The Fame Game

This was all I ever wanted, since I can remember I knew I was destined for the stage, the screen, the fans, and the fame. It was what I was meant to be, I knew it and I would do whatever it took to get the fame I deserved...


2. The Plan...

I poured myself a glass of mineral water, I read online tap water can give you spots, so of course I requested mum to buy mineral from now on.

“I didn’t hear you come in sweetie.” Mum glanced up from her i-pad as she walked into the kitchen, by the looks of her she’d just come back from yoga as she was dressed in her ‘way too tight for a 40 year old’ yoga pants that I’d begged her to chuck out.

“Yeah well I did…” I sipped at my water,

“Take a look at this top dear.” Mum thrust the i-pad towards me, on the screen there was a tiny crop top that I wouldn’t even dear wear.

“Is this for you mum?” I asked in disgust,

“Yeah, it’s pretty right?” I pushed the i-pad back towards her.

“No mum, it’s a crop top and from Urban Outfitters, where unfortunately, you are 30 years too old to be wearing.” Mum huffed as she clicked away at the i-pad,

“Lorraine says Urban Outfitters is all the range.” I jumped up on a stool at the breakfast bar,

“Yeah if you’re 18 years old! You were planning on getting Tumblr next mum, some piercings or a tiger too then?” Mum laughed,

“Well if that’s what the youth of today are doing.”

“Mum, you are not the youth of today though…” I checked my hair in the reflection of the oven,

“If you say so Lindsey, but I don’t feel a day over 22.” Mum walked over to the wine fridge, pulling out a bottle,

“Yeah plus another 22 years!” Mum laughed as she poured herself a large glass of wine, the first glass of many tonight.

“You know what Lindsey it’s your fault, you make me feel so old because my baby is growing up!” Mum glugged back her wine,

“Mum I’m not a baby; I’m 16 for god sake, and 17 next week.” Mum pinched my cheek hard,

“Exactly, entering your final few years of school, my clever little baby girl. Daddy would be so proud of you… if he was around more.” She muttered, Dad is a CEO of a huge company and when I was 7 dad and mum got divorced and he went to live in America. I read online last year that he most likely had an affair with the woman he’s now married with, she’s some actress and is the mother of his other 3 children; I don’t care, I haven’t seen him in years.

“Yeah mum I need to talk to you about that…” We both took a sip of our drinks,

“And why would that be my flower?” Mum perched onto the seat next to me,

“I want to drop out of school.” She swallowed her drink hard,

“Lindsey don’t be silly.”

“No mum I’m serious, I have to apply for sixth form soon, but I know what I want to do, I need to get out there.” Mum placed her hand on mine,

“Is this the whole famous thing again? You’re serious?” I nodded my head,

“It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do mum. I looked into it, and New York is the place to go, I mean I can work, small jobs at first, get spotted maybe…”

“Lindsey, you are 16, you are not going to New York on your own.” I sunk down into my chair, “You can’t just expect to go out to New York and be famous. It doesn’t work like that!” Mum shouted at me, and then it came to me.

“Where’s dad?” Mum slammed down her wine glass,

“No Lindsey that’s a bad idea. We haven’t seen him in years…” I sat up quickly,

“So he’s in New York?” Mum nodded, pouring herself another glass of wine.

“Mum, please?! Please, can I go and live with dad please, pretty please?”

“No Lindsey, you’re not doing that! What about school, you’re just going to give it up now? You’re a bright girl, and your dad won’t just bring take you in!”

“Mum please, can’t I just try?” I pulled out the booklets from inside my bag and placed them on the table.

“I’ve researched it; I’ll take a course out there, maybe in acting and work there too… Can I just have 6 months or something?” Mum looked at me, before looking back at the booklets.

“So you go out there for six months and if it doesn’t work out you come straight back home and enrol yourself back into sixth form… or before?” I nodded, I knew mum was about to crack.

“Yes, I promise, I’ll ring you every day!” Mum took one more glug of wine,

“I’ll consider it…” I knew mum, and that meant yes.

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