One chance

Hey this is my first movella so please enjoy!! Tee thought her life was perfect... until she realised it was more than perfect! it turned out her uncles friend taught harry and was no his coach. Personally Louis was her favourite and she didnt think that she would be invited to go backstage......then invited to go on tour with them in AMERICA!! from an apartment in Manchester...... to the fanciest hotels in America!! and something happens along the way!!!


1. my life

Felicity's POV

It started off an normal day. For once, It was sunny in mostly rainy Manchester! I'm 18, I have long, dirty blonde hair and I am around 5 foot 4. I live in a large top floor apartment  in an amazing building. From the living room window you can see at least 3  quarters of Manchester! I really need to start thinking how lucky i am. I grew up in a large house in greater Manchester. We had lots of animals in which one I kept.... A dog called Ailish. For my sixteenth birthday I got  a horse and  named it shamrock. its kept and my mum and das place and my 12 year old sister Aubourghy looks after  for for me. although  stay over a weekend every 2 weeks then its my turn to look after it. My Family consist of My 20 year old brother Joey, Me, My 16 year old sister Gemmy, my 12 year old sister Aubourghy and her twin Aaron,  my 8 year old brothers and sisters (triplets) Ally, Ailey and Alfie. My mum always said they wanted a lot of kids and they did. Anyways My apartment has 4 bedrooms, 2 with en-suites, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and the best feature.....MY BEST FRIEND!! Yes that's right my best friend sky (Skylar) lives with me. You know to cover the cost. And there is also 1 recording studio and 1 dance studio for my love of music and sky's love of dance! well that's a bit about my life but now its time for my story.......

Authors Note:

Hey Everyone! :) I hope you have enjoyed my first chapter! This is my first movella so thanks for reading it means a lot!! I will update soon!  will try tomorrow but I am going my friends sleepover yay!! Oh i also promised a shout out so... Happy birthday bryony!! anyways I'm always looking for ideas so please feel free t give me suggestions via: Kik - libby.gozzy or follow me on twitter @libbsielou and mention me in a tweet saying please follow me to give me suggestions as well thanks this means a lot! Can't wait to hear from you! Bye! :)

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