The Fame Game

This was all I ever wanted, since I can remember I knew I was destined for the stage, the screen, the fans, and the fame. It was what I was meant to be, I knew it and I would do whatever it took to get the fame I deserved...


5. Suitcases and my massive (size of france) lovebite...

I closed the front door quietly and crept my way across the hallway, I hoped mum was asleep so she wouldn’t question me on why I was so late home because mum could always tell when I was lying. I flung my jacket into the cupboard by the door, and shut the door softly.

“How was the movie?” Mum appeared from the living room, making me almost jump out of my skin, “Mum you made me jump! I thought you’d be in bed?” She walked across to the main light switch and flicked it on; I squinted because I’d spent most of the night in complete darkness.

“No, I wanted to stay up to make sure you got in safe and Lindsey sweetie what has happened to your hair? You look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!” I caught a glimpse of my messed up hair in the mirror, and tiny red mark on my neck, I blushed as I covered the mark on my neck with my hair.

“It’s windy outside and erm… err, I fell over on the way out of the cinema…” I looked started to walk across the hall and up the stairs to try and avoid more of mum’s questions,

“Are you alright, how did you fall?” She looked generally concerned, I must have looked crap.

“I just caught my shoe in the drain I’m fine honestly mum, I’m just tired okay?” I carried on stomping up the stairs,

“Did Jamie use a condom?” I completely froze; I could feel mum’s eyes burning a hole in my back, do I say yes and admit we’ve done it or…? I turned round,

“Erm… yeah.” I whispered before running up the stairs, into my bedroom and slammed the door.


I sat in the middle of my bedroom floor in my PJs staring at my opened wardrobes, I had thousands of clothes, shoes and bags, and I couldn’t take it all to New York, but I needed clothes that would make me stand out. Maybe Dad would feel bad for abandoning me most of my life and buy me a whole new wardrobe to make up for the me not having a father figure apart from all the weirdo boyfriends that mum have had. Luckily, none of them had lasted because I made sure they didn’t stick around, but Dad didn’t need to know that, he was stinking rich, because he was paying for me and mum whilst paying for his other family in New York, I’m sure a new wardrobe won’t take much from his bank account. My bedroom door and mum walked in carrying a tray, putting it down in front of me,

“Morning angel, what are you doing with your wardrobe open? Oh’ Lindsey what are you still doing in your pyjamas? It’s almost 11 and the house keeper will be here soon!” I took a sip of the latte mum had bought me,

“I’m trying to decide what to take with me to New York considering I’m leaving tomorrow, and it’s fine my room’s tidy, I’ll stay here and have a lazy day to pack.” Mum went over to my wardrobe and ran her hand along my clothes,

“No daughter of mine is staying in her pyjamas all day!” She looked at me,

“You only have one mum.” I took a bite from the toast, laughing at her being all dramatic!

“Well I need to make sure my one and only daughter is completely perfect then.” She pinched my cheek but I pushed her hand off my face remembering she’d see my ‘love bite’. “Do you not want to spend your last day with Jamie sweetie?” I got up, warming myself up with the latte,

“I’ll invite him round to help me pack…” Mum winked at me,

“Maybe take a break; I know at first it feels great, new and exciting but take it slow…” I raised my eyebrows at her, “I don’t want you popping out my grandkids any time soon!” Mum closed the door behind her, my mouth dropped when I realised what she was talking about, then died inside with embarrassment.




I called Jamie inviting him round; I decided to stay in my PJs but thought it was a pretty good idea to clean my teeth, pull my hair into a ponytail and applied my every day, just out of bed make-up, (foundation, concealer, mascara, bronzer, blusher and a little bit of pink lip gloss.) I had to go and rescue him from downstairs, because mum had let him in and I guessed it wouldn’t be long before she’s mention last night’s antics, and she was also wearing he yoga pants again!

“What time are you leaving tomorrow?” Jamie asked as I closed my bedroom door behind us,

“Not until the evening I think, I think Dad’s got me on first class so I’ll be in and out the airport in like an hour hopefully.”

“Oh’…” He sat at the edge of my bed, looking down at his feet; I’d never seen him like this before. I walked over to him,

“What’s up with you?” He glanced up at me and half smiled, but his eyes were sad.

“It’s just... you know, you’ll be gone for 6 months Linds.” He looked back down; I didn’t know what to say, because I was going to New York.

“It won’t be that long… I promise and you could come and visit, how cool would that be?” I reached out for his hand, our figures interlocking.

“That would be pretty hot.” He smirked at me,

“Things will work out I promise, me and you are together forever yeah? And maybe in a few months you can come and see me on Broadway or something?” He laughed before squeezing my hand tighter,

“I love you Lindsey, you are going to do great babe.”

“I love you too Jamie…” I whispered before we kissed, wrapping his arms round my waist. I pulled away after a few seconds, “Look what you gave me!” I flicked my hair back to show him my ‘love bite’, he raised his eyebrows,

“I gave you that?!” He smirked; I gave him a shove,

“Yeah, and I’ve had to hid it from mum!” He laughed,

“Pretty impressed with that to be honest!” I laughed before kissing him,

“Will you help me pack J?” He nodded, grabbing my hand and pulling me across to my wardrobe.

“Are you taking all this stuff?” He tilted his head, taking in the racks and racks of clothes, shoes and bags, some of which I was yet to use. I pulled out my prom dress,

“Awww, I love this dress. It took me about a whole year to pick this out…” I stroked the pink material of the dress,

“You looked beautiful Linds.” Jamie hugged me from behind, kissing my hair.

“Do I take it? Or…?” I glanced up at him, as he took the dress from my hands,

“I don’t think you’ll need it in New York and if you need a dress for a special occasion, get a new one.” He was right, I was expecting dad to ‘invest’ in me. “We’re going to have to pick up the pace a bit here Linds or it’ll take 5 years to get through all these clothes.”

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