Programme 642>

Pan America flight 554 crashes in the Atlantic Ocean. All but one of the passengers and Crew are killed. The occupant is Criogenicaly Frozen after being rescued. He awakes in the year 3245 to find that the world is no longer run by Democrasy, but by COMPUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Flight 554 to Los Angeles

"MAY DAY!!!!!!!! MAY DAY!!!!"

Panam flight 554 to Los Angelies plumeted to the ground. The pilot could hear screams, crys and prayers from the cabbin behind him.


Another bolt of lightening struck the plain and the tail burst into flames.

"MAY DAY! MAY DAY! This is flight 554 to Los Angelies, please respond!"

Garry Auto was in the Brase Possition. He knew he was as good as dead.

"God. Take me now!!!!!"



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