One chance

Hey this is my first movella so please enjoy!! Tee thought her life was perfect... until she realised it was more than perfect! it turned out her uncles friend taught harry and was no his coach. Personally Louis was her favourite and she didnt think that she would be invited to go backstage......then invited to go on tour with them in AMERICA!! from an apartment in Manchester...... to the fanciest hotels in America!! and something happens along the way!!!



Sky's POV

I logged onto Tee's laptop and went to the one direction page and there was a post about the competition I screamed for Tee to come in we both read it:

Hello everyone!,

Louis here! go on to you tube and watch our live video now were announcing the winner hurry!!

love boys xx

we quickly clicked on the link and it showed THE ONE DIRECTION!!!

And the winner is.............................................................Jodie McAlister

Our hearts sank. well we just went to bed we were disappointed


2 weeks later

Tee's POV

As always I was checking the one direction Fan page when a post came up!


hey guys, 

Niall here! check you tube now.

love Nialler!

So obviously I checked the you tube link and they said this!

Hey everyone well It turned out that Jodie McAister lied the video was just a picture of us but it turned out that her dad owned a record label and got one of his clients to sing and pretend it his daughter we discovered that it was a fake when we asked her to sing live and she wasn't good! So we tried to track down the singer but she was 22 and too old to enter the competition so the new winner is........................................FELICITY TAYLOR or tee as she said! 

I Was so shocked I called up sky because e was visiting her mother and we screamed with me! OMG!!

Authors message

hey sorry about towards the end after it says 'as she said' towards the end the rest is supposed to be not italics but my computer acted up! anyway I'm in the competition mood. so I am having a competition for a new character and a chapte! that's right you can create a new character and paragraph and than I will add them in and try and weave them into my story! Plus in the authors message at the end I will send a shout out to the winner and stuff il make sure to mention your username and one of your Movellas! you have till the 1st of April to send them to me! Just give me an email saying:

USERNAME: (eg) libby_gosling

NAME: (eg) Libby Gosling

Age: (eg) 16

What your character will be called : (eg) Tee Taylor

Email address: Example@123


You must take my story into your mind when writing the paragraph

Just send your entry into

thanks cant wait to read them I'm always checking my email everyday and I get notifications on my phone and ipod aswell so good luck!!



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