a call for help

the 16 year old girl named bella's dad is a spy her mom past away a couple year ago. When bella witnesses people her dad has been spying on take him she is devistated. that same day she turns 17 and she will not stop till she has her father back.


2. partners

"who are you?"

He walks closer "im your dads very close friend, another spy."

"prove it." i say

he takes out the box that my father keeped for me and hands it to me. i observe the box my father said all my questions would be anwsered in here.

"ok i believe you."

"your father made me promise to keep you safe if anything ever happend to him."

"your going to come back and live with me, i also assume you want to find him and i wanna help."

"thanks but i dont need your help."

"very well then if i cant help you then my son will make sure you safe."

"fine watever."

"come on ill take you to my house." we walk to his car and he drives

"your father was a great man."

"i know but every one thinks hes dead."

"bella if he is..."

i cut him off "hes not dead."

we drive there in silence. when we arrive he lives in a huge house very beautiful. i get out and follow him to the front door. he opens the door and we walk in.

"matt?" he calls upstairs

"yea dad?" a voice calls down

"come down theres someone i want you to meet."

he takes me into the kichen and i put down the box. i see a very cute boy come down about my age.

"matt this is bella, a very good friend of mine dissapeared and this is his daughter."

"hi nice to meet you." he  says

"hey you too." i say

"matt why dont you show bella to her new room."

he waves me to follow him. i follow him and hes perfect he has blonde hair blue eyes and very tall. he takes me up stairs.

"so, how old are you?"

"17 you?"


he opens a door "this is your room."

"thanks" i say putting the box on the dresser.

he walks in "whats that?" he says pointing to the box.

"its what my father left me if anything happend to him, it has everything i need to find him."

"do you think hes still alive?"

"i know hes still alive." i sit on my bed

he comes and sits next to me puts his hand on my leg "i want to help you find him."

i smile "ok" i get the box and bring it to the bed "wanna see whats in side?"

he nods

i open the box and we both look in

"oh... my... god..."

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