His Quirkiness...

A sort of true story about my Best friend and her Ex. There are a few edits.


2. Just my luck.

"Oh, I seem to have forgotten. This is a new member of our class. His name is."  "Oliver, but you can call me Olly." . "Well Olly, seeing as its a new term, we will have a new seating plan." Mr Pascre switched on his computer and opened the plan. "Jay next to Violet." Poor Violet. She was stuck with the class clown. "Kyle next to Sophie." well it looks like Sophie has to put up with the chatty one. "Sammy next to Racquel." Lucky Racquel, next to the quietest boy in the class. "Andrea next to Zezo" "Great" said Anne sarcastically. "Flora..hmm..Flora I seem to have forgotten you." well, thats me the forgotten one. Nothing too new there. "Olly. You can sit next to Flora. I think you could get along well." YES! The excitement inside me built up, but when I saw Olly's disappointed face, it came tumbling back down again. "You again." I  complained, trying to hide my feelings. "Hi would be nice." Great. I had just screwed it for us. I had just screwed what was probably my only chance at love. Im not a "loveable" girl. But i just felt like he was the one. "Sorry." I mumbled. "Whatever.". The day went by not one word said to me but millions to other girls. They were all over him like he was the last piece of cake. I remembered the way the most popular girl, Faith, was just flirting with him, stroking him while pulling her skirt up. A feeling burned up inside me, a feeling I had never experienced before. Not exactly hate but not exactly anger either. I layed in my bed thinking while listening to Taylor Swift songs. I almost forgot, Andrea knew him, I needed info. NOW.

Me: Hi

Andrea: Heyy

Me: Wuu2

Andrea: talking to Olly. you?

Me:..nothing..speaking of Olly. How do you know him?

Andrea: Oh he went to my primary school.

Me:Oh right.

Andrea: Why? Is there something going on?

Me: No

Andrea: Ok, I have to go, I have netball.

Me: Byee xo




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