Found Paradise

Cassie is a Junior in High School who gets abused by her parents, everyone at school bullies her, but no one knows what she goes through. She meets a boy named Stephen. Stephen is a senior that's in one of her AP classes. They never talked, but it all started when they got stuck as partners for a project. After a while, he starts to like her, but he doesn't know about her parents...when her ex-Boyfriend comes back. Will it all change?


5. Second Date or Forever

Ryan's P.O.V


I'm happy I'm back where I belong. I honestly think there's no other place I'd rather be than here with my true love. I mean yeah I met other girls, but no girl was compared to Cassie. I was gone for so long I'd understand she wouldn't want me back. If I were her I wouldn't want myself back because I just left her. The thing is I wanted to take her with me. I've always wanted her to be the biggest part of my life. I always imagined me and her having kids, getting married, growing old together. All of that I want it to happen. She was sitting next to me looking as beautiful as she has been ever since I met her.  My hands are starting to get shaky. I've always been nervous around Cassie. The thing I love about her is everything and I can be myself with her. She's in my arms crying. I felt a tear come down my cheek and touch her hair. She looked up at me and smiled, I said "Everything's going to be okay no matter what babe." I smiled at her. She dug her face into my chest. I rubbed her back, comforting her so we can get back to class. I've been waiting for this day. My parents told me she could move back in with us if she ever wanted to or needed to. I honestly think that she will, cause shes most likely tired of her parents. Those bastards hurt her so much. Before she moved into my house she was bruised up and cut all around. I'm gonna ask her on a date and take her to her favorite place to eat "Nando's." We walked back into class and sat in our seats. I could hear whispers from people in the class. I was always the popular one here. Cassie put her head on her desk and she just sighed. I grabbed her hand and just held it. Mr.Rodrigo or whatever was giving instructions. I love how me and Cassie can go back to just how things were. She's my life and my world. I know it may sound corny, but it's true.


Cassie's P.O.V


I felt Ryan grab my hand and our hands intertwined. I blushed. I didn't even want to look up. It was the moment I have always been waiting for. One side of me wants Ryan, but the other wants Stephen. I've been with Ryan for 2 years, but we had to break apart because he left and he promised he'd come back for me and I trusted him and he made his promise. I never made a promise to him, but I mean I feel bad if I don't tell him about Stephen. I'm not sure he would understand. Maybe he would because we haven't seen each other for 2 years, but I never knew he would come back so soon. I'm glad he's back, I've never been this happy. I looked up for once and looked at him the minute I did. He looked down at me and smiled I saw his dimples. I smiled back and squeezed his hand. He gave me a look saying "Everything is going to be okay" I smiled and put my head back down. *20 min later* I looked at the clock and there was only ten minutes of class left. I didn't feel Ryan's hand...I feel like it was a dream. My head was still facing down on the desk. All that crying made me tired. I looked up at Mr.Rodrigo and didn't even look to my right to see if it was all a dream. I looked to my right finally and he was sitting there, it wasn't a dream after all.  He looked at me passionately and I smiled. I packed my stuff up and put it in my bag. I had my mind of Stephen this whole time. The bell ran and I was going to rush out of the classroom when Ryan stopped me and he said 

"What's the big rush?" 

"Nothing" I said nervously. He knows that I'm hiding something, I'm just not ready to tell him yet.

"I know you Cassie, your hiding something" He said with seriousness.

"I'll tell you later, I promise" I smiled and walked out. 

Next thing I know Ryan was by my side, but he wasn't the only one. Stephen was on the right side of me. I stopped and they did too. I introduced them. 

"Ryan this is Stephen, Stephen this is Ryan" I mumbled.

"Hi" Ryan said to Stephen.

"Hey" He said strongly to Ryan. 

They shook hands all of the sudden I'm turned to Stephen. 

"So, is this the ex-boyfriend of yours?" He asked so Ryan could hear. 

"Yup" I said popping the p. 

He didn't say anything ,but something happened. The question, something they both asked at the same time. I didn't want to hesitate. I'm in love with Ryan and I don't even know my feelings for Stephen. 

"Will you go on a date with me friday night?" they both asked at the same time. 

"Um" Was all I could say. The two boys that stood in front of me looked at me with sincere eyes. I didn't know who to choose. I don't want to lose Ryan again so I'm going to have to go on the with him. I know what I'm going to do. I turned to Stephen.

"Stephan, I'm going with Ryan. I'm sorry" I mumbled so only he could hear me. I glanced at Ryan and he had a dissapointed, but sad look on his face. Then I turned to him.

"Ryan, I'm not going with Stephen. I'm going with you" I said happily and loudly so Stephen could hear me. I glanced over at Stephen and he was looking at me sadly. Then I hugged Ryan, then i heard footsteps walking away. I came out of the embraceable hug with Ryan and looked toward Stephen which, was probably walking to class. My face was happy, but then again worried on what i've just done because I could've hurt his feelings. I looked at Ryan as he said 

"You'll explain to me later on who this Stephen guy is, okay babe?" He said leaning in for a kiss.

"Yeah, I will, love you. I gotta head to class now" I said and walked away.

*After School* 

I met Ryan after school because he wanted me to come over and catch up with his parents, I'm actually getting really nervous because I haven't seen them in a long time. The minute I walked out the front doors I saw Stephen kicking some rocks, it kind of seemed like he was waiting for someone. He looked my way and started walking towards me.


Stephen's P.O.V

I started walking towards her. I was actually really aggravated with her. I though we had something I guess I was wrong. It actually hurt. Like I said before I've never fell that hard for a girl. It was like love at first sight. I was a few steps away from her and I looked at her face. Looking for any emotion that she was happy to see me. I mean, if I saw that it would've boosted up my hope. I really dont know what to say to her. I just get nervous and I walk away most of the time. 

"So what are you waiting for?" I asked. 

"Nothing waiting for Ryan" She mumbled. 

"Oh" I said quietly.

That's when I couldn't take it anymore I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to me one last time. Just to see how she would react. When I grabbed her she wrapped her arms around my neck and I picked her up off the ground. She looked at my face when she was in mid-air and our noses were touching. Well, out lips were almost touching too. I went in for it right then and there I kissed her. She tried to pull away, but she kissed me back. I don't know what that's supposed to mean. I set her down then I looked around to make sure Ryan wasn't there to see that because I mean Cassie did love the guy. 

"What the fuck was that for?" She asked me. 

"I love you..." I mumbled. 

Next thing you know Ryan comes out the school finally and she just walked away from me at that instant..I looked at her. Ryan hugged her and kissed her forehead. I felt mad, I wanted to punch him in the face for stealing MY girl. He took this long to come back and expect her to come back to him? No, this can't be. They walked hand in hand and walked away. While I just stood there like a statue and stared. My girl was just tooken from me in the slip of my fingers... 

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