a call for help

the 16 year old girl named bella's dad is a spy her mom past away a couple year ago. When bella witnesses people her dad has been spying on take him she is devistated. that same day she turns 17 and she will not stop till she has her father back.


3. the box

My father put everything in this box. He wouldent tell me much of what he was doing at the time. Now i was about to find everything about him. He promised to keep me safe but, now its my turn to keep him safe.

i take the letter out of the box "its from my mother."

"what dose it say?" he stares at me with his gorgous eyes.

"well she past away a couple years ago she was a spy to i guess she new she was gonna die and wrote my dad a note."

"im so sorry." he hugged me. i hugged him back. hes so nice and sweet i think i might be falling for him... but my mind cant be on guys right now it has to be on my father.

i dig threw the box and find my dads computer i take it out and it has a note on it i read it out loud: bella, this computer had everything you need to know about my work.

"do you want me to leave?" he puts his hand on mine.

i shake my head "no" i put the labtop in the box and put the box back on the dresses.

"i just dont really want to look at it right now."

he walks over to me "thats ok." he grabs my hands.

i smile

"i want to help you find your dad."

"sure i dont want to do this alone."

he smiles at me, his smiles so beautiful its so big with his perfect teeth. i think im falling for him hard.

"so what do you want to do now?"

"whatever you want." i say bitting my lip

he pulls me close, and softly touchs his thump and strokes my check. he puts his hand on my neck and kisses me gently. he them smiles at me

"ill see you tommorrow." he winks then leaves.

i fall on my bed, hes so great so perfect. that was the best kiss i ever had. but now i have more important things to worry about. i take the box to my bed and take out the computer i open the computer...

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