Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



16. Chapter 14


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"Only the broken-hearted know the truth about love."

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Harry's P.O.V


“Hey,” I gulped.

Sure, I've thought of how wonderful it'd be to meet my love, but actually living it is different.


“I,” she stuttered, tears visibly welling up in her eye.


“Don't cry,” I pouted, leaning in to hug her. She immediately wrapped her thin arms around me.


I sucked in my breath, slowly but tightly wrapping my arms around her outstandingly perfect figure. She carefully held me as tightly, careful not to hurt me more than I already am.


But that didn't come to mind, I didn't think of my injury nor how much I seeked revenge after Niall. I didn't think of the millions of people out there; worried about me. I didn't think about anything, except her.


She was always on my mind.


I lightly let out a breath on her neck, hoping I'd affect her. I smirked as goosebumps began to form on her tanned skin. I leaned in and in a moment of great bravery, I pecked the skin between her collarbones. Pulling away, I noticed a flustered and blushing Ava.


I chuckled, “Chill, Babe.”


“Yea,” she sheepishly smiled, “I, I love you.”


My heart fluttered with her words, “I love you, too. So much, Beautiful.”


Her cheeks reddened again as she began ranting, “I'm sorry but I need to tell you a lot of things. I started loving you guys since each of your auditions, I was so happy when you were put together. I cried after every performance knowing that you've became a new necessity in my life. I proudly smiled during Torn, and balled my eyes out when you got eliminated. I was ecstatic when Simon signed you and I was even happier when you got your very first music video out. I mean What Makes You Beautiful was, well, beautiful. And all your other music videos, the songs, Up All Night, Take Me Home, the tours, the awards, the new friends I made. Twitter, oh my God! I don't know what I'd do about it. Other things are the bromances; Ziam, Niam, and Ziall. Adorable! Notice how I didn't mention you and Louis; because you guys are dating. Oh my God, that was rude! I mean, I, um, I think you two are, ah, I,


“Ok, no lies. I think you two are secretly dating. Harry, you're silenced while Louis' being controlled. It's horrible I know, but stop lying to yourselves! You two are such a wonderful couple! I love you so much and I ship Larry so hard. I can't breathe properly because of the fanfics and all that shit. Shit, I promised myself I wouldn't curse in front of you. Fuck, I did it again. I don't really care about my choice of, um, colorful words at the moment. I want to tell you something else. Let's say you and Lou aren't dating. Don't you dare interrupt me, Tommo! So, anyways, if you weren't dating, please go back to the way you were. I understand what Modest! did, they wanted you to not be as close in public since Larry shippers will over-analyze things. It's true. But you two are the best of friends, act the way you want. We miss Larry so fucking much; the bromance, I mean. Sure, I find the romance absolutely perfect, but if it's in the way of you being proper best friends, then,”


She seemed to be pondering over what to say, until she settled with, “Screw it.”


I was surprised, did she really just give up on her ship?


“I,” I didn't know what to say.


“I feel bad,” she blurted out, “I just let go of my one true pairing, my ship. I,”


And then she started crying again, me comforting her. Sure, some people might call her pathetic for crying over this, but I understand. She let go of what she's been after for the past three years, of course she'll feel devastated.


“Don't. Believe in whatever you want,” I told her, “don't let us change your mind, Ava.”


“I know but, I'm, I'm so sad. I want Larry to be real so bad. I love you guys and I don't know why I'm rambling. I just want you two to be together, sorry.”


“Don't apologize, and if we two were together, I wouldn't get the the chance to ask you out, right?” I smirked.


“W-what?” her eyes widened.


“I knew there was something special about you from the moment you sent me that tweet, go out with me?” I smiled.


She nodded, furiously biting her lip, “I'd love to.”


“Give me your phone, Love.”


After exchanging phone numbers and her promising not to leak it, and that she won't talk about us planning on going out on Twitter or other social websites, she sheepishly asked, “Can Samantha and I take a picture with you guys?”


“Of course, is Samantha your friend?” I pointed out.


“Yeah, come'ere Samuel,” Ava chuckled.


“Hey there,” Samantha gestured her hand for me to shake, which I politely did.


“Hello, I'm Harry.”


“No shit,” she laughed, getting a slap on the head from Ava.


“Nice meeting you.” I chuckled.


“Nice meeting you, too,” she grinned.


We took a lot of pictures, me laying on the hospital floor in most of them.


Crap, we're still in the hallway. Who knows what people saw?


Shaking that thought out of my head, I reminded Ava, “No one should know besides us, ok? Don't say it on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Insta-”


“I know, I know! I've read fanfics before, I know how this goes!” she defended herself.


“Oh, you read fanfics,” I smirked, “What kind of fanfics? Were they the graphical ones?”


“They're all graphical,” Samantha winked at Ava.


“No! I mean, ugh, fine, yes. Us Directioners are perverted and horny pieces of sexiness that have needs,” Ava confirms.


“What kind of needs?” I continue with my wry smile.


“Sexual ones,” Ava muttered.


I burst into a bubble of laughter.

“Grow up,” she complained.


I was joined with the boys sitting beside me, also laughing.


“Ooh, Ava and Harry, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S--,” Louis began.


“Shut up,” I groaned as the boys sang along, over and over again.


In the corner of my eye, I saw Ava blush a deep red.


“We need to go,” she excused.


“No!” I nagged, “Stay!”


“We really need to go, Harry. We'll talk later?”


“Of course. Lads, pull me up if you may.”


“It's fine,” Ava smiled, kneeling down to my level.


After hugging her- yes I did smell her perfume- I mockingly puckered my lips up.


She giggled, “Not before the first date, you're not.”


“Please,” I pouted.


“Nope,” she winked.


Samantha and her went and said goodbye to the others, hugging them, too. I stayed in my position, still pouting.


“Bye, Harry.” Samantha waved as she walked down the hallway to the elevator.


I waved back, my attention immediately diverting to Ava who was skipping towards me.


“Bye, Curly,” she grinned.


I blushed, and I blushed even more when she pecked my cheek.


“Bye, Babygirl,” I said.


“I always wanted to be called that.”


I already knew, but I couldn’t tell her that.


“Then, I'll call you that every time I see you.”


She rolled her eyes before smiling and muttering a 'thanks', I think I also viewed a tint of red appear on her cheeks.


“Bye, Harry,” she giggled.


“Bye,” I spoke, but she was already gone.


Best day of my life.   



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