Found Paradise

Cassie is a Junior in High School who gets abused by her parents, everyone at school bullies her, but no one knows what she goes through. She meets a boy named Stephen. Stephen is a senior that's in one of her AP classes. They never talked, but it all started when they got stuck as partners for a project. After a while, he starts to like her, but he doesn't know about her parents...when her ex-Boyfriend comes back. Will it all change?


7. Moving

Cassie's P.O.V

It was yesterday since they asked me to move in with them. Ryan drove me home last night. Im not even telling my parents I'm leaving them. Its not worth it. They need to understand why I'm leaving without saying a word. They've hurt me so much. If I had an opportunity to leave earlier I would've took it in a heart beat. I'm going to be happy again. I'm packing my clothes today and Ryan's coming to put the boxes in his car. All Im taking is my clothes, shoes, curlers, straightener, and hair products. Just not any furniture since I'd be living in Ryan's room with him so the only thing I really need to bring is clothes and things like that. I just finished my last box when I got a text.

"Hey beautiful!I'll be there in a minute. Right down the street. Open the door when I get there. XOXO- Ryan"

I texted back a smiley face when my dad walked in and looked around. Shit. My dad looked at me in panic.

"Where are you going!?" He asked angrily grabbing my arm.

"AWAY FROM HERE! FROM YOU AND MOM!" I yelled in his face.

He was about to punch me when Ryan walked into the room and tackled my dad on the floor and punched him in the face.

"Don't you ever touch her again!" He yelled punching him again.

"Ryan STOP!" I cried.

Ryan got off and and hugged me tight.

"Are you okay babe?" He asked.

"I'm fine, lets go" I say grabbing one of my boxes.

"Okay, let's get these boxes and get to my house"He said smiling.

We took all the boxes to the car, but I forgot my phone inside. Shit. I walk into my house and grab my phone. I'm about to leave out the front door and leave forever when I hear

"Honey please don't leave" My dad says crying.
"No dad, I'm leaving. " I say and close the door. 

I walk back to the car and put on my seatbelt. All I could do is lok out the window. Ryan put his hand on my knee putting it as a sign of comfort. I'm not gonna cry. I'm brave. About 20 minutes later we pull onto Ryan's drive way. We bring all the boxes into his room.

"I don't want to start unpacking yet, I'll do it later." I say to Ryan. 

"Okay, babe." He says smiling at me.

All I want to do is cuddle with Ryan and relax the rest of the day. Packing can wait


Ryan's P.O.V

I grab Cassie's waist and I pull her onto the bed. I tell her to stay on the bed while I go get stuff so we can have a movie night. I walk into the kitchen and get some candy and put popcorn into the microwave. As I wait for the popcorn to finish I grab some of her favorite chips "Funyuns." I heard the microwave *beep,  beep, beep* I take the popcorn out and put it into a bowl. I put the candy on top of the popcorn so I don't have to hold anything in my hands. I walk back upstairs into my room and hand all the things to Cassie. I go and lay down next to her and she kisses my cheek and says sweetly, "Thanks babe." I gave her a warm smile and said, "Anything for you." We picked out her favorite movie, "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks. She cuddled into my arms deeper. She looked up at me and I gave her a peck on the lips. I can't wait for out date on Friday. I'm still planning at what I'm doing for our fate, but I have a feeling it's gonna be amazing. It;s gonna be me and my girl. 


(A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I've been working on the story again, but now it takes longer to write a chapter since my computer is still broken. Now I have to write it on paper then ask my dad for his computer and type it on there . This story means so much to me. Thanks for reading! XOXO-Izis)

P.S Stephen is not out. When I'm done with this story. I'm making a sequel. Even though I'm far from ending this one. Stephens P.O.V will be in the next chapter! And I'm made an instagram for this story!!! @Found_Paradise FOLLOW IT. See you next chapter which I'm going to write tomorrow and post it by Thursday or Friday. Much love. 

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