One chance

Hey this is my first movella so please enjoy!! Tee thought her life was perfect... until she realised it was more than perfect! it turned out her uncles friend taught harry and was no his coach. Personally Louis was her favourite and she didnt think that she would be invited to go backstage......then invited to go on tour with them in AMERICA!! from an apartment in Manchester...... to the fanciest hotels in America!! and something happens along the way!!!


7. authors notee!!!

authors note :

Jus before I write my next chapter the winner of my competition was Jamie Elleworthe from Canada ahhhh I have friends there!! anyway her character was called Tiana Baker and se is 18 years old she is a brunette and has brown eyes! well done Jamie will try to add in your chapter anyways I looking for another character so just check my old author notes found at the end of every chapter if you keep looking it will have my details to get in touch with me and what you have to send! three days so be quick ooooooooohhh I love competetions. Btw tell me if u read these things lol!  I REALLY wnt a pen pal thing so get in touch ;)

all my love

libby G xxxx

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