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15. Chapter 13


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Harry's P.O.V


“Ava,” my voice got weak.


“Harry, stay in bed,” Liam ordered as he started walking toward the door.


“Ava,” I repeated just as weakly as before.


“Shh, it'll be a'right, mate. Wait.” Louis reassured.


I tried getting out of bed, failing in the process as pain shot through my entire body. I groaned and the tears began stinging in my eyes. This is my only chance at the moment, I'm getting out of this fucking bed if it's the last thing I do.


“No,” I sternly spoke, “I need her.”


I glanced toward Liam who had his eyes widened at what ever was going on in the hallway. I reached out for the crutches next to my bed, sending Louis a glance meaning I need his help. He got the message, wrapping my arm around his shoulder and grabbing my side with his other free hand. I took hold of the crutches, steadying myself on the yet unused and unfamiliar object.


“I don't know how to use these,” a sigh escaped my lips.


“We don't need them,” Niall smiled.


The four lads whom I'm proud to call my band mates surrounded me, each taking hold of an uninjured body part as in assistance to help me stay standing.


“One, two, three, lift!” Zayn grinned.


I smiled once I was no longer touching the bed, I had been hoisted by my friends already.


“Onward,” I ordered mockingly.


As they started their stroll toward the hallway, I was no longer capable of hearing the adorable voice of my lover, nor was I able to view her perfect face that I became familiar with over a computer screen.


“Ava,” pleas left my lips, I wasn't willing to surrender, “Ava!”


I was surprised at my loud voice, as were the boys.


“Where is she? Lou, Zayn, Liam, Niall,” I sobbed.


Once again, the tears burst to life, their shelter becoming my cheeks, and they weren't leaving without the arrival of their siblings. The tears kept on pouring out and I started groaning. Everything was going terribly. Nothing was going well.


“Mate,” Zayn sighed, “I don't know. We're sorry.”


I gritted my teeth in anger, “Where the fuck is she, Zayn? Tell me n--”


“Harry?!” A high pitched voice announced.


My head snapped, a smile formed on my lips, and I was just sure that my eyes were shining.


There she stood, her curly locks cascading and framing her face perfectly, her blue eyes widened, her lips forming a red heart, and her simple outfit fitting all her sides ideally. Ava, the girl who has driven me crazy- my girl- she's here.


“Ava,” I grinned.


A look of worry spread across her face, “H-how do you know my name?”


'Shit! Think fast, Harry! Think fast you little idiot!' My brain explained.


“Um, you're Ava. You know, on Twitter?” I hopefully asked, mostly to myself, “I followed you on Twitter and you sent me your picture. On your birthday? Remember?”


She immediately shot up, her pearly whites appearing. Her voice was quiet, “How am I supposed to forget?”


We stayed like that for a while until she started crying- or balling, yeah, that seems like a better term in this situation. Samantha had to keep her arms around her friend, as if she might collapse.


“It's okay, Babe,” Samantha soothed, “She just loves you so much, guys.”

I smiled to myself, 'She just loves you so much, guys.' That sentence made my heart burst and I started squirming around so the guys can let go of me. They sat me down on the floor- yes, part of the most famous boyband in the world at the moment is sitting on a hospital floor- and I ushered Ava closer. Even after I ushered her, she ran toward Liam first. I felt a pang of jealousy run through me.


Why the fuck would she choose Liam over me?


“Liam, I love you so much,” she sobbed into his chest.


That should be me.


“Girls, out,” a rough voice commanded.


“Paul, they're staying,” I explained.


He sent me a skeptical look and I nodded. He walked away, shaking his head. He thought I'll be using her like I did with other girls? He's fucking wrong.


Craning my neck, I noticed that she was still talking to Liam. I let out a low growl that only I was able to hear. Why is she still with him?


“I understand, Babe,” I heard her voice call.


She's calling him babe? Fuck. My. Life.


“But you need her in your life. Noelle is amazing,” she spoke again.


So, that's why she was taking so long. I love her so much, it took everything against my will not to grab her face and snog her right there and then. I knew she'd enjoy it, anyways.


“Harry was tossing over your picture when you sent it to him, don't tell him I told you that,” Zayn chuckled.


“Malik,” I yelled.


Yet, she didn't bother turning around to face me. Why? Why did she just laugh and drop the subject?


It seemed like hours as she was talking to Zayn. Hugging him, giggling, and he kisses her cheek every once in a while. Do I need to remind him that he has a fucking girlfriend and that Ava's mine?


“Niall,” I saw her irresistible lips move, “I know that you did what you did for a reason. I love you.”


That's when I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from yelling out everything. I wanted to tell her that she's mine and mine only no matter what, I wanted to say everything on my mind. I was biting my lip so hard I think it might've fallen off.


“I love you, too, Baby,” his stupid accent answered.


She's mine, Horan. Mine.


His quite muscular arms wrapped around her small frame, his hands resting on the small of her back. All reasons for me to forgive Niall after what he did disappeared, he's nothing to me anymore. I hate him all over again.


Her petite arms stretched around Niall's figure, I mentally chuckled over the fact that they're the same height.




I was about to lose hope as she continued snuggling up to the Irish boy for what seemed like... forever. And I honestly completely lost hope when she moved to Louis next. I heard her say my name a few times in their conversation; I also heard them say Larry Stylinson so I'm not concerned about it being something important.


Who am I kidding? Everything exiting her lips is important to me.


I glanced at my phone when they started their conversation, and I actually timed it. Their silly argument over Larry Stylinson lasted exactly 37 minutes and 17 seconds. I'm still sitting here like a hobo.


Their argument even ended with a motherfucking bear hug. I could've sworn she gaped at his bum; not that I blame her.


I frowned, knowing she doesn't care about me. Maybe she's shocked? Maybe she thinks she'll faint if she sees me so she doesn't want to look at me anymore? I don't know.


All I know is that I'm hopeless.


“Harry,” her wonderful Australian accent spoke.


She bent down to my level, sitting cross-legged in front of my spread open legs- they had to be in that awkward position, I'm injured. I found myself staring at the lovely pair of blue eyes that I thought I wouldn't be seeing until a billion years in the afterlife. A grin showed off her perfect teeth, and she supported one dimple on her cheek.


“Hi,” she giggled.


I swear, I could've died when I heard her angelic voice and giggle.


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