Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



21. Chapter 17


Long time no see, sorry about that. My laptop charger broke and I had to wait two days to get a new one but I already had this written down. 

"You never know."

This is definitely one of my all-time favorite quotes since my guy best friend always tells me this and I love him so much, he's always there for me and vise-versa. He's absolutely perfect.

Tell me what you think! :)xx -Jessica

P.S. This chappie has some Larry action since.... I ship them... hard.


Louis' P.O.V

We're seated in a circle in our flat, Harry finally left the hospital, yet he still needs his crutches of course. I was next to Harry- it was so hard putting him in a proper position- and Ava.


She wanted me to kiss Harry at first, she said she'd forgive him then. After a lot- and I mean a fucking lot!- of arguing, she agreed on us playing Truth or Dare. She guaranteed that she's going to get to see the moment of Larry kissing at one point.


“You're so gonna regret this,” Ava snickered.


“Whatever makes my Hazzabear happy,” I snuggled into Harry's side.


“Be careful on my thigh, Lou,” Harry nervously pointed out.


I reassured him by ruffling his hair, and he pouted in process.


I turned around to see Ava gawking at us, “Aw, that's adorable.”


I rolled my eyes, “Whatever, let's start the game!”


“So, how do you want to play this?” Samantha asked.


We all shared shrugs until Ava popped up with an idea, “Let's start with the alphabetic way.”

“What's that?” Zayn asked.


“Basically, we start off at one person and he or she says the first letter of the alphabet, the one next to her has to say the second letter, and we go all around the circle, over and over again, until someone says the first letter in their name,” explained Samantha.


“Okay, seems cool,” Niall agreed, and soon after, we all started.


“Wait, who starts?” Liam ask.


“Can I start? Please?” Ava pouted.


“No, Ava. A-V-A. How stupid do you think I am?” I grinned.


She sighed, muttering a 'fine'.


“Harry, start, Love,” I smiled at the injured young one.


He merely nodded, “A”


I spoke, “B.”


Ava, “C”


“D,” Samantha continued.


“E,” Liam said afterward.


Niall followed, “F.”


“G.” said Zayn.


“H,” Harry boringly said.


“Wait!” he grinned, “I start!”

I chuckled, “Yeah, you do.”

He smirked before flashing his eyes at Samantha, “Truth or Dare, Sammy Wammy?”


Samantha rolled her eyes with a grin at his nickname, “Truth.”


“I truth you- I truth you?! What the fuck?” Harry exploded into a fit of laughter.

And we couldn't help it, we joined his laughing festival as well. He was always quite the nob, I guess that's why we all love him.


“Does Ava like me?” Harry smirked.


Samantha winked at Ava before answering, “She loves you, she is a directioner.”


Ava chuckled before fist-bumping her best friend. I'm beginning to grow fond of these girls.


Harry frowned at her answer before slumping back on the mountain of pillows we've gathered for his condition.


“Louis,” Samantha started, “truth or dare?”


“Dare,” I grinned.


Samantha shot Ava a look that spoke, “we won!” and I immediately regretted my decision.




Even worse than fuck, fuckery fuck. Fuckery, fuck fuck.


But seriously, “Fuck.”


Samantha giggled and I sent her a pleading look, “I'd do anything! Don't make me do it!”


And once again, we all laughed. Not only because Harry huffed at the fact that I really didn't want to kiss him, but at the fact that I made absolutely no sense. I was telling her I'd do absolutely anything, and less than one second after, I told her not to make me do it.


Watch out, we've got a shithead over here.


Okay, settle down, Lads,” Liam joked in an extremely high pitched voice. And we laughed even more.


This was turning out to be an extremely great night.


A'right,” Samantha's Australian accent giggled, “don't worry I'm not going to make you do what Vee wants you to do.”

“Thank you,” I exclaimed, “and I'm guessing Vee is Ava, continue, Love.”


So, I dare you to let us take a picture of you and Harry hugging right now and upload it on Twitter with the caption 'with my hub, love him @Harry_Styles' and you need to add a heart,” she mischievously smiled.


I love you!” Ava jumped on her, planting kisses all over her best friend's head.


Sava,” Zayn grumbled.


I let out a loud laugh and I heard Harry chuckle from next to me.


Sava?” Samantha wondered, “Me and Ava?”


We nodded, and almost immediately, both of the girls doubled over in laughter.


Shit-faced name,” Ava giggled, “we prefer Avantha.”


You actually thought about a ship name?” Liam asked.


The girls both shared glances before turning around to face us and answered Liam with a simple shrug of the shoulder and a light nod.


Now, the dare, Lewis,” Ava taunted.


No,” I immediately spoke.


A dare's a dare, Lou,” Niall said.


I want to, but Modest! will probably delete the tweet right after I put it,” I bowed my head.


C'mon, please, Lou?” Ava begged.


Depends, will it cancel the kiss you're awaiting for later on?” I smirked.


She gasped, and I continued, “two can play at the blackmailing game, Sista?”


She gritted her teeth, “fine.”

I waved my hands in the air in accomplishment, giving the phone to Samantha so she can take the picture.


Ok, closer, guys!” she explained.


I cuddled up to Harry's side and he wrapped his strong arms around my waist. I looked up through my lashed and his light green eyes were staring at my own blue ones. His eyes always bought reassurance to me and made me feel a lot giddier. He always made me feel better about myself. He always accepted the fact that I can be an annoying ass. He understands me and I understand him, I guess that's why we're such close friends.


Until management started fucking it all up.


Louis,” a voice nagged, “you zoned out.”


I noticed it was Samantha giving me my phone. I reluctantly took it, not before I saw Ava gaping at us and she had this look on her face that screamed, “fuck yes!”


I stared at the picture, noticing how close our faces were, which was hard since my head was half buried into his built chest. We looked so.... I don't know. The word doesn't run through my mind right now. But we looked happy, and we didn't need a smile to show it. Harry had a slight smile on his face and his dimples slightly made a dent in his cheeks. As for me, my lips formed and almost straight line except for the corner of my lips that ever so partially tilted upwards. Our eyes were sparkling. People might see love in this picture, but I see fucking friendship.


And I know that's exactly what we have between us, the best friendship we could ever ask for.


I like this picture,” a husky voice I recognized as Harry's spoke, his gorgeous eyes looking down at me.

“Yeah,” I choked out, slightly intimidated yet attracted to his dominant behaviors. He chuckled and the vibrations of his chest caused goosebumps to form over my skin, and he managed to keep his smirk plaster on his face.


“Love you, Boo,” he smiled, his moving forward and his lips pecking my forehead.


“Love you, too, Haz,” I kissed his cheek and he grinned at me.


What the fuck is going on?


I heard sobs from next to me, and I craned my neck to see Ava crying into Samantha's chest while her best friend reassured her that everything was going to be alright.


“We'll talk about this later, Lou,” Harry whispered in my ear before we both retreated from our position to see what caused Ava's extreme gloomy mood.


“What's wrong, Ava?” I asked the girl besides me who now looked so fragile and vulnerable.


“I'm just-” she sniffed.


“A very, very, very hardcore Larry shipper,” Samantha laughed.


“And that intense moment you had mates, well,” Zayn added.


“Let's just say it gave her one more reason to ship you guys,” Liam chuckled.


I felt a blush creep to my face and Harry's pale skin also reddened.


“What's up between you guys?” Niall wiggled his eyebrows.


The reddening on Harry's cheeks remained, but this time because of anger not embarrassment.


“Shut up, Horan! I swear I'll kill you!” Harry growled.


Niall raised his hands up in defense and I laughed at Harry's still flustered case as he carefully tried moving towards Ava.


“Ava,” he cupped her cheeks with both his hands so she'll be looking directly in the pair of eyes I was lost in moments ago.


“Yeah?” she quietly replied.


“Tell me,” he whispered, “what's wrong?”


“I'm in the way,” she replied in a hushed tone, “in your and Lou's way. I'm a real Larry shipper and it's been, forever really, since I've seen such an intense Larry moment. I- I want to see more of it.”


Her voice was louder than before as she continued, “Just, let's cancel our date Harry, and you can go out with Louis instead,” her eyes sparkled at the thought, “go be happy with him.”


I sighed, “We're not dating, Love.”


Her outstandingly blue eyes shifted to meet my gaze, “I know, but you should.”

“I have Rylee,” I reminded her.


And I did. I love my Rylee. With her silky golden brown her and her dazzling hazel eyes. She had the personality that is capable of making one fall in love with her. Rylee's absolutely perfect and the best part is, she's mine.


“But,” she dropped her eyes to the ground, “what about L-Larry?”


“Basically,” Harry started, “we're not interested in each other that way-”


“Didn't seem like it a minute ago!” she yelled reminding us of the moment we shared.


I saw a familiar emotion flicker on the green-eyed boy's face. Anger.


You should never make Harry angry, and I learned that the hard way with a short visit to the Emergency Room. I say short since we were having an argument while he was driving towards the empty area in LA, apparently we can sit down and talk there. He heard that I tried hitting on his sister- which was not true- and things got heated between Harry and I. A lot of curses, glares, and fingers clenching on the steering wheel later, he sped up the car. He was still 17 by that time, yet I was frightened of the younger boy. And we ran into a tree. No major injuries and the paps didn't know, but we were in deep shit with management.


Luckily, we're in a house and he's injured, he couldn't hurt Ava. Besides, he'd never hit or do something to a woman. I know him too well. But just in case something goes wrong, we're here.


I saw his eyes harden and his pupils began dilating. A logical explanation- which I learned back in my school days- is that he's in love. Which is true. But now, his pupils dilated so much that you can't see the beautiful green of his eyes. He was mad.


“Ava,” he gritted his teeth, “me and Lou-”


Yet, he had to be interrupted by the love of his life as she spat, “It's Lou and I, dumbass.”


It's as if she was asking for trouble. I liked that about her and Harry certainly did. He liked the fierce side of her, and the smart one, too. That's all he ever asked for; an intelligent and fairly independent woman with a sarcastic personality. And there she was, with the looks of Miss Australia but better. He had his dream girl in his hands; literally since he was cupping her face.


He hissed, “Enough of your smartass comments, Ava. Lou and I aren't dating. We're not as close because of management, and I'd rather die than cancel our date.”


His reply brought a sly smile on her face, “Aw, wittle Hazza has someone in control of him? Too bad, I guess we gotta cancel that date, I only go for guys who are ambitious and stand up for what they want and for themselves.”


She 'tsk'ed him, adding in a wink before giggling and subtly biting her lip. She was driving Harry mad, but she was being smart.


So fucking smart.


“What?!” Harry yelled exasperatedly, “I can be anything you want. I'll go talk to management and Lou and I will act just like we did in 2010. At concerts you'll see us hugging, we'll go out in public together just like best mates do! I'll take you to Modest! with me. Don't give up on me, Baby! Please! Just don't cancel the date, please.”


She laughed out loud, “I was messing with you, I wouldn't want to cancel the date. Ever. Just talk to management, I miss Larry.”


“Anything for you,” he kissed her forehead and she immediately hugged him.


Now that's love, Bitch.


“You still need to tweet that picture, Lou,” her voice was muffled because of Harry's torso as a barrier, but I understood what she meant and I let out a 'damn it.'


I look around me and realize that I've missed this. It's been a while since we all hung out as friends, not as a band, all together. And now, we have new friends.


It's wonderful really, and I couldn't wish for anything better.


Now, I'm being forced to tweet a picture of what looked like a cheesy gay couple cuddling, about to kiss, with an even cheesier caption.


Samantha and Ava, partners in crime.



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