Programme 642>

Pan America flight 554 crashes in the Atlantic Ocean. All but one of the passengers and Crew are killed. The occupant is Criogenicaly Frozen after being rescued. He awakes in the year 3245 to find that the world is no longer run by Democrasy, but by COMPUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Awake

Garry's eyes filcked open. He was in a great white cuboid with each line marked with a blue light.

How had he got here? The last memory he had before he woke up was of his aircraft plummiting towards the sea, the screams of passengers splitting his ear drums. His stomach had felt like he was falling in a dream.


The lid of his container swung open. A young, attractive woman in a scientist style white robe. She had long blond hair and wide green eyes.

"Good morning... or is it afternoon... but its morning for you!" She giggled and unfolded the sides of his cube container.

He sat up with supprising ease. The woman drew a hand drill like object from her pocket, it had a small needle where the drill bit would have been and a casket full of a blue liquid that was in the grip. She sharply grabbed hold of his arm.

"NO!" He violently pulls his arm away as the drill like object is encouraged towards his skin.


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