Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



3. Chapter 2


Hello again my sweethearts! I've updated today and hopefully you'd enjoy this chapter. The quote for this chapter is:

“I don't think you can define love.” - Harry Styles

I don't know, I just love this quote so much. Stay beautiful and comment, like, and favorite. Much love xx -Jessica


Avalon's P.O.V


          I was finishing the last math problem when I heard the door slam. Realizing it is my father, I decided to go downstairs to greet him or else he'll get mad; we don't want that. Slowly walking down the stairs, taking too long on each step, I smiled. The scent of alcohol and smoke wasn't in the house. A voice in my head attempting to cheer me up chanted he stopped, but I knew it was too good to be true. Skipping towards the living room, I spotted him on the upholstered navy couch, as if he was expecting me. I stood in my place, not wanting to do or say something I might regret. He gestured for me to come closer. Slowly moving towards him, he gently patted the space beside him. I nervously sat next to him, not knowing what to do.


         “Hey, cupcake.” I heard his manly voice speak. Cupcake. He used to call me that all the time when my mother was still in the picture. He called mom 'The Cupcake Maker'. It took me a few years to realize the reason to that, it wasn't very pleasant.


          I stayed in my seat, surprised. My father just called me Cupcake. He isn't yelling at me or hitting me. This is very different.


          Dad stared at me worriedly, wondering why I had such shocked features in the moment. I let myself relax and I smiled at him, “Hey, dad.”


          A few moments and I was in his arms. This embrace wasn't familiar, but it was comfortable. I am not sure why my father is doing this. Calling me nicknames, smiling, and hugging me. I'm not complaining, though. Maybe our family could become happier. That thought bought a wider smile upon my face.


          “So , Lonny, guess what?” I lightly chuckled at the new nickname before motioning for him to continue. “Well, we    opened a new branch in France today. And me being the head master, I need to go down there to check that everything is in order. I would be traveling to Paris in a few days. So, I hope you won't mind staying in the house alone for a few days.”


          I sighed. That's the reason to his joy. He's traveling. Again. This happens a lot. I forced a grin to be placed on my face as I congratulated him. After a short conversation about school and what not, I returned to my room. The clock read 7:58, One Direction time.


          Grabbing my laptop, I raced to my bed. I opened Twitter, Tumblr, and Wattpad as well as multiple other websites. As I scrolled through the tweets, I mentally made a happy dance as I was informed that Paul was having a son. Only we would get excited over such a thing. I glared at my room walls that are tattooed with posters. On all the walls I had posters of the boys. I smiled to myself as I realized how happy they made me. Thank you lads.



  Harry's P.O.V


          I faked a smile as I walked on the red carpet. We are now at the NRJ Music Awards, but all I want is to be anywhere but here. Sure, we are nominated for two awards, but I need Avalon. I remember the day it happened. The day I fell for her. The day I knew she was the one.




         I happily sighed. Simon is a good man, signing us a record deal despite the fact we placed third on the show. He really knows how to make people joyful. We were now waiting for him in his office, as he had important news to tell us. Upon his arrival, greetings were shared before everyone took their seat.


          “So, boys, this is beyond important. So please give me all your attention. I wanted to inform you about this thing called Match.” Confused glances were noticeable, but he chose to ignore them and continue. “Match is a very important company which I take big part in. This company assists in placing cameras in posters. Lads, since you grew famous, you already have posters of you being sold. These cameras will give access to view whoever owns the poster. You boys are going to be viewing different cameras today. Each one of you will choose one and only one girl. Even if she does have more than one poster of you. The girl chosen is... yours. You can watch her whenever you want, no limits. Match was first made to match celebrities with fans, but you can use it for your own pleasure.”


         I just witnessed Simon Cowell wink, and it was horrid. We were all surprised and not really believing this surreal concept. I am not exactly enjoying this idea. Match? Isn't this invading a woman’s privacy? 'For your own pleasure...' His words lingered in my head. This can't be so bad.


         We moved to another room filled with different screens until we landed on one big screen. Different movies of different girls were played. None grabbed my attention. Sure, they were all attractive, but none were very noteworthy.


         All five of us gasped at the sight of a girl laying on her bed. She was holding something sharp on her arm as blood seeped out of her injury. She's cutting.


         Stop! Keep this video on!” I ordered. I kept on viewing the girl, she's beautiful. She looked up at the camera and I noticed her blue eyes. I want to read her. I want to know her story. Tears streamed down her face and I made my mind, I choose her.


         I want her! Uncle Simon? Please? Can I please get her?” I pleaded. He chuckled before talking to one of the employees. Moments later, I was handed a stack of papers.


         Number 569001 is yours, Harry.” Simon stated. I would've mentally made a cheeky comment about the existence of '69' in her number, but I understood that now is not the time.


         The paper included the basics:


         Name: Avalon Jade Wright


         Age: 15


         Birth Date: 9/10/1995


         Height: 5''6


         Weight: 121 lbs (approx. 55 kg)


         Hair Color: Brown

         Eye Color: Blue


         Mother: Michelle Ora Martin


         Father: Logan Eric Wright


         Siblings: None


         Birth Place: Williamstown, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia


         Current Place: Panama St., Williamstown, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia


         More information on the next page.


         I didn't notice I was smiling until a loud obnoxious laugh sounded, it sounded like Louis. It was Louis. I shook my head at his behavior before taking another look at the screen. The screen moved to another girl. Thoughts swarmed through my head as I started pacing around. Avalon. Such a beautiful name, for such a beautiful girl. No, women. She isn't 18 yet, though. With the harm she is causing herself, she might never turn 18. Stop. I tried executing all these terrible ideas and turned my attention to Simon.


         Harry, you've got a good one with you.” Second time to witness Simon Cowell wink, it wasn't lovely this time either. All I could do is smile and nod but in my head I was sending profanities towards Simon for objectifying a woman. For objectifying Avalon. “We are building all the setups needed into a microchip that shall be placed in your laptop. We won't be able to view Avalon's daily life unless the source is your laptop. Understood? Good. Now, boys, have you chosen one yet?”


         I don't think I will need one, Noelle and I are hitting it off pretty well.” Liam smiled. Yes, Noelle. One of the dancers on the show. She's a great girl, but she's simply not my type. Louis and Zayn decided not to choose a girl either. I don't know why.


         Her.” An Irish accent spoke. We turned to where Niall was beaming his smile at. A girl, young, possibly as old as Avalon. She was stunning to be truthful. Her hair was a very special color, not red, more of an orange color. Her hair was styled with a side fringe. She had lovely green eyes and light freckles designing her cheeks. But again, not my type. We watched her in amusement as she danced to Forever Young. A song that we were supposed to release if we had won, but it was leaked through the internet. Another girl joined in singing along and dancing while entering the room. I immediately recognized the girl as Avalon. Gasping in realization, the boys soon following my action. I looked over at Niall and he had a smug look on his face. He was choosing the orange-head. This is certainly going to be good for the both of us.


         After discovering the name of the girl, Cara, and having all the microchips in the right place, we bid our farewells and went home to experiment with this new device.


Flashback Over



         After that, two years passed, Cara moved, and Avalon moved on? Nope. Avalon is still upset about it, but she's always skyping with Cara. I would know. For the past two years, I've been on Avalon watch. Cara left all the posters behind in her old house considering Avalon spends a lot of her time there. They have sold the house to Avalon's father, he never uses it. Avalon always visits the house for alone time. I guess Cara's house brings back a lot of memories of their friendship. I found out a lot of things about Avalon's life, some not very delightful. Over the years, Avalon and I became even more connected and I'm sure that when I say this, I mean it; I love her. She's perfect. Her father is always an arse not allowing her to go to our concerts whenever we visit Melbourne and we can't just walk up to her house to see her. I wish we can. Niall is wanting Cara back. He is always trying to plan a way to talk to Simon about choosing the posters in Cara's new room in the U.S as the location for the camera, I always distract him. I can't. I can't simply let him take away this one camera that's allowing me to see Avalon in a different way. She's still cutting. I guess that's one of the reasons she spends her time at Cara's old house. I'm going to make things better though. Soon.


         I remember that day very well. The day I met her. When I first noticed her appearance on the computer screen, it didn't mean much to me. “It's not like it's going to change my life” I used to repeat to myself, “She's just another lady that fancies me.” I've tried to convince myself, but I don't think I can. It was devastating as I watched her cry when she found out about 'Haylor'. It broke my heart when I found out that I caused this pain. I once heard her on the phone with a guy called Beau, that is the reason I asked Taylor out. I thought that maybe Beau was her boyfriend, when in reality he was her cousin. I can't back out of the relationship now. Taylor is not my girlfriend yet, I don't want her to be. Modest!Management is not as modest as you think. Management and Larry Stylinson are in my way. No, I am not a homosexual. Even if I was, I am just not attracted to Louis in that way. The fans think differently. Apparently, we are dating. Apparently, we are in love. Apparently, Rylee's nothing. Rylee is Louis' lover. Management is saying that the publicity thinks I am secretly dating Louis, that's why I haven't been seen with a lady friend lately. I fucking hate rumors. Now, Taylor's my only choice. I should rip the band-aid off her soon. Avalon is a Larry shipper. Ouch. I don't understand why sometimes everything turns up ag--


         “One Direction!” I heard our name announced. Figuring out we had won an award, I jumped out of my seat. Attacking the boys in hugs and friendly bum slaps. We walked together towards the stage as the audience's cheering died down. I truly love our fans.


         Louis was the first to speak. Now that I notice it, he is one of the most handsome men I ever met. My eyes subconsciously trailed down to his crotch, before moving to his face again. I shall wait for my Twitter mentions to explode with pictures of that happening tomorrow. The microphone was passed to me as I cleared my throat.


         “We would like to say a massive thank you to everybody. Simon and everybody at Syco, our families, and of course our amazing fans for always being dedicated. We love you all and thank you for this award!”


         Walking back to our seats, I smiled in content. I wonder how happy Avalon is. I wish she was here. Suddenly, sorrow was the only emotion I felt at the moment. Grabbing my cup of wine and placing it on my lips as the liquid poured into my mouth, I sighed as the cold substance washed my throat. After a few more drinks, I was already drunk. I can usually control my drink, but I honestly don't give a fuck anymore. I don't give a fuck about anything anymore. I was still seated at our table as I started laughing hysterically. It wasn't the alcohol causing this, it was me. I am laughing at myself, at how pathetic I am. I was laughing at the fact that I fell in love with a girl that I haven't met. I was laughing at the fact that I actually cared about her. I was laughing at the fact that I'm so sad. I will never get to see her. My Avalon. My girl. My love. My baby. My best friend. My princess. Ava. I fucking hate my life. My laughter died down as the tears started streaming down my face. Sobs erupted from my mouth and it was like I wasn't able to control them. I fucking hate myself for getting too attached. She doesn't know that I know she exists. I fucking hate that. I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet. My sobs didn't go unnoticed by my caring band mates. They all shared worried looks before dragging me to the loo.

         “Woah, mate. What's wrong? One moment it's all sunshine and rainbows, the other you look like you were forced to watch your own head being cut off!” Louis spoke.


         I forced myself to ignore them. Sliding down the wall,I placed my head in my hands and did something I always wanted to do. Cry. It's been a while since I actually cried. Different thoughts jumbled through my head. Most of them related to Avalon. She's causing this. It's all her fault. The feeling of sadness was replaced with anger. Angry at Avalon for being so beautiful. So perfect. She made me attached. I was mad at myself for getting so attached. I groaned loudly before punching the wall behind me. Immediately regretting it as the pain rushed through my body. Fuck my life.


         “Harry, calm down. Talk to us.” Liam begged. I looked up and noticed that Louis and Liam were the only ones here. Zayn probably went to help Niall control his drinking.


         “I, I just.” I let out a frustrated sigh since the words weren't finding their way out of my mouth.


         “C'mon Harry,tell us what's wrong.” Louis pleaded. The look in his blue eyes was desperate. I spoke the only three words that I was able to say.


         “I love her.” Louis and Liam both sighed, almost in annoyance.


         “Harry, I'm pretty sure you don't love her.” Liam argued. I felt the anger boil in me again. How dare he? He can't tell me how I feel or who I love. I fucking love Avalon! Nobody can convince me otherwise.


         “Shut the fuck up, Liam! You don't know anything. I love her. You're just jealous because your girlfriend is not as perfect as mine!” I spat.


         “Girlfriend? Last time I checked, the only 'girlfriend' you have is Taylor. If anything, you're the one jealous since I actually have a girl to call mine. A girl that I want to call mine. Ava? She doesn't know you fucking care about her! She will soon move on and find a real boyfriend. Not one on a poster. Not one in a boy band. Not you.”


         I felt the tears reappear in my eyes as I thought about what he just told me. He's right. I'm nothing. I'm not her boyfriend. I will never be her boyfriend. I'm just a jealous prick. Yes, I'm jealous. Jealous of Liam, Zayn, and Louis for having girlfriends. Girlfriends they can hug and kiss. They don't have to watch them through a fucking computer screen. No. They can always call their girlfriends whenever they need a cuddle or whenever they want to watch a movie. I can't do that. I can't do that since she's not mine. Ava's not mine.


         “Man, I didn't mean it in that way. I'm sorry.” Liam's apology wasn't something I needed. That just made me more upset. He feels bad for me. I don't need anybody to feel bad for me. Nobody.


         “It's okay, now can you please leave me alone for a bit?” I lied. I'm not okay. Not at all. I just need to be alone. Liam walked out, but Louis stayed by my side.


         “Cut the crap, Styles. What's wrong?” Louis asked.


         “I love her.” I repeated. I heard him sigh before sitting next to me on the floor.


         “Harry, I want to believe you, I really do. But I can't. You don't know Ava. She seems like a nice girl but she could be the devil himself. I think you should try to meet her, alright? If you think you do love her, what are you waiting for? Go get her!” Louis encouraged. I hugged him tight, thanking him for those words. I needed them.


         “I love you, Lou!” I exclaimed.


         “I feel your love, but now we should be going if you want to watch your girlfriend perform.” He joked while I gagged. I don't want to see Taylor look like a stripper, please no.


         We walked out of the bathrooms after freshening up a bit. I didn't want tear stains on my cheeks as I performed later on. Taking our seats, I noticed that Taylor's performance should be up next.


         “Harry!” A familiar voice cheered. I turned around to see Taylor. She took hold of my hand and dragged me backstage. We received a few weird looks from people, and I honestly don't think Taylor cared.


         “Hello.” I quietly greeted.


         “Hey, Harry!” She exclaimed before grabbing me from my t shirt and molding my lips with hers. As always, I didn't feel anything special. No goosebumps, and my heart rate was still the same. I gently pushed her away and ran a hand through my hair, a habit I do whenever I'm upset. “What's wrong?”


         “I, I can't do this Taylor.”


         “Can't do what?”


         “I don't know, whatever this is. I can't do it any more.”


         “Are you breaking up with me?” I stayed silent. I am not breaking up with her since we weren't actually in a relationship.


         “It's Avalon, isn't it?” I stared at her, scared. How did she know about Avalon? “Don't act so shocked, Harry! She's all I hear you talk about with the boys. I can't believe you would lead me on like this when you're interested in another girl. I think I am your girlfriend, not Avalon.”


         “That's the thing Taylor, you're not my girlfriend. I never asked you to be my girlfriend. We are not in a relationship. We never were, and never will be. Management forced me to be here. They forced me to be with you. But I don't want that anymore. I fucking hate this, Taylor. You're a great girl, but not for me, I guess. Find a man who isn't in love with another girl. Find a man who accepts the fact that you would write an album about him after the breakup. Find a man who you love and a man who loves you back. I'm not that man, Taylor.”


         “I think I chose a good song for tonight, because we are never ever getting back together.” She snapped before waltzing away.


         “We never were together.” I muttered under my breath while shaking my head. I'm not sure if it was the alcohol that didn't make me scared of what management might do since I broke up with Taylor, but I love this. I'm free. I returned to our table and smiled at the boys. I'm free at last. Living the dream. All I need is a girl to live it with me. Ava.


         Taylor sang her hit single, 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together', I think she looked at me at one point. I don't really care. I heard the boys mumble a few words about an after party, I'm not sure if they truly were mumbled. I think the alcohol's effect is beginning to start. I was suddenly dragged into what I think is a car. I checked my surroundings and saw Rylee, Noelle, Zayn's girlfriend; Perrie, the rest of the boys, and a very hot girl seated in this car. I began chuckling like an idiot.


         “This car is huge!” I blurted out.


         “That's because it's a limo.” Niall slurred. He began laughing as well and I followed his actions. I guess the alcohol affected him as well. A lot.


         I gasped, “I, I've never been on a limo before.” I heard Zayn and Louis chuckle as Liam just smiled and shook his head at my now childish behavior. I turned my gaze to the girls, “Good morning, ladies.” I winked.

         “I, I don't think it's morning, Styles.” Niall objected.


         “You're right.” I admitted feeling slightly guilty. It didn't take long until we, again, burst into fits of laughter. I noticed the hot girl sitting next to the girlfriend group, “What's you name, Babe?”


         “Lucy.” She giggled. She's bloody hot. A small black tight dress perfectly showed off her curves. She has short blonde hair that reached just above her shoulders. Her breasts were huge! I think she caught me staring since she winked at me. I guess tonight I will be getting some....


         “And live while we're young!” I sang. Earning a few chuckles from the lads and giggles from the girls.


         Lucy moved closer to me and I smirked. “So, Harry, congratulations on the awards.”

         “Thank you, Love.” I put my arm around her shoulder as she scooted closer to my seat and snuggled into me. This gave me an opportunity to lean down and brush my nose against her cheek. She turned her attention to my face and literally attacked my lips. I didn't waste any time as I pushed my tongue into her mouth. The wetness of her tongue on my own made me hard. I felt her hands creep to my hair before she tugged on them, earning a soft moan from my mouth. I pulled away and asked the boys to tell the driver to take me home. No pun intended.


         As the driver dropped us off, I dragged Lucy to our house. We, as in the boys and I, all live together in one big house, which can be great at times. I showed Lucy the way to my bedroom and as soon as we reached it, I pushed her on my bed. I immediately took my shirt and pants off and she did the same with her dress. My eyes fell on her lace bra and black thong. Woah. My tongue slipped out of my mouth to wet my lips. Her hands found their way to my neck as she wrapped her legs around my torso, lightly biting on my neck.


        “Mmm, Ava.” I moaned. Her eyes glared at me, a look of disbelief plastered on her face. Shit. I said Ava. “Listen, Lucy, I--”


         “Shut up, Harry.” She quickly put her dress on and her heels. I followed her downstairs quickening my pace. Considering she's in high heels, that girl can walk fast.


         “Lucy, listen, I'm sorry for call--” I stopped apologizing when I saw the lads and their girls in the living room.


         “Erm, hey, Harry.” Louis chuckled.


         “What did you do to my cousin?” Rylee asked. Cousin? Can this get any better?


         “Ry, I swear I didn't know she was your cousin.”


         “Bye, Harry.” I heard Lucy say.


         “Luc, listen, I'm--”


         “No, you'll apologize later. Now tell us what happened.” Liam ordered.


         I sighed as I heard the door close. “I moaned Ava's name instead of hers when we were getting ready to do it.”


         The room erupted with laughter. The girls already knew about Avalon.


         “It's not funny!” I yelled.


         “It is.” They chorused.


         I just groaned loudly and ran to my room, ignoring the apologies sent from everybody downstairs.


         Why did I have to think of Ava? I feel guilty. Avalon. What if the paparazzi see Lucy leaving our house. They'll know I was with her. What if Ava knows? She might cut even more this time. I remember how she cut once she found out about 'Haylor' or the 'Haylor New Year's Kiss'. This would destroy her. I can't believe this. I ended up passed out on my bed with only one thought in my head. One girl. Ava.



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