where Stephen had slapped me. I felt him lean in and leave a small kiss on my forehead and the tears returned to my eyes. Nathan was beyond sweet.


         “W-why? Why are you sorry?” I sobbed, letting the sorrow get the best of me.


         “I could've defended myself and you wouldn't have slapped him. I'm sorry, Ava.” I just shook my head and hugged him again. I loved the feeling of being wrapped up in his arms, so safe; so loved.


         “I swear if he fucking dares to lay a finger on you, he will regret the day he was born. That little shit, who does he fucking think he is? He better not say a word about you, if his tongue speaks your na--” He rambled on and I decided to block his defensive side out, even though I was feeling extremely happy to know that I have him to look after me.


         “Let's just have fun. Forget about them., Ava. Let's go, 'kay guys?” Luke cheered.


         “Last one in the water is a rotten potato!” Samantha insisted. I giggled and followed them to the water. Not getting too close, though. I can't swim. Yes, as a soon-to-be 18 year old, it's expected of me to learn the so called basic act of swimming. I simply can't. Heck, not only do I have bad memories with the ocean, but I also insist that swimming is like attempting to defy gravity. Who am I, Niall Horan?


         “C'mon, Ava! I'll help.” Nathan suggested. I nodded and reached out for his hand. As soon as I took hold of it, I started approaching him. Once I felt I couldn't touch the pebbles underneath my feet anymore, I wrapped my arms around his torso and shut my eyes. “It's okay.” He said soothingly, “I won't let go, I'll never let go.”


         There are these moments in books when the author just explains how much the characters are happy to be with that certain someone. In the cheesiest of ways, the author describes how the male promises to never let go. He'll always be there. For me, these books were considered comedy. I didn't enjoy the corny statements, they were all making everybody too hopeful of what to expect from love. Nathaniel, however, he somehow made me feel like those girls in those books and movies. I feel safe with him, I know he'll never let go.


         I always had this very weird connection with Nathan. I always felt that he can understand me. Not knowing what to think, or how to feel all the time, he's there to assist me. Along with Samantha of course, but Nathan is quite different. He's like that brother I never had. We act like two kids in elementary school who have a crush on each other. Simply, we can't have enough of each other, we always want to be together. Which is weird. I never thought of Nathan as someone more than a best friend. I don't know what he thinks. I wish I did. I wish I could read minds. That would be cool.


         “Ava, Babe?” I smiled at Nathan who was giving me a worried look. Shaking my head, I felt a cold breeze hit me. I politely asked him to return me to shore.


         “I like it here.” I told him.


         “Yeah, it's comforting.”


         We smiled in the direction of Luke and Samantha having a water fight as well lay down on the sand. It immediately absorbed the water and stuck on our skin.


         “Nate?” He hummed in response. “I love you”


         He turned around and plopped his elbows on either side of me so he was hovering over me.


         “I love you, too, Avalon. So, so much.” He smiled sweetly and placed his lips on my forehead. I sighed in appreciation. He returned to his previous position on his back and grinned at no where exactly.


         “Let's build a sandcastle.” I blurted out. He chuckled and nodded his head.


         After an hour passed, and Samantha and Luke returned to assist us, in front of us appeared a lovely sandcastle. Smiling proudly at our work, it all happened too fast. Within a millisecond, Nathan had a grin on his face and he was laying on the pile of sand that used to be our amazing artwork. He didn't.


         “You killed Linda!” I exclaimed. He burst into a fit of laughter and I couldn't help but relate the way he laughs to the way Harry laughs. Their laughs are very similar, they're both stupid, annoying laughter.


         “You named it?” Luke asked. I shyly nodded.


         “Linda, she's. She's dead.” I realized. I started sobbing hysterically, as if my life depends on it. In reality, I wasn't sobbing. Just emitting strange sounds from my mouth.


         “I'm sorry. I'll make another Linda for you, Ava.” Nathan smirked. I 'angrily' stormed away. Looking back, I noticed my friends approaching me. I picked up my pace, not noticing where I'm going. I was enjoying the wind dancing through my hair all too much to notice I was heading towards the ocean. I lost balance and dropped into the water. My head underneath the water, feeling a lack of oxygen. I breathed in, only to have water fill in my lungs. This can't be good. I tried waving my arms around, begging for that to assist in getting me to float. Nothing. I felt my eyes burn because of the salt in the water. This isn't good.


         The last sounds I hear are from my beloved friends. “Ava.” Their worried tones exclaimed. That's all I remember before my head pounding and my heart beat quickening and slowing down at the same time. My own arms began to lose energy and I realized it was no use, I stopped trying. Thoughts swarmed through my head, I was wondering, what next? Is this the part were I decide my time has come? I'm not 18 yet. This is confusing. Not knowing what to really do, I simply let myself go and welcomed the darkness. Frightened of what is to come.    





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