Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



12. Chapter 10


Yayyyyy! Chapter 10! I can't believe this, guys! I honestly thought I'd write the prologue and no one would be interested! I was so wrong. In celebration to this, I made this chapter long!

"All's well that ends well."

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P.S. This chapter has a lot of scoffing and gushing. ;)


Avalon's P.O.V


“And when I look back now, the summer seemed to last forever. And if I had a choice, Yeah, I'd always wanna be there. Those were the best days of my life.” I sang.


I motioned my hands in the air along with Samantha, fooling around.


“Back in the summer of '69.” She joined, “Ah, ah.”


As we continued singing and dancing- not really dancing, it wasn't good enough to be called that- we fell back on my bed, sighing in content.


“I love this side of you, Ava.” Samantha grinned. “You're so... happy.”


And she was right, I was happy. Sure, there's a possibility my boyfriend and I are breaking up. And yes, my father doesn't care about me. But I have Samantha and Luke. Also, I have bloody One Direction concert tickets.


My phone rang, the screen lighting up. An update account tweeted about the boys. As I opened the Twitter page, a frown settled on my features.


One Direction splitting up after a fist-fight between Niall and Harry?


I gasped, no. It's a rumor. It has to be. Chucking my phone behind me, Samantha's face filled with worry. She opened my phone again, her eyebrows furrowed as she read the article- which I didn't get the chance to read since I strictly believed it's all a rumor.


We were all surprised when we saw Niall Horan's, 19, nose severely bleeding as he left the band's mansion. We weren't able to get any answers from him, but after Harry Styles, 19, also exited a few minutes later, we suspected trouble.” She read. “Harry had an outburst at the paps claiming they were invading his privacy. He then hopped into his car, probably following after Niall. We decided to go after him, too. Just for you, Directioners! Shockingly, Harry headed to the LWWY shooting location, in Tunbrige Wells. Niall was holding a knife towards Harry.”

Bullshit.” I screeched.


Ava, chill. Let me go on.” I nodded for her to continue, as she did so, “Harry was pleading for him to put it down, but it seemed as Niall was drunkenly determined to murder Harry! Yes, Ladies, murder! Harry sprinted off into the woods where he faced a bigger surprise; the tree that Harry and Niall previously built a tree house in, along with many of the other trees, was burning down! We believe that the feud between the two boys made the tipsy Niall think irrationally, burning everything down.


After that, we went closer to them. Close enough for us to see them and for them not to see us. Niall repeatedly kicked Harry's side as Harry hit his head on a broken log. He was far too injured to focus properly, therefore, he wasn't able to defend himself as he whimpered in his place. Poor Harry! Not only that, Niall through punches at Harry's chest and then walked away. He left Harry lying in the woods as one of the tree fell on his thigh. According to insiders, even though his thigh is deeply injured, the doctor assured him it would only take him a couple of weeks to recover. Well, that's if he wakes up from his coma, we'll get to that later.


After Niall walked away, the rest of 1D came! We saw them and we were fangirling hardcore! They even talked to us- rudely may I add- and they ordered us to leave. We didn't, we needed to grab all the juicy goss for you guys! We saw Zayn bump his shoulder aggressively with Niall's as they walked into the forest to assist their injured friend. Larry girls, hold onto your seats! Louis was hugging Harry tightly while he was was reassuring his lifeless body that everything would turn out alright. Niall went in their, too. Helping the boys pull the log off Harry's leg. Louis actually carried Harry to his car! OMG! We saw Simon arrive with the popo's as he spoke a few words to the boys. And to make sure all you Larry shippers explode, Louis went in the ambulance with Harry. Now, Harry's in a coma with a few broken ribs, a concussion, and a broken leg as far as we know. What do you think about this? We think it's Niall's fault, and the band's gonna break up because of him! That Irish bastard!”


She finished with widened eyes, and an agape mouth.


Pictures or it's not true.” I ordered. I wish I didn't.


She showed me what seemed like hundreds of pictures-some of them gruesome- and I ended up with tears in my eyes. I gasped, “Harry's-- in a coma?”


I think so, Babe.” She smiled sadly, “I'm sorry.”


You didn't do anything.”


I can't believe this, though.”


I know, Niall, he-- he's as harmful a baby penguin.” I sobbed.


Shhh, baby. It'll be alright.”


I'm just happy there are Larry moments.” I chuckled. “Whoever posted the article is an ass, blaming Niall and shit. Oh, and they also sounded so chill about invading their private lives. Assholes.”


I know, that's why I don't obse-- I mean dedicate over celebrities.” She grinned.


I rolled my eyes, “Taylor Lautner.”


He's hot.”


Maybe we can...” I smirk.

“Uh-uh. I know that smile, don't think like that, Ava.” She warned.


Pack your bags, we're going to London!”


Pardon me?”

You heard me. Remember how all the time you call me a goodie two shoes? How you always wanted to go on an 'adventure'? This is our chance, let's go.”


What about school?”


We'll skip it, please?”


You're being irrational, you and I both know we're not going.” She scolded.


When I want something, I get it.” I growled.


Ava,” She giggled, “that's stupid, we can't just go.”


Why not?” I pouted.


We have duties. What about our parents? Luke and Nate?”


Well, I can always tell Nate I need a break to think about shit. You can tell Luke that you're tagging along. He'll be worried, you know. Considering you two had a nice bang.” I winked.


Ava.” She slapped my arm. “You really wanna do this?”


Yes.” I smiled.


Pondering about it, she bit down on her bottom lip. I waited patiently, wanting to know if she agrees with my plan.


It was crazy, really. If we end up going, I'm going to worship myself for being such a brave person. London. I can go check on Harry. That's one of the reasons- and the main one- for me needing to travel. Another thing is that Samantha and I always wished to go to London, take pictures, have a good time. Just two best friends chilling. Having an adventure has always been a dream of mine, this trip could be the adventure I've waited for. The adventure we've waited for.


I know you're mainly doing this for lover boy,” She trailed off as I chuckled nervously, “but I'll do it.”


I grinned at her, squeezing her in a tight envelope, “Thank you so much. You're so sexy for making that decision. I love you.” I gushed.


Yeah, yeah. Funny how you only love me when I agree to something you want.” She joked.


We need to pack.” I remembered.


Wha- when are we going?” She furrowed her eyebrows.


Considering it's Saturday, let's go tomorrow and spend today planning everything.” I suggested


Mkay, I'm calling the lads.”


She scrolled through her phone, finding the familiar name in her contacts list.


Sam?” A happy voice greeted.


Yup, hey, Luke.” She shyly replied.


Um, so about that night.” He said, I could practically vision the smirk in his voice.


You're on speaker!” She squeaked. I burst into a fit of laughter.


Oh...Oh! Um, hey, Ava.” He sheepishly answered.


What's up, Lukesters?” I smirked.


He was beginning to feel awkward, I can tell.


After a long dreaded silence, Samantha spoke up, “Any who, um, Luke. We need to tell you something.”


He hummed in response, “What's wrong?”


Basically, Ava and I are going to London.” She explained calmly.


What?” He exclaimed. “Nope. London's dangerous, what takes you to London?”


Oh, Harry's in the hospital and we wanna go on a adventure!” I grin.


Ava, no. You'll get hurt alone. Two beautiful girls alone in that big city.” He scoffs, “No way.”


You're not my Dad, Dude!” I argue.


Fine, I'll get Nate.” He challenged.


No.” I let out an unnecessary mouse-like sound.


Why?” He asks.


He was about to force her into sex last nice.” Samantha's causality while answering that question creeped me out. How can she be so chill explaining one of the most flustered moments of my life?


No.” Luke defended. “He--he wouldn't do that!”


It's already done.” I sigh.


Shame on him.” He scolds. “So, basically, you're going to London for a break from the drama, for an adventure, and for Harry Styles?”


Yup.” I smile.


I'm coming over to help you guys pack. Let me guess, Sammy, Ava wants to leave tomorrow?”

She giggles, “Smart Luke.”


Yeah.” He chuckles, “See you, Babe.”




Pressing her finger on the button that says 'end call', she placed her phone on my dresser.


I need to tweet about this.” I yelled. Taking my phone out, too. Tweets being retweeted, accounts being followed, and I typed in, “holY FLAPPYJACKS IM GOING TO LOIDNON TO SEE HARYR HE'S FCUKNG HOSPTIAL IN OMGMGOGMOGGMGO”


That might've sounded unreasonable and like it didn't make sense- because it didn't- but my sisters will understand. Almost immediately, people were retweeting me, favoriting me, and following me.


Oh, and they were tweeting me. Too much for my liking.


Ahhh tell harrry ilh <333”


Nooo bitch take me wd u!”






I decided to reply to a few, and I also answered a few commonly asked questions.


Knock knock.” A voice boomed from outside the window.


Get your arse in here, Luke.” Samantha moaned.


Moments later, we heard rustling and the window was being opened.


We meant through the door, Dumbass!” I rolled my eyes.


Whatever.” His gaze shifted to Samantha. He smirked before leaning in a pressing his lips on hers in a sweet peck. “Hey, Sammy.”

She bit her lip nervously, momentarily grazing her forefinger on it. “Hey.”


He chuckled, “Ava, what do you guys need?”


We're packing right now. We need...” I scratched my head, deep in thought.


Tickets?” Luke rhetorically asked.


Oh, yeah.” I sheepishly smiled.


What about your parent's permission?” He smirks.


Yeah, about that, I need to go home. I need to pack and to talk to my parents about it.” Samantha excused herself.


Wait.” I ordered. Grabbing my wallet, I chucked money at her. “Money for the ticket.”


Or for me to buy new shoes...” She trailed off.


You know what? I'll buy the tickets online.”


Fine.” She giggled, handing me her credit card.


Sam, can I go with you. To, um, you know. Help you pack and all?” Luke nervously scratches the back of his neck.


Sure.” She smiled.


Okay, now leave. Go sort out your sexual frustration somewhere else.” I kick them out.


I'll call you.” Samantha's voice screeches from downstairs.


I shake my head at my childish friends.


Life is good.




I pouted when I scrolled through my messages and Samantha still hadn't sent me anything. It was 6 PM, and I just finished packing. Our flight is leaving tomorrow at 8:45 AM and I need my sleep.


Reaching voice mail once again, I groan in frustration. My feet lead to the window, where I see them making out.


I slowly pull up the window, making sure I make no sounds.


I love you, too.” Samantha grins as she pulls away from the heated session they were having.


You should probably go,” He smiles, rubbing noses with her, “Ava must me scared shitless.”


She chuckles, “Probably.” She let out a yawn.


Go rest, I''ll take you girls to the airport tomorrow at 7.”


Okay, I'll miss you.”


I'll miss you, too.”

Before they can lean in once more and continue snogging, I oh-so rudely interrupted them, “Whatcha doing? Sluts.” I snickered.


Screw you.” Luke flipped me off.


I chuckled, leaning onto a tree besides my window to keep me balanced, “Luke and Samantha sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” I sing-sang.


Technically, you're the one on a tree.” Samantha smirks. I simply stick my tongue out at her.


Come're, Bitch!” I command.


She quietly mutter cuss words and profanities at me before jogging to the car and grabbing her suit cases. Luke, being the gentlemen he is, carries them for her. Entering my house, they stare into each others' souls I presume. Isn't that what lovers do?


So, you're in love?” I simply asked.


Luke sighs in appreciation, “Yes, we are.”

I scoff, “Took you long enough!”


Laying down the luggage beside the bed, Luke bids us farewells and leaves my household.


Tell me everything.” I gush.


So, we spent the night gossiping and what not. I have to admit something after all.


Life is really good.



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