One chance

Hey this is my first movella so please enjoy!! Tee thought her life was perfect... until she realised it was more than perfect! it turned out her uncles friend taught harry and was no his coach. Personally Louis was her favourite and she didnt think that she would be invited to go backstage......then invited to go on tour with them in AMERICA!! from an apartment in Manchester...... to the fanciest hotels in America!! and something happens along the way!!!


8. finding out,boarding and LIMOS!

Sky's POV

as I wheeled my suitcase into the airport I felt a bit bad that I left tee for two weeks when this was her opportunity but I was the one who found it. I sat on a bench and rung her. she didn't reply. she must be in bed. Mwhahahh I'm going seeing one direction in sun new York yayah! NEXT!!!! yes this was it!

" hello tickets!" a woman said

"sure!" I said perkily!

I looked through my bag but I couldn't see them! I looked and I looked and I looked! THEY WERENT THERE!!!!


the woman looked at me blankly.

"um I misplaced my tickets!" I said quietly

"ok, don't panic you can sort tis out at customer services thank you!" she said.

I ran and I ran and I ran o customer services.

"I misplaced my tickets I need new ones!" I said rushing!

" okay what flight I'm sure we can make arrangements." the woman said.

"The DL155 to new York!" I said

"I'm sorry honey but we cant let you on that flight all tickets have been registered except for one ticket which is probably the one you  lost but that ticket is printed so we cant replace it but there is a place available on the next flight to new York which is 1 and a half hours after your scheduled flight! is that okay?" she said very formally.

"of course, yes! It certainly is!!!!!" I said excitedly

"well your very happy to go new York!" she said.

"you bet I am!"" I said.

" well here is your ticket and enjoy your flight!"

"so do I just go to my last desk!?" I asked.

"oh no then your luggage would be put on that flight then your luggage will be forever held in that airport!"

"ohh okay what desk then!?"

"desk 52" she said

"thank you bye!" I said.


ohh yes! I'm going to new York! I arrived at desk 5 and loaded my luggage. I then moved on to security.  Put my bag on. I walked through the security gate. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! suddenly guards were all around me. They told me to get into this machine!

then I remembered. I wore these sweatpants when I went to guides and that was the week we were carving figures. I mustn't of taken my pen knife out of my pockets! oops. Then they were all around me it took me and hour and a half for me to explain and then I was let free it was already eleven. But now I could shop till  drop. obviously my pen knife was taken off me. I hit stores like DKNY and I must of spent half an hour in Hollister but oh well! I got this really cute skirt! half past twelve. I was supposed to be boarding my plane now I just went in burger king and had some lunch. Then at half past one I decided to wait for the boarding session so I sat at my gate.

Tee's POV

I took on loads of shops after my MacDonald's breakfast of two hash browns and a sausage McMuffin. I got stuff from DKNY WHsmiths and I even went in a tatty  teddy shop!!! so cute! From  Manchester goodies shop I got a pink t-shirt saying I heart Manchester. I couldn't believe my eyes when I was a build a bear shop and it was a special one direction overtake in there I had over 20,000 pounds in money (my mother wanted me to have enough, to be honest I think that's more than enough!) I made five build a bears and I found cute wigs for their hairstyles and I got matching clothing to their style! I got  harry zayn and liam bear mobie phone saying 1d on it and I got Louis and niall a mini one direction glow stick ahhhh!! Then I found an apple sore connected to a beats store so I bought  a one directon phone case and placed my paris one in my bag along with the I heart Manchester one I bought. I slipped the phone case onto my Iphone 4s (personally I think it is better than the five!) and I headed for the beats store. I bought niall green beats and the boys all their favourite colour. I think I'll give the white ones to any lucky person I meet! I placed them in the carrier bag and headed for Hollister. now I had 5 build a  bear boxes and four carrier bags this is the last thing I'm buying now. I bought a cute little dress and some flipflops and some lipgloss and perfume then I headed for the gate. I go some burger king on the way. Finally we are boarding I looked on the tickets and It said speedy boarding so I was one of the first people on and it was first class. It wasn't just seats but SOFAS! there was even a bar. we had to stay seated though. Then the plane started moving. No turning back now! I did it I beat skylar m the one meeting one direction ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! well I did a bit of reading, listened to music and got a few cokes. Then we were landing! I did it! 'm meeting one direction! I grabbed my hand luggage and stepped off. I was lucky because my luggage came pretty fast maybe the reason I was the earliest person I don't know! I Walked through the people with names on them I looked and I looked and I couldent see my name then as I was about to give up I sw a very fancy maan dressed up nice he wasent holding up his sign as he was on his phone. I walked over  to him.

"umm excuse me are you looking for Felecity taylor!?" I asked

"ahh yes are yu from the information desk you loo a little young but why is she looking for me!?" he asked.

"no, I am felicity Taylor!" I said chuckling.

"ahh thnk goodness! ahh I recognise your face now the boys showed me the video so I knew who to looked for ahh now I can see it" he said!

"ahh well so your name is.....?" I asked

"Joe reason nice to meet you miss taylor" He said very poshly

"call me Tee im only from Manchester!" I said

"wow! ive never been able to call my clients by the first names I call groups boys or men sir or women miss or mrs never mind a nickname well of course the boys are different British people are nice!" he said

"aww anyways let get going!" I said. I was nervous and exited now! Im meeting one direction!!

He escorted me to a black limo with very dark tinted windows. Joe opened the door for me. No one has ever done anything like this before. I wasent put strait to the back I was on a singular row of seats near the drier, Bummer but IM IN A LIMO!!!!! Wait where are the boys!

"umm joe where are the boys!"   I said.

"at the hotel love apparently they didn't want to travel all the way to see  fan." he said

That broke my heart.

 "well that's mean and upsetting! boys shouldn't do that!" I said

"I totally agree!" said a voice from behind me. WAIT I SWEAR THAT SOUNDED IRISH!

"umm joe you sounded a bit......."

"irish" that voice said again.

Okay I was in a lot of suspense I swifted my head around to see a dirty blonde haired boy looking at me.



"hello love!" he said.

"Hiya!! you could of just let me sat with you!" I pressed my finger on his nose.

"its much funner this way love!" he said.

His eyes connected with ine we just frose there until I heard SUPRISEEEEEE!!!!!! then three boys popped up. It was zayn and liam and Louis. OMG!!! you guys gave me a heart attack!!!! I screamed!


 wheres harry I asked.

"at the hotel he didn't feel so good why!?" Louis said.

"I only liked him only came to see him!" all four boys faces tuned to frowns.

"OMG you guys are so gullable I love you all equally!!!!!" I said.

They all laughed.

"why don't you come and sit with us!" zayn asked. So I climbed over to the back.

We all chatted and eventullly the boys fell asleep so only me and niall were awake we had a little chat. It was cute :)

I kept getting tred and he must of saw!

"you must be tired after that eight hour journey here rest on me!" I rested my head in the groove of his neck it was cosy he put his arm around me and held me close. he kissed my cheek and we snuggled. I must of fallen asleep it was so nice.


Authors note:

hey guys that chapter felt longer I spent two hours on it so I hope its long  enough to keep you satisfied till I update again. Please read the last chapter which was an authors note I would appreicite it. and sorry for any grammer mistakes.

all my love

Libby G xoxoxoxoxox :)

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