One chance

Hey this is my first movella so please enjoy!! Tee thought her life was perfect... until she realised it was more than perfect! it turned out her uncles friend taught harry and was no his coach. Personally Louis was her favourite and she didnt think that she would be invited to go backstage......then invited to go on tour with them in AMERICA!! from an apartment in Manchester...... to the fanciest hotels in America!! and something happens along the way!!!


2. The competetion and recording

Tee's POV

I was in my recording studio playing a few tunes when a mighty yell emerged from my living room. It was like a cat in a shower! Obviously I had to go investigate the awful tune. I walked into the living room to find a very bright skylar with a grin from ear to ear staring into her laptop….wait! My laptop. She’s stolen mine! “urghhh how many times have told you not t steal my laptop….once and I'm saying it now do not steal my laptop!" “soz mine has run out of battery but I have to check this out its important!!” I rolled my eyes “what is so important!? A sale on lip-gloss!”  I laughed as I said this but she just rolled her eyes as well! "you love one direction right!? well look at this!" she cooed. she pointed my laptop sharply at me I read the screen it said:

Hey directioners!

Its Paul here one directions manager! I am here to announce a competition! The boys were going to write this but they got caught up in an interview so its up to me! anyways.....Have you got an amazing voice? well make a 30 second video of you singing the chorus to your favourite one direction song and send it to us and state your name, age, email and phone number. You must be at least 12 to enter and you cannot enter if you are 22 or over. If you are between The age of 12-15 you will have to come with a parent or guardian. All the boys will look through all the videos carefully. You have 3 days to send in you entries! All that's left to say is good luck,

love  Paul and the boys! :)

I screamed and squealed till my head exploded. Sky screamed with me. We got my video camera out strait away. I decided to sing little things on my guitar in my recording studio we sent in our video strait away all we had to do then was wait.


Sky's POV

I pointed my laptop at Tee's face and it instantly lit up. It took her around 3 minutes but I think she read it over and over just to make sure! I know I did! se then out of the blue started screaming so I joined in. we were jumping on the sofa and it turned into a pillow fight then we did our super happy dance. Tee instantly got her Video camera out and handed it to me. I clicked the large silver button and started watching her performance through the small screen. she said "this Is felicity Taylor but you can call me tee, I'm 18 my email is with no capitals and she started singing.  At the odd moments I would pop my head over the camera if I spotted she stop smiling. It is hard when your trying to sing she would always notice me and she would  squeeze that smile. I cant complain though....she sounded beautiful! as soon as shed finished we sent it to Paul's email address that was on the site. Now an impatient wait!


Authors Message:

Hey guys! Its so nice to know that you are liking it! I'm always up for suggestions! just comment me or kik me my name is libby.gozzy or twitter @libbsielou I'm always up for suggestions and comment me saying you liked it and if u enjoyed it so much favourite it! Anyways little questionaire.......who else is as pumped for Easter as I am? I am no meat tomorrow though! an I cant eat fish! this will be an interesting good Friday! I hope people red these because love talking to you guys! thanks,

Libby G xx






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