One chance

Hey this is my first movella so please enjoy!! Tee thought her life was perfect... until she realised it was more than perfect! it turned out her uncles friend taught harry and was no his coach. Personally Louis was her favourite and she didnt think that she would be invited to go backstage......then invited to go on tour with them in AMERICA!! from an apartment in Manchester...... to the fanciest hotels in America!! and something happens along the way!!!


5. Plane Tickets and fallouts

Tee's POV

It was 9:00 AM and I had just woken up. I'm glad I've started putting my hair up so its neat in the morning! Something started to come up the lift. only we have access to the top floor because you put you key on the button to the floor you want to go to and then once you've turned the key you click n the button and it goes to our room. It must be someone who has a key than. I just stood silently waiting for the door to open. As the elevator (made from glass) entered slowly emerged from the floor my panic was over. It was only sky back from her parents. So after we hugged and talked and had our breakfast of pancakes I decided to go on my laptop in my room an watch a bit of TV. I signed into Skype than Facebook  then twitter first I checked all my Facebook notifications and I have had loads of friend requests from one direction fans since I was announced winner. All they would do is  give me death threats and stuff. Then I checked Skype  and some of my high school friends were on. Damn I miss some of them so much. Then I checked twitter and non other than the NIALL HORAN was on twitcam instantly I looked up to my wall and stared at the poster of him I have on my wall. So I tuned into his twitcam then he started to speak:

Hey guys Niall here. I got bored so I decided to come on twitcam. anyway I'm doing ask Niall so just put #AskNiall and put a capital on the A on ask and N on Niall. oh! already thousands have streamed in (and at which point I decided to tweet him) okay first one Rachel from Atherton asked Is it cool being in ONE DIRECTION!!!! Yes Rachel is amazing I'm so glad I auditioned for x factor! Reading through  a lot of these are about the competition so I'll read a few. Lucy from Tottenham asked why did you choose that girl as the winner! I was better! Ahhh yes Lucy I remember your video you were good but Tee was awesome the way we could see her guitar and the way she sung was magnificent and she said how much she loved us and its always nice for a talented fan to come along! to me tee is pretty damn awesome from her video!!

Wait did Niall just say that about me!!!!? OMG that's so sweet how he stuck up for me. That Lucy from Tottenham is a.......well.....I don't normally swear but I'm angry right now.........bitch!! anyways I sent my tweet in!

I listened to Niall again:

Felicity from Manchester said: hey Niall I cant wait to se you all btw I'm the competition winner so what do you do on weekend? Well Felicity it varies a lot one day we could be doing a interview next a photo shoot next rehersals then a concert then sometimes we even go to theme park and then some days we just hang out and go round hotel pools and stuff! anyway I have to sign out now Louis just burned the nandos seeyah!!!

I giggled at the last part I signed out of everything and went to the living room. Then Belle (the person who delivers thing that have come for them to their apartment) came with our post I buzzed her into our apartment (we like to be safe incase someone does get a key there's a different key to get in!) I looked through all of them and there was on that said private and confidential only for the eye of felicity Taylor! I was curious But then as I opened it there was a letter it said:

Dear felicity,

Here are your plane tickets we cant wit to see you TOMMORROW in New York! come pretty!

love the boys! :)

I screamed and then called sky to the living room. "the tickets re ere sky! the tickets we are leaving tomorrow get packing sky!! I'll do mine the same tie as yours!!! Lets have a look at them!" I panted "okay umm.....OMG!!! REALLY! OKAY!! AND sure!! that an answer to all the thing you said I order!" I Took out 1 plane ticket. I started rummaging round for the other.....There wasn't!! OMG I remember I only said my name how would thy know sky was there! "OMG sky there's only one I forgot to mention you!" I said quietly "YOU WHATTT!! I KNEW THEE WAS SOMETHING MISSING WELL BECAUSE YOU FORGOT I WILL JUST HAVE TO GO ITS ONLY FAIR!!!" I gave her an angry face now I was mad "OMG SKY!!! YOU KNOW THAT I YES I SUNG I DID ALL THE WORK I WON TT ALL YOU DID WAS CLICK A SILVER BUTTON! AND IF YOU GO WELL THERE GONNA ASK YOU TO SING AND YOU WILL BE TERRIBLE SO!" I screamed. She gave me an angry face. "YEAH YOU WISH I BET I COULD OF SUNG AND BEATEN YOU COZ IM AMAZING AT SINGING I WILL BE TH ONE GOING TOMMORROW YOU WILL SEE!!" she answered " yeah right" I mumbled this under my breath so she didn't hear it! I went in to my room and ot my phone out I called a taxi.

"hello Manchester taxi service how may I help you" the woman on the other end said

" Hi umm please could I book a taxi for 6:00 AM tomorrow to go to Manchester airport!" I said  quietly so sky wouldn't hear!

"of course I will reserve it going on holiday are we? visiting a relative?" The woman said.

I didn't want to blow it so I said

"going on holiday!!"

"oh nice where are you going" the woman said she was so full of questions.

"New York." I said

"oh nice what time does your plane leave 8:30 AM considering your getting picked u at 6:00!?" she questioned.

"no 12:00 AM" I said

"that's a bit early to go don't you think I can book you a 9:00!?" she suggested

"no its something to do with home you wont understand" I mumbled

" oh okay well I hope you have a nice time and I will pick you up tomorrow at 6 its a black taxi you know like the ones in London!?"

"of course thanks well  have to go! see you tomorrow! My address is the Berry well building"   I said still quiet.

" ohh I know the one! sorry hunny forgot to ask what is your name!" she said.

" oh Felicity Taylor Thanks bye!" I said.

"bye!" she replied. I hung up.

I'm sorted! I'm leaving early enough now l I have to do is get the plane tickets.

I walked into the kitchen to get the envelope with the ticket in.......I WASN'T THERE!

Then sky came in with a massive smirk. "oh don't worry the tickets are safe in my bag! and I'm not leaving my room for the rest of the day so say voyage to me! have a nice time in Manchester whilst im in new York and California and las vegas chilling with one direction! she had an evil laugh but she doesn't know my plan....................oh yeah I need to pack! So I packed and went to bed! im ready for new York and one direction!

Sky's POV

After the 'news' I stormed to my room I decided to book a taxi she wouldn't think of that she ill probably get the bus which will make her slower because they have to stop at stops! OMG I am so going to meet one direction so I called up a taxi:

"hello street cars taxies." a man said.

" hello I need a taxi for tomorrow at 9:00!" I said.

"okay name...." the man said.

" Skylar trainer"


"berry well building"

"oh okay" then he just hung up. I wish i'd gone with Manchester taxies! well I was ready. I quickly  ran into the kitchen and grabbed the plane ticket! Tee....I mean felicity,you only give friends shorter names, opened her door and I ran into my room. she was looing for the plane ticket I  walked up and put on a huge smirk and said " Oh don't worry the tickets are safe in my bag! and im not leaving my bedroom for the rest of the day so say bon voyage to me! You have a nice time in Manchester whilst im chilling with one direction in new York, California, las vegas the lot!" I left laughing. I nailed that! I packed my bags and went to be one direction and new York her I come!

Authors note:

I hope this is bigger i spent 2 hours on it! anyways what do you think? tell me

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