Found Paradise

Cassie is a Junior in High School who gets abused by her parents, everyone at school bullies her, but no one knows what she goes through. She meets a boy named Stephen. Stephen is a senior that's in one of her AP classes. They never talked, but it all started when they got stuck as partners for a project. After a while, he starts to like her, but he doesn't know about her parents...when her ex-Boyfriend comes back. Will it all change?


2. AP Science

Stephens P.O.V 

Danm, AP Science. I hate this shit. I can't believe I have to even take this class. I've always hated science I mean who wouldn't blame me it's boring as fuck. Like why does it have to be so danm boring. Why can't it be fun for once? Hopefully I'm not a dick to the person I'm sitting next to like I usually am. I'm stuck sitting next to this girl named Cassie, what should I say when we sit down. I haven't even seen her yet. I sat down in the high chair and put my head down just waiting. Then I heard a loud squeak from the high chair next to mine. It was her. I looked at her. I got put next to a really pretty girl. My heart raced fast, now I officially don't know what to say.

"Hi" I said nervously.

"Hi" She said distracted by Mr. Garver

Mr. Garver talks a lot, I heard he was a dick. We'll see, let him yell at me, I'll yell back of course but if he yells at me today I won't I don't want to make a bad first impression on her. That'll be terrible. I don't know why I just get these strong butterflies, her thin brown hair, shiny light brown eyes. She looks perfect in my eyes. I've never believed in loved at first sight but could this be it. This feeling that I have inside me could it be love. I don't know what it is. I should try one of those cheesy pick up lines. . . I don't know, I'd probably sound stupid. Maybe not. Let's just see.

"Hey, if you were a burger at McDonald's you'd be called a Mcgorgeous," I said seductively. 

"Was that supposed to say that I'm cute?" She giggled. 

"Yes, yes it was," I smiled.


Cassie's P.O.V

He's cute, I mean yeah I've seen many cute guys, but none of them tried to hit on me. He has perfectly blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He's handsome, that's more of a lady like thing to say. He smiled at me, he has perfectly straight teeth. I had those butterflies, but I mean it couldn't mean that I liked him, plus every time I like a guy they try to take advantage of me, but I never let it happen. No guy has ever liked me. So, I kind of have a cold heart after all the abuse I've been through. It hurts. I've never let a boy into my heart because I feel like that would just cause me more pain in my life. I don't like that. I blushed. 

"Thanks.." I muttered
"I would say you don't look that bad yourself," I giggled.

"So you think I'm cute too?" he asked smiling his big cute smile.

"Yes, now hush I'm trying to listen to the teacher," I winked. 

He shut up, hmmmm. I was hitting on him like I was 10. Was I trying to hit on him....I don't know. I don't want my emotions to run too deep. I don't want to get hurt. Plus, if we did date would we last? "Cassie shut up!" I said to myself. Why am I even thinking these crazy thoughts I shouldn't even be thinking. We have another hour in this class. How am I going to survive. It's so boring in here. Maybe I should just stop this whole thing right now. I mean for a girl that's never really dated anyone should I try now that I'm a junior? Maybe. Just maybe.


Stephens P.O.V

She thinks I'm cute. Score! We already have an assignment for Science great.

"Class we'll be having a partner project, it can be anything, but it has to be about science. If not it's a straight F. You have 4 weeks to complete it. If you finish before your deadline come to me and I will review it. Your project starts now, work with your table partner. If you don't have a partner come see me INSTANTLY. Now begin. Good luck." Mr. Garver announced to the class. 

Here came those strong butterflies. This finally gives us a chance to talk, but I'm still speechless. She says things to me and all I can say is "mhmm" It's like I became mute or something. Jesus, can I not talk or something. She makes me so nervous maybe we could work at her house, or at mine. I wouldn't want to fuck her that fast. I could just imagine her wrapping her legs around my waist and me kissing her. I could just picture how perfect we would be. Perfect dates at the lake, holding onto her tight pulling her close to my body. All of that just sounds perfect. Is she even interested. I was day dreaming. She looked at me confused. . . 
'Are you okay?" She asked. 
"Yeah, I was just day dreaming, sorry." I said shyly.

"So what do you want to do for the project?" She smiled.
" I don't know, but where are we gonna work your place or mine?" I winked.
" Defiantly not mine ! No, no, and no. Your place is good." She said.
Hmmm, I wonder what's going on in that pretty little head of hers.
"You should come over tonight, call me and I'll give you the address." I said with a cheeky smile.

I gave her my number and she said she will ! SCORE again for the S man. I don't know why I just called myself that *face palm* If I said that in front of her that would've been embarrassing. Class is finally over. I think I'm actually gonna like this class for once.

(A/N: HEY GUYSSSSS. My sister actually likes my story.....and she doesn't read these kinds. All she reads is fan fiction. One Direction she made a fan fic we're working on it, I'll give the name later. What do you guys think of Stephen? Do you guys think he will get his way into Cassie's heart. Things are going to get interesting! xoxo- Izis)

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