Stalked (Harry Styles Fanfiction) [HIATUS]

(DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is copy-writed by me @jezicat on Movellas so please don't steal it or the story line. ) "I had to face the consequences of falling for a guy who couldn't care less about me. He doesn't know me." - Avalon Jade Wright "I hate the fact that she thinks I don't know her. I do; secretly. I'm the bad guy for falling for someone I haven't met... yet." - Harry Edward Milward Styles



2. Chapter 1


Hello, Lovelies! So a couple of very nice readers asked me to update and I already had this written down so.. VOILA! Thank you to all my readers and the quote for this chapter is:

 "If you don't like me remember it's mind over matter; I don't mind and you don't matter."

Don't forget to comment. Stay beautiful xx -Jessica


Avalon's P.O.V


          I almost convinced myself that they stopped it. I genuinely believed that they finally realized that they were being immature little pricks. But no, I was wrong. Here I am, once again, shoved against a locker. After almost a month of not interfering with them, I thought they stopped. They're still here, though. They probably disappeared for a while because Stacey didn't want me to notice the injury; her nose injury. She was at the skate park I was coincidentally at, trying to impress her boyfriend. One thing I learned is that trying to skateboard wearing a tight short skirt and high-heels would only lead to harm and humiliation. She didn't want me to make a smartass comment about her injured nose, so she waited for it to heal before returning to being the person she is right now; a slut. Yes, this sound very stereotypical, but she is indeed a school slut. The school slut. Sometimes I sense that all of this isn't just an act, that this is truly her. But I guess that's not true, everybody has their own story. In all honesty, I don't want to know about hers.


          I'm not usually bullied, I'm never bullied. My relationship with Stacey and her 'friends' is not bully-to-victim relationship. It's no where near that. I'm not scared of her, I'm tired. I'm tired of having to face her. I always win all arguments I have with her, but she doesn't seem to give up.


          “How are you doing, Cara?” She teased.


          Cara, my best friend. You're probably wondering what's so bad about that? Well, she moved from here in Melbourne, Australia to the U.S because of her father's new occupation. I miss her dearly, we always had jokes that no one can understand, not even Samantha or Nathaniel. They're my best friends as well. They're really amazing, but sadly, they don't understand my Directioner side. Cara does. She's Mrs. Horan, while I'm Mrs. Styles. I remember always joking around with her about how our kids are going to be so much like their fathers and how we will get famous for marrying the lads. Truth be told I miss her.


          “I'm doing great, Stace! How are you doing?” I said letting my sarcastic side take over. She rolled her eyes, typical Stacey.


          “Whatever. So, where are the lovebirds?” By that she meant Nathaniel and Samantha. They are in no means dating. Never have, and probably never will. They're better off just as friends anyways.


          “I believe you can find lovebirds at the zoo, the pet store, or at a forest.” Cheekily smiling, I walked away. I can't be bothered to put up with her blonde hair getting in my face whenever I breathe. Walking to the cafeteria, I spotted the 'lovebirds' seated on a table. I waved at them and joined them after quickly getting lunch.


          “Ava!” Samantha cheered. I mentally slapped myself for being best friends with weirdos. But what can I say, I love my weirdos!


          “Sam!” Mocking her, I was engulfed in a hug.


          “Nate is here too, bitches!” I heard Nathaniel complain behind us. I let go of Samantha and ran over to him.


          After finishing our greetings, I inspected their appearance. They're lookers to be honest. Samantha has beautiful fiery red curly hair and hazel eyes. She's fairly skinny, but has the right body to attract men. Considering there are always a few guys stealing glances of her in the hallways. The fact that she's wearing a floral dress and sandals today gives the boys more reasons to stare, Nathaniel is very handsome. He has bright green eyes with a spark of gold in them. His brown hair is always messed up, which is apparently found attractive to girls in this generation. I have seen him in just boxers before, and I must say he's fit. He's got everything a girl wants and everything a guy wants to have. Even in the simple white t-shirt and black skinny jeans he's wearing, paired with white converse, he looks dashing. I, on the other hand, I'm nothing special. I have wavy brown hair that stops right above my waist, and I'm curvier than Samantha. My blue eyes are probably my best quality. I have a dimple as well. Today, I'm wearing a pair of high-waisted yellow shorts, a dark blazer with a dark blue and white striped t-shirt underneath. I'm not usually this preppy, but today is different. Today I will be an assistant in the parent-teacher conference. I'll be there in case either the parents or teachers get thirsty, lost, or if they need my help. Many teachers wanted me to do this since I'm 'a very intelligent young lady' as they might say.


          “So, what's up?” I already knew the answer, but this was sort of our joke.


          “Up is down and down is up!” They chanted. I couldn't help but let out a chuckle at their silly behavior; very childlike. We were all like that, one of the reasons we get along. We all chorused the same cheeky joke whenever asked that question, another special thing about our friendship; the inside-jokes.


          “Have you seen what Stakes is wearing? I wonder how Ethan is putting up with her.” I hear a voice gasp. Turning around, I met the familiar eyes of another close friend of ours; Luke. We met him at the beginning of the year, 5 months ago. He's a very nice person. Stakes is Stacey's code name, probably the least creative thing ever.


          “Hey Luke.” I said as I pulled him into a tight embrace. We were strictly friends, but his scent was one of the most beautiful things ever. I have confessed that to him before, from which I received a chuckle.


          “You're smelling me again, Ava.” He teased. I pulled away feeling the heat creep to my face. I blush way too easily.


          “Hey, mate!” Nathaniel exclaimed before pulling him into, what they call, a man hug. 'Boys will be boys' is the only thought that occurs in my head every time I remember the memory of them denying it to be a real hug, but a man hug.


          “Hey Sammy, how you doin', babe?” That's when it was Samantha's turn to blush. She has feelings for Luke, and there's no doubt he has feelings for her, too. Nathaniel and I fail at setting them up every time. Let's just say Nathaniel is the worst liar ever and that completely ruined our plan.


          “Good.” Samantha shyly smiled.


          Luke fearlessly flirted with Samantha as I turned around to talk to Nathaniel. I poked him in the ribs as he whimpered in pain, well, at least I got his attention. He turned to me with a raised eyebrow as I motioned for him to come closer.


          “When are you going to get a girl, Nathaniel?” I teased using his full name. He rolled his eyes since we never use that name. It's either Nathan, Nate, or some weird nickname we create while improvising, like Marshmallow Monkey. Good times....


          “When I feel like it, when are you going to get a guy, Vee?” He smirked.


          “When Harry asks me out.” I replied shamelessly. Up in my head, I was dating Styles.


          I heard Nathan chuckle as I rolled my eyes. He knows I'm being serious, but he thinks I'm delusional.


          “Don't hold your breath, Avalon.” He remarked. I giggled at his caring side. He really did care about my future, that's one of the best things about him.


          “I agree with pretty boy here. That mate ain't worth this beauty.”A voice I despised with all my heart said. I knew who it was. Stephen.


          Stephen is one of Ethan's friends, he's in that group. He doesn't think I'm pretty, he wants to get in my pants, that's all.


          “Good for you, Stephen.” I replied as I stood up, ready for the bell to ring any moment, signaling the end of lunch.


          “But, Babe, I mean it.” He moved closer to me. So close, I could feel his breath on my face. My attempt to move away failed when I bumped into our lunch table. Sighing in defeat, I met the eyes of my enemy.


          “You know, you're beautiful from the outside,” He continued, moving his face closer towards mine. “And I bet you're beautiful from the inside, too.”


          He ended his sentence with a smirk, I just stared at him with pure disgust. He just wants to get in my pants. The snickering of his mates died down as I grabbed the closest thing to me, a half empty cup of orange juice, and spilled it over his golden locks. Grabbing a slice of pie, I didn't even question attacking his face with it. His smirk was wiped off his face at this point.


          “Now you look a tad bit better.” I smiled sweetly at him as I heard the bell ring, reminding me of the next class starting. Following my friends to the locker area, I took one last look at Stephen who was filled with rage. That should teach him.




          The school hours finished fast. Quickly waving at my friends, I waltzed towards our high school auditorium and was greeted by teachers ambushing me in order to help them in some late paper work, extra coffee, and similar things teachers don't really need at the moment. The parents were horrid. That's what I get after enrolling in a 'rich' school. Most of the people are snobby and the parents are worse. Somehow, I was able to leave the school without injuring someone.


          I walked down the all too familiar streets towards my house. I hated the fact that my father doesn't allow me to purchase a car. Before he caught my mother cheating on him, we were the happiest of families. Now, he goes to his job in the morning, returning later at night. I never get to see him. When I do, he's usually drunk. I don't blame him, though. I blame mom. She did this to us. She cheated on him while she was holding his child. I was supposed to have a baby sister now if it wasn't for her. After the divorce, she decided she doesn't want any reminder of her life with us. She got an abortion and just walked out on us. My father didn't take it well, and he blames it on me. If only I haven't contacted dad that night when a stranger entered my parent's room. Well, excuse me for trying to help.


          I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I let them flow down my face. This is a routine for me now. Crying on my way home then entering the house were I can be free, just me. Sometimes I regret the things I do. Sometimes I regret cutting. Sometimes I regret thinking about suicide. Sometimes I regret attempting to commit suicide. That's just sometimes. Most of the times, I wish I had died. But no, my bucket-list. Before my death, I was determined on completing everything on the list. And I can't simply leave my friends. No, when I set my mind on something, there's no turning back for me. I have too much dignity. I think. Sometimes I feel like a waste of space. I hate that word, sometimes. It's overused in my life, and overrated. Sometimes I wish I can delete that word from existence. Sometimes I wish I can delete myself from existence.


          I hate it, I hate it all. One Direction is the reason I'm here. My friends are the reason I'm here. They give me hope. I don't know what my story is, but I want to find out. Yes, that's sounds good. Avalon Jade Wright's story. This is my story.

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