a call for help

the 16 year old girl named bella's dad is a spy her mom past away a couple year ago. When bella witnesses people her dad has been spying on take him she is devistated. that same day she turns 17 and she will not stop till she has her father back.


1. taken

i watched as the men in black took my father away. i was hiding under his desk he screamed and tryed to escape but there where to many of them. My father has been a spy for over 10 years he is very good at it. But this time it went to far. Today is my birthday i turn 17 i was excited but now i wish i wasn't alive.

i try to hold my tears back as i dial 911.

"hello 911 whats your emergency?"

"help." i say in a wisper.

"where are you and whats going on?"

i try to speak with out crying "there in my house and there takeing my father."

"where are you?"

"i live at 16 hollow road, please hurry."

"dont worry someone will be there very soon."

i hang up the phone i watch as i say still trying not to breathe to loud. I was almost possitive they where gonna find me that they would come into this room and see me. i hear them talking.

"dosent he have a duaghter?" one of them said.

"shes probably not home." another one said

 they left before the police showed up. they knock on the door and i let them in.

"hi im the police what seems to be the problem?"

"they took my father." i say crying my eyes out. they set up a investigation i was put into foster care i hated it. I dident want to get a new family i wanted mine. The police dident know where to look but i did. My father always told me if anything ever happend to him he had a box hidden in his room that had all the anwsers to my questions.

I woke up in the middle of the night i dicided tonight was the night i was going to escape this hell hole. i quetly got out of bed and open my window. they always lock the doors. i use to take walks at night but i would come back. But tonight i am not coming back. i will not betray my father i also know that once i leave here i will have to be in hinding because, they will be looking for me.

i climb out and jump to the soft mowed green grass. i look back at the house one last time and start walking. im walking through the forest the wind is blowing. Most people would be terrified to walk through the forest alone. Not me. My father told me "the only thing you should fear is fear itself." I say that all the time in my head over and over again. i step on a branch as it cracks then i hear foot steps behind me i turn around.

"hi bella."

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