Found Paradise

Cassie is a Junior in High School who gets abused by her parents, everyone at school bullies her, but no one knows what she goes through. She meets a boy named Stephen. Stephen is a senior that's in one of her AP classes. They never talked, but it all started when they got stuck as partners for a project. After a while, he starts to like her, but he doesn't know about her parents...when her ex-Boyfriend comes back. Will it all change?


6. Parents

Ryan's P.O.V

Me and Cassie are walking down to my house so they can catch up with her. I liked spending time with her it was just the best feeling I could possibly ever have. That guy Stephen really gets on my nerves like who does he think he is? He asked her on a date, for a moment I thought she was gonna chose him, but I guess I was wrong. She chose me. I'm glad because I wanted to see if she could become mine again. So, she can be known as "Ryan's girlfriend" not just some girl that gets bullied all the time. I hate those pricks. Also, I hate her parents. How can they abuse an amazing girl I really don't understand it. I want her to be safe again. I wish she could feel like she has a REAL home. I'll make that change, all of it. I really want her to move back in. I've only been back in school for a day and things are going even better than how I imagined it. I looked at her and she had this cute little smile planted on her face. She looked back at me and smiled a lot bigger. She looked so beautiful. I couldn't picture myself with anyone else. This girl really stole my heart. Hopefully I still have hers. We have a couple blocks until we get to my house. I stopped and turned towards her. 

"What is it babe?" She asked sweetly.

"No matter what happens between us, I love you." I smiled. I leaned in a and kissed her. 

She didn't hesitate to kiss back. It was passionate. Our lips moving in sync. Like our lips were made for each other. It felt so perfect. I had her by the waist pulling her close to my body. It got hotter as the kissing got a little more intense.  I pulled back. She looked at me confused. 

"We shouldn't be doing this in public" I winked. 

She started laughing. We kept walking and finally got to my house. It kind of felt like we've been walking for hours. Because time didn't matter to me when I was with her. Nothing mattered to me. We walked into the house. My parents looked glad to see her all over again.


Cassie's P.O.V

I honestly don't know why I felt so nervous. It just feels like I'm meeting them for the first time. Like I'm replaying my memories. I looked at them as they smiled at me gently. They knew what I went through and they still know what happened when they were gone. I'm honestly glad they're back. If it wasn't for Ryan and his family. I would've been so town apart. Like I wouldn't know what to do with my life. Just thinking of me being in that position gives me the chills. They came towards me giving me a big hug. Having the biggest smiles on their faces.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Dailey." I smiled at them embracing them.

"Hello Cassie" They said in sync. 

I stood back to Ryan's side. He grabbed my shaky and intertwined his fingers with mine. He squeezed it and my hand just stopped. We all walked to the living room and sat down on the couches. They sat on one couch while me and Ryan sat on the other. 

"I'm gonna go make popcorn. You guys choose a movie." Mrs. Dailey said sweetly.

"Okay!" Me and Ryan said at the same time.

I giggled. He grabbed me by the waist and I was leaning now with my head on his chest and our fingers intertwined. It felt great. Ryan kissed my forehead. Looking deep into his eyes full of passion and lust. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my lips. I don't know what it was that drove me so crazy about him. We were meant to be and I believe that. No matter what. Mrs. Dailey came back in the room with 2 bowls of popcorn. We all chose a romantic movie "The Notebook" because we all wanted to could with our partners. I was sitting up at first then I got more comfortable and laid my head on his chest with his arms around me.


Ryan's P.O.V

I see her really into the movies. Looking at her being happy makes me the most happiest person in the world. Shes the apple to my pie. And I truly mean that because I will never love a girl than I have ever loved Cassie. I want to grow old with her, be her one and only, and to be someone that she will always love. I can't  see myself without her. I can see her standing in front of me saying I do. Having all my kids. We're still watching the movie and I see the old man reading to the old woman. She doesnt remember who he is, but when he's done reading the book she remembers. And that woman in the book was her. He was the man she fell in love with. Cassie, she's all I can think of every night and day. The movie was over and Cassie was in for a really big surprise. My parents wanted to bring her here to ask her if she wanted to move in with us again. I really have no clue what she was gonna say. I just came back and we're gonna ask a pretty big question. Cassie looked up at me and I leaned in planted a soft kiss on her lips. She sat up.

"We need to talk to you." My mom said in seriousness.

"Okay." Cassie said nervously.

"We have the biggest question for you and I want to know if you can handle it."

"I think I can" She said with a smile.

"Okay so me and Ryan's father were wondering if you'd like to move in with us again" My mom said with the biggest smile on her face.


Cassie's P.O.V


Did she really just ask me that question. I mean I have no reason to say no do I? I'd rather be here than ever be with my parents on a regular bases. They were too abusive to live with. Honestly I hated them for always treating me like trash. Ryan's lucky to have parents like his. I'd love to have them. I realized how long I've spaced out on Mrs. Daileys question.

"Of cource I'll move in with you guys!!!" I yelled excitedly

"Oh and call me Susan" She winked.

"Call me Tom" Mr. Dailey added in.

Oh great. Sharing a room with Ryan again. I will be happy again. I mean truly happy. Were 17 now. We're getting so old. I mean maybe when I turn 20 me and Ryan will be happily married. And at 25 have a beautiful baby. I mean many things can happen. I just never want to lose Ryan. 


(A/N I'm soooooooo so glad I got back to my Movella! So many things have been going on, but I will start updating a lot more often! Maybe 2 times a week. I'm working really hard on the next chapter already. Much love for fans of this Movella! - Izis xoxox) 

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